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Comment Re:And then those employees burn down your restaur (Score 4, Insightful) 475

If the state runs prisons directly it's public expenditure, which is communism and encourages homosexuality.

If the state pays twice as much to corporations which run prisons that's private enterprise, which is 100% American and apple pie and NUMBER ONE!!!!

Comment Re:Malware trick (Score 1) 268

It sure as hell looks as if it's installed it though. It says it's upgraded, and it shows the password screen for the last user, except it's different; the picture is circular, not square. You have to logon before it gives you the decline option.

And as the last person to use my wife's laptop last night, that makes it all my fucking fault, of course.

Comment Re:Don't worry, nobody will care (Score 1) 245

I mostly agree with what you're saying, but if Gawker hadn't behaved like utter arseholes with respect to Hogan there wouldn't have been a backdoor for Thiel to attack through.

(s/for Thiel to attack through/through which Thiel could attack/ if you're a preposition position pedant).

Comment Murdering arsonists should not jaywalk (Score 1) 245

If you're a powerful Silicon Valley billionaire, and there's a media house which actively points out flaws in your investments, can you do something about it?

Not really. Not directly. Not just for that.

But if they've left a flank hanging in the air, which Gawker appear to have done, you can sure as hell get them indirectly.

It's dirty tactics, but what goes around comes around.

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