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Comment Re:Conflating several issues here (Score 1) 151

Canada isn't some third world mud hole. They have a regulatory process as well. I have every confidence in the drugs sold there. Same for the EU.

The FDA has gone well past the sweet spot and is now killing people rather than saving them. Their desire to have their asses kissed has gotten to the point that they are 're-evaluating' drugs with centuries of proven safety just because they pre-dated their authority. The result is that the prices jump by a factor of 100.(Yes, literally the price is now 100 TIMES what it was before).

Drugs people can't afford might as well not exist. It seems that health care is one of those things where a free market just won't work.

Comment Re:Epinephrine cost per dose in about 50 cents (Score 2) 151

Well, it's the very fact that the alternative is, possibly, death that makes it possible for a company to do this. This thing occupies a peculiar corner case where the demand is modest, but inelastic.

This means a monopolist can milk the market by raising the price to insane levels, but because the market is small no competitor wants to enter it. Were the market to become competitive it is so small that the newly entered competitors wouldn't make much off their efforts. This is contrasted with statins, which are blockbuster drugs. You don't need a very large slice of that pie for the slice to be very large indeed.

The same thing happened last year with Duraprim. If you have toxoplasmosis, you absolutely have to have it. But how many people get toxoplasmosis?

Comment Re:Good on him (Score 1) 213

If you don't put a cost on the fossil fuel CO2 ICE cars emit, it's expensive.
If you do, it's a bargain.

So do I put a cost on the coal used to produce the power the Tesla would use if I bought one?

Changing to a Tesla isn't going to change the outcome of the oil consumption, unless EVERYONE did it and we replace all billion cars in the world...

You're kidding yourself if you think a few people buying EVs will change anything...

Comment Re:Useful for desalination plants? (Score 1) 74

Well, to answer your question, of course if we covered the entire ocean, or significant fractions of it, sure there'd be undesirable ecological effects. Just like anything else that is scaled up endlessly without allowance for what economists call "externalities".

If you could internalize all externalities then the market would provide a perfect solution without any kind of regulation whatsoever. But since nobody knows how to do that, then I imagine that you'll get two regimes: (1) do whatever you want as long as you grease the the correct palms (in authoritarian states like China) or (2) go through the rigmarole of doing environmental impact studies before getting permits to beuild (in democratic societies).

Submission + - Sheriff's Raid to Find Blogger Who Criticized Him Ruled Unconstitutional (

schwit1 writes: An appellate court in Baton Rouge ruled Thursday that a raid on a police officer’s house in search of the blogger who had accused the sheriff of corruption was unconstitutional.

The Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals argued that Sheriff Jerry Larpenter’s investigation into the blog ExposeDAT had flawed rationale: the alleged defamation was not actually a crime as applied to a public official.

The unanimous ruling from the three-judge panel comes after police officer Wayne Anderson and his wife Jennifer Anderson were denied assistance in local and federal court.

Comment Re:Making 26 YOs work 80 hour weeks is easier too. (Score 2) 213

I agree they're not much good on a smooth floor, but I use a broom for that. They work very well in that environment. We've had a Dyson for a long time and aside from eating its skinny little belts trivially if you clog it with hair, it's a very good machine for us. And it pulls stuff out of the carpet that other vacs don't, which is its mission...

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