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Comment Re:Simple answer. Dont use SAP. (Score 2) 119

you have to adapt your business processes to the ERP system, not the other way around

I hear this all the time, and I'm not convinced. Companies buy stuff. They either sell it, or use it to make something and then they sell that. They either make it when somebody orders it, or they make it in advance based on forecasts and keep it until somebody buys it. They send invoices to customers, they get invoices from suppliers. The invoices can go before the goods, or after...

All that's there, in the standard.

I think that 99% of the time when people say it doesn't support their business processes there's an implied "in exactly the same way we did it before, down to the tiniest detail including the colour of the post-it notes that you stick on Maisie's screen when there's a goods return."

Comment Re:How "indirect" was the use? Was SF just a proxy (Score 1) 119

Out of curiosity, what OSS options are out there that offer the breadth of functionally that either SAP or Salesforce do? It's hard to use an OSS alternative when none exist.

None. Inventory management in not fun. Production scheduling is not fun. Order tracking is boriiiing. Accounting, yawneroonie.

Most open source developers would rather spend their time screwing up a desktop environment or inventing shit programming languages.

Comment Re: Hiding of recording abilities is crucial (Score 1) 129

completely unknown strangers can have unsupervised sessions with your underage child, in a place they feel safe, so have their guard down, is not unbelievably dangerous, then its you who is the bonehead.

What can they actually do? Apart from inserting random extraneous commas, I mean.

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