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Comment Re:Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 143

The problem with "studies" is that for whatever study you find, I can find one that says the reverse, regardless of what side you take.

Guns are too political for most of those to be useful... But I do believe the FBI crime stats are reasonably accurate and the income information on various races isn't a secret either...

The simple truth is that 2/3 of the gun deaths in the US are suicides, of the remaining deaths, the vast majority are gang related and can be found in very limited zip codes...

The number of gun deaths out in "normal people land" are no higher than anywhere else in the civilized world.

To give you a simple comparison, I live in a large city with over 250,000 people. The murder rate is about 0.5 person per 100,000 people per year. Compare this to Detroit which is almost 55 people murdered per 100,000 people.

If you take out the top 10 cities, all of a sudden the US murder rate is quite reasonable compared to other nations.


It is NEVER as simple as some people would like to make it out to be...

Comment Re:Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 143

Are you suggesting that black people are just more violent than non-blacks?

No, I'm not suggesting anything... I'm saying that poor people commit more crime than rich people, at least of the violent type... and a larger percentage of black people are poor vs white people...

Now the REASONS for why more black people are poor are complex and varied and can't be explained in one sentence. But a larger percentage of black people DO commit violent crime, of that there is no doubt, by a rather large percentage.

However, much of that has to do with culture, some of which has to do with poverty, and some of it has to do with failed black leadership.

Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 1) 373

Peter Thiel got a standing ovation at the homophobic RNC. It's a mistake to assume the GOP hates gay people. They just dislike progressive gay people, which is most of them.

Yep, this... the bulk of Republicans have moved on and don't care one way or another, so long as gay people aren't trying to convert them (yes, I know it doesn't work that way), then they don't really care.

But there is a small group of hard core right wingers who just can't get out of the 19th century, they'll all die off from old age soon enough...

Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 2) 373

Why do you care if two guys or two girls want to get married?

Marriage is a legal contract in the eyes of the state, it has to do with property rights, healthcare rights, and so on.

The other option was to remove government from marriage completely and to call them ALL civil-unions and then let people who want to use the term marriage to do so on their own, privately...

Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 1) 373

It takes time to move people along, he also needs the hard core right wing who still hasn't figured out that the SCOTUS ruled gay marriage is legal and it isn't going away.

At this point, it would take a Constitutional Amendment to change it and there is exactly zero chance of that happening.

They would be wise to move on, but they behave emotionally rather than logically, so he has to walk a fine line. Of all the people to run for office on the Republican side, he has the best chance over the next 8 years to move the party towards the center and get them to accept new social norms.

Comment Re:Pretty sure... (Score 2) 43

If it doesn't, then they finally have a solution for people like my friend, who have a 60 dollar window each month between paying all their bills and adding to their debt.

And that is why your friend is IN that situation... because they are $60 away from being in debt, and using that last $60 to buy fast Internet.

He/she will NEVER be free of it, because of their decisions...

Comment Re: Oh boy (Score 4, Insightful) 373

5- he says whatever he wants. he does not bow down to the racist SJW haters

This... I'm a white, rich, Republican, and I'm GLAD that he said that he supports LGBT in his speech last night...

Regardless of your beliefs, rights are rights and if I can marry a woman, then a guy can marry a guy... And I'm free to think he is a sick fuck, and he is free to think I'm a moron, and that's just fine...

So long as I don't trample his rights and he doesn't trample mine.

So as a right-wing white Republican, I stand with the LGBT community for their rights, because if I don't defend them, no one will stand with me for mine...

Rights are rights, period...

Comment Re: Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 1) 336

In reality the shootings by cop aimed his gun at the strangely behaving young man who was reported to having a gun. The shot missed the intended target and hit the caretaker. That's why the caretaker is alive to spin the story: because the cops were not aiming at him.

I'm white and that story is bullshit...

I watched the video, that man wasn't a threat to anyone... the black man told the cops who he was and that the man sitting with the toy truck was disabled...

The guns were stupid and unneeded, but the cops just shoot way too easily...

Black people bring it on sometimes, I'm not afraid to say it, but in THAT case, they went overboard and that crap is why black people are mad.

It doesn't happen every time, but it happens enough to make them feel unsafe.

Comment Re:Three cheers for France (Score 1) 112

Something I have notices is that people don't have "anything to hide" until someone takes something they, in fact, do have to hide, such as the document they were working on, their credit card numbers, or their kids' school.

No, I've already had my identity stolen, thank you very much...

I found out when I filed my tax returns and someone else had filed a return before me to get the refund.

The IRS sorted it out, I got it fixed, and they were very nice about it, but yes, it HAS happened to me.

Turning Windows 10 features on and off is not going to prevent this. My data was likely stolen from Target, Home Depot, or one of the other large data breaches. The illusion that turning off check boxes in Windows is going to save you is delusional.

Comment Re:Amazon is awesome for knockoffs! (Score 1) 336

For what it is worth, I understand your point, and I agree that there is a difference between the written law and how it is enforced...

And yes, cops DO use too much force, they look almost military these days...

Did you see this?

The black man was laying on the GROUND, face up, hands in the air, and they SHOT HIM ANYWAY?

What the fuck? That man's rights were violated six ways from Sunday... I'm all for backing the cops, but this stuff has to be stopped... It erodes the support of police and causes some people (in this case black people) to fear cops and I can see why.

Comment Re: How? (Score 1) 336

That's only because Amazon is attempting to redefine the word "new." Previously-purchased retail goods that are "unopened" are "new" whether Amazon and their corporate clients like it or not.

Not in the United States they aren't... You disagreeing doesn't make it so...

Once a consumer, an end user, has purchased an item, the item is no longer "new". It might be factory sealed and unopened, but it isn't "new" anymore.

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