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Comment Re:technicality (Score 2, Insightful) 101

And there's evidence that Omar Mateem, the Pulse mass-murderer, was being cultivated for a similar operation. He was reported repeatedly for his violent and radical views, and the FBI let him off after a little chat. He just surprised them by going queer hunting instead of waiting for the target and timetable they were preparing for him.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 983

That's the key issue in my mind. The cops found out where he was, and set about finding a way to kill him. It's not that the cops had No Other Options, it's that they weren't even slightly interested in them. This was an execution, not a police action. There should be murder charges for all officers involved.

Also, wtf don't they have anesthetic gas? WTF don't police have a bevy of 21st century non-lethal options? The only nonlethal tools PD seem keen on are those which double nicely as torture devices.

Comment Re:I'm surprised this isn't happening more often (Score 1) 50

Rather strong language there, AC stranger. Too bad you're wrong. I said the pc is on 24/7 ANYWAY. Instead of 4 of them on all the time. Also, I have attached a duct which vents its heat right out the window, lol. Physical access to the servers prevents others from seizing control and taking them over to operate as their own. As in the case of an asshole HOA that wants to boot me off my forum and neighborhood site, and run them their way. Which they did once last year. Someone very resourceful might mitm the external traffic, but I know I can always regain direct admin access even if I get hacked. You have no idea how good the security is here. Suffice to say it is excellent.

Comment Re:I'm surprised this isn't happening more often (Score 4, Interesting) 50

I have my own cloud. I save on electricity by packing multiple servers into one box which is on 24/7 anyway. Having the servers physically located beside me relieves me of further concern that my hardware, website or forum might be seized or MitM'd. Also, the HOA can't sweet-talk some meddling corporation into kindly muzzling "that scofflaw." :)

Comment Re:I'm surprised this isn't happening more often (Score 3, Interesting) 50

Yeah, one of the perks of running servers on a residential line is seeing firsthand all of the exploits. I'm fond of decrypting those mime-encrypted javascripts embedded in urls and finding the patebin page or hostname which it tries to fetch more scripts from; getting that shiat reported. If I were evil, i could build quite a library of exploits to use on others. They just send me these things haha!

Comment Re:Why do you need an ISP at all, then? (Score 1) 184

Here's my observations, as an experienced ISP CST and admin.

In the scenario of muni backbone + private provider, the ISP you choose will primarily be your BILLING SERVICE. Also, they take responsibility for customer service and technical support, they're an intermediary between you and the municipality who won't talk with you directly. A concierge. And they're likely to provide "value added" services which the other ISPs don't, and which you can't get for free. I can't think of a single thing this last could entail, but the customers don't always know that and the ISP will pre-install it on your PC "for your convenience" using their un-necessary install disc.

The dominant ISP will either be the cheapest choice, or the one which does the best bullshitting about the 'excellence' of their service.


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