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Comment Re:NOT! PANTS ON FIRE! (Score 1) 84

This happened on my WoW server with wool cloth as well. Some asshole keeps going by the local auction house and buying all the wool cloth and every time i go by they're completely sold out. They've got silk cloth, felcloth, and even sumptuous fur, but no fucking wool cloth!

Of all the shit to run out of.

(-- When I still played WoW, I owned the wool cloth market. This is where my gold came from. I bought all of the wool cloth, all of the time, and then marked it up to a price that I saw fit. I politely called this sub-game "arbitrage," but better names include "fuckery," "scalping, and "I'm going to burn your house down, scumbag".)

Comment Re:implying "audiophiles" have a clue (Score 1) 138

That's...not exactly accurate.

First, a square wave doesn't exist in reality. Everything, analog and digital, that actually exists in this world has bandwidth limitations, and this in and of itself means that a waveform cannot be square.

The maximum frequency of a CD is 22.5KHz, according to Nyquist.

But LPs have plenty of bandwidth, and in fact many LPs have been sold with about twice (!) the bandwidth of a CD. CD-4 is a quad audio format wherein the front channels were recorded normally, and the rear channels were recorded at twice the frequency. It only existed on vinyl.

Cutting vinyl is part art, part science. The machine is a vinyl lathe, and it's very analog. Feeds and speeds, like any other automatic lathe. It's important to have the grooves far apart enough that they don't interact, but it's also important that they be close together so you can fit the entire work onto one disc. And this colludes with amplitude, as lower amplitudes require less space (but tend to have a higher SNR).

A skilled vinyl lathe operator will/has/does increase the feet speed during the loud parts, and decrease it for the quiet parts.

Comment Re:implying "audiophiles" have a clue (Score 1) 138

Please don't go all Bob Carver / Sunfire with the "easily recreated" bit.

That's like saying I can take an impulse response plot from a cathedral, and thereafter accurately apply its reverberation to a signal both digitally and off-site.

And yes, there are tools which can do something like this. Can they work? Sure. Are they perfect? No. Is it easy? Sure: I just set up a speaker and a microphone, push a few buttons, and existing software takes care of generating a model for me.

I bought a Line:6 guitar amp for my then-wife several years ago. It models things with DSP, and was at the time very close to the best of its type. It can make some very interesting and useful sounds, and it is very flexible in the manner in which those sounds are created, but none of the sounds it makes are exactly like a Marshal half-stack or a Fender Twin.

I think we've reached parity with lossy compression, and have been there for years, and that -V0 (or 320 CBR) is good enough for anyone. I'm astounded and impressed that the very best MP3 compressor is both open-source, and widely used by for-profit industry.

But don't tell me that the nonlinearities of an amp, or any other non-linear analog thing are easily recreated, unless you also want me to tell you that I can model a speaker in such a way that any speaker can sound identical to any other speaker. (It's technically true, aside from things like dispersion characteristics: I can "easily" make my freebie Altec-Lansing crap-shit computer speakers sound like a $15k pair of Martin Logans, albeit at very low volumes. And if I do, it's a fucking lie. See also: Synthesized musical instruments: It may be a very good and aurally pleasant trombone-like sound, but it's not a trombone and it cannot be.)

Comment Re:It's bad enough they don't tip (Score 1) 172

I understand tipping people who are in service jobs (and Uber is definitely a service job, from my perspective as a guy who needs a ride).

I tip absurdly excellently for excellent service, I tip well for good service, I tip almost nothing for mediocre service, and I tip absolutely nothing for lousy service.


I've tipped people who don't expect it, I've tipped people who can't accept it, and I've withheld tips from people who did expect it but didn't deserve it based on their quality of service.

If more people used tips as a reward for excellence instead of as an obligation, then the people who are lousy at service would either starve or find other lines of work, and the people who are excellent at it would be well-rewarded for it.

Just...saying. It's no different for a waitress or bartender or Uber or the guy who delivers my new TV: All in the same boat.

Comment Re:Surprise! (Score 1) 294

To be fair to both, I use them both interchangeably for most things. Same plugins/extensions/whatever. They both render the same, and both seem about as speedy as one another.

But Firefox (Palemoon) has been failing to handle streaming porn properly for me lately, so I tend to stay in Chrome.


Comment Re:How about forcing them to provide service to... (Score 2) 67

If you were a real geek, you'd put a small shed by the road.

In that shed, you'd put a laptop. It doesn't need power: A small, hidden UPS will do fine.

You would call this your "home," and have them install cable to it, which they will do for a nominal low cost.

Afterward, you'd string your own coax (whether RG-6 or RG-11 or 1/2" hardline or whatever) to your house, down your driveway along your "bump poles" (whatever those are).

Terminate both ends of the wire, optionally keep the shed for future reference, and call it a day.

What is wrong with you?

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