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Comment Re:Your hyperbole is showing. (Score 1) 834

Moderate politicians often break their campaign promises. They understand that hard compromises have to be made, and they also understand there's no way they can sell that viewpoint to the electorate, so they make promises knowing they can't keep them.

Extremist idealogues don't give a shit. They'll do what they say, consequences be damned. And while it might be satisfying to have a politician who keeps promises, it'll be a Pyrrhic victory as the country goes to hell.

Comment Re:It means don't replace Americans with cheaper H (Score 1) 834

You can relocate R&D to Canada and 99% of your customers won't know you don't have a domestic American presence... a North American 1-800 number, customer-facing people who sound American... but no silly restrictions based on your workers' country of origin.

'tis a good time to be in the Canadian hi-tech sector. We all just need to learn to say "zee" instead of "zed" over the phone, eh?

Comment And the value proposition is what, exactly? (Score 5, Insightful) 403

So let me get this straight. I should switch from a free development environment, that I can install on as many machines as I want, that doesn't feed me ads, that doesn't phone home with my information, that doesn't auto-update unless I configure it to and that ships with source code, to a system that costs money, costs more money to install on multiple machines, feeds me ads, phone home with my information, auto-updates by default and is closed-source?

What's the value proposition here, again?

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 647

No... it's just that men until recently have been reluctant to enter stereotypically-female professions because our culture devalues those professions because it devalues women. So there was a bit of a stigma against men entering those professions. Maybe not secondary and post-secondary teaching so much because they were never stereotypically-feminine, but certainly primary-school teaching and nursing.

Comment Re:Garbage collection - less than 1% female (Score 1) 647

Garbage collection requires quite a lot of upper-body strength, and on average men have more upper-body strength than women. The same applies to quite a few other physically-intensive jobs.

Computer science doesn't require much physical strength. So something about the profession or the work environment is making women not choose it, and I think we should make an effort to figure out what it is. If it's something we can fix, we should because we need to attract as many good people as possible to the profession.

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