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Comment Re:Still a thing? (Score 0) 539

Yeah, I was shocked by the level of religiosity in parts of the US. I was at a technical conference in Phoenix a few years ago and sitting down to lunch with a bunch of people. I was just about to tuck in when they all started to say grace.

I'm thinking, WTF? Is it 1875 or something? That's so quaint!

I just stayed silent.

Comment Chip and *Signature* ??? WTF?? (Score 1) 675

Chip and Signature makes no sense... that's totally ridiculous.

Here in Canada, we've had chip and PIN for years and it works beautifully. While some terminals are a bit slow, they're typically the ones deployed at small mom-and-pop retailers. I've never encountered any slowness or any problems at major stores, bars or restaurants.

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