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Comment Re:What even (Score 1) 90

I agree. This will give me at least 4 minutes of standup material. "Oh, my computer crashed. Wait, it's back! It's a MIRACLE. The resurrection is real!"

Or giving geeks everywhere hope: "Wait, what? You can have a kid without having sex? My gene lineage isn't necessarily destined to die out! Yay!"

Comment US government is dysfunctional (Score 1) 903

Americans hate paying taxes because the US government is dysfunctional and doesn't use the tax money wisely. Here in Canada, we pay a lot more taxes than in the US, but there are far fewer people angry at the tax level than in the US because we get things for our money, most notably universal single-payer health care.

In counties like Sweden and Denmark that have really high tax rates, most people are OK with that because the government provides many services.

I really don't see a way out for the USA given the level that political discourse has sunk to. I'm just glad I don't live there.

Comment USA happiness index will rise (Score 1, Interesting) 382

The USA will rise again. Unfortunately, that's because the damage Trump et. al will do will damage lots of other countries so they sink. Basically, everyone will get more unhappy which will make the USA look less bad.

Slashing the State Department budget coupled with a crazy hike in military spending... you'd have to be stupid not to see that Bannon et. al. mean to lead the United States into war.

Comment Co-op FTW (was Not much for those stuck right now) (Score 1) 632

All those co-ops and apprenticeships require connections.

Not true, at least in Canada. I did a co-op Engineering program and our university had a dedicated co-op department whose sole task was to line up work for students. It was very successful; pretty much everyone was employed during every co-op term in my class. And these were real, paying jobs, not unpaid internships.

Doing co-op meant my program took 5 years instead of 4, but it was well worth it. I graduated with 24 months' of actual work experience and no debt. Granted, this was quite a while ago when employment conditions were better, but even now co-op students do relatively well.

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