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Comment And is Steve wrong? (Score 5, Insightful) 416

"A country is more than an economy. We're a civic society."

What about that statement is wrong? From a simple economic point of view, if you have no monetary value, then go die in a ditch like a good citizen.

Except, that we ARE more than an economy, humans are more valuable than just what they provide to the GDP of a nation.

I don't see China leaping over themselves to allow Americans to fully own businesses there, yet we let them do it here. Either China needs to open up, or we need to shut them out, either solution is fine.

Comment Re:Disturbing, but practical (Score 1) 414

Or do you put it somewhere safe for two years, fanning it with a breeze of rage against perceived injustice, in an environment where there are no moderating influences, and feeding it with plenty of tinder-dry fodder, so that when you finally let it loose, it will be well-behaved and extinguish itself?

True, that point has been overlooked...

So take him out behind the barn and shoot him...

Oh, wait... he is a person...

Comment Re:TV BS (Score 1) 220

I think I remember hearing from somewhere it was like 10% of the population.

I've read it is more like 2% of the population... but it probably depends on what you are calling "gay"...

There are the "out there and want you to know it" gays... then there are the "don't talk about, just do it" gays...

I honestly don't give a crap, I don't think Government should be telling people how to live nearly as much as they do... I'm just tired of having it thrown in my face every five seconds.

So you're gay, good for fucking you, have a cookie... I honestly, seriously, don't care...

Comment Re:Social Media Is Killing Discourse (Score 1) 220

I find Bernie Sanders interesting to listen to, and I disagree with many of his points, but not all of them...

I also do disagree with some of what Trump says...

We have gone WAY too far in rooting for our own team and anything the other side says is "evil". That's silly...

If we are going to require health insurance to cover everyone, we probably should have single-payer... We also probably do need a min wage increase, perhaps to $10/hr to start with...

That being said, Corporate Tax really does need to come down to 15%, but with it needs to go away a lot of the subsidies and deductions... The death tax also needs to go...

So I see upsides to both points of view, I just wish more people were moderate in the middle, being more interested in solutions for everyone rather than rooting for a team to win and another to lose...

Comment Re:Coal to grow in the USA?? (Score 1) 275

including here in Texas, where the wholesale price of electricity (dynamically auctioned via computer) has sometimes been pushed to zero.

I live in Texas, people love to say this about wind-power without understanding WHY that happens...

No one just "gives away" power for nothing... the price goes to zero (and sometimes BELOW zero) because of the government money attached. You can actually pay people to take wind power off your hands and still make money, thanks to government subsidies.

Comment Re:What Hollande says (Score 1) 328

The alt-right opposes clean renewables. Remind me again who's being unreasonable?

Both, I'm not against renewables, in a measured and reasonable fashion, but the far left is against EVERYTHING that isn't sunshine and rainbows.

We can't build anything new anymore because of the extreme left greenies, so it just gets built overseas. Same pollution, fewer jobs, nothing accomplished.

The anti-nuclear is the biggest stupidity, nuclear could replace 80% of our fossil fuel power plants, but no, the greenies are against that, so we keep burning coal, oil, and natural gas.


Comment Re:He should be in jail... (Score 1) 497

....and the exact same thing can be said for "the right."

Not quite...

I'm on the right and I listened to Bernie Sanders carefully...

I don't think he is very realistic in his ideas outright, but he shouldn't be ignored either. Reality is somewhere in between here and there.

Both sides have good ideas from time to time, it would be wise to not shut anyone out.

Submission + - New Regulation Requires Electric Or Hybrid Vehicles To Make More Noise

An anonymous reader writes: The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has passed a new regulation which will require all electric and hybrid vehicles to make a noise by September 2019. While the legislation does not specify the kind of sound the electric cars will need to make, it does suggest that the noise must be clearly audible when the vehicle is moving forward or in reverse at speeds up to 30 kilometers per hour. At faster speeds, the sound alert is not required given that other factors, such as wind and tire noise, provide adequate warning to pedestrians. Known as the ‘quiet car’ rule, the new law will only apply to four-wheeled vehicles with a gross weight below 10,000 pounds, meaning that two-wheeled models will be permitted to run silently.

Comment Re:he bet on the winner (Score 1) 820

As someone who is pro-choice, the biggest problem isn't with abortion itself, it's creating the environment where abortions become increasingly necessary. Almost to a T, people who are pro-life support all the policies that increase the need for abortions. I support birth control and making it readily available to people who can't afford it. Places like Planned Parenthood who do A LOT MORE than just abortions. Pro-life supporters usually don't.

Careful with that broad brush, you might be shocked...

Planned Parenthood would do itself a lot of favors if it split aborts away from the main company and make it a separate thing...

What about if the mother is financially unable to care for a child?

That is what adoption is for, another thing that needs a serious overhaul. Plenty of people would love to adopt, but it is expensive and an absurdly complex process.

So you instead want to say "I wanted my child to live, so I killed my wife to save him/her."?!?! Neither is a desirable choice, but that just seems cold.

I'm sure it does, to someone who doesn't believe in the afterlife...

You're talking about somebody you made vows with. Someone you promised to love for eternity.

Yes, and one of those vows was to never harm our family, including our children. And eternity is much longer in the afterlife than it is here, this is all just temporary.

I couldn't do that to someone I claimed to love.

Do you claim to love your children? Would you ever take a specific action to kill one of them? I wouldn't.

As opposed to God? THANK GOD we have laws written by man.

That has been the downfall of many civilizations in this world, when man thought he was better than God. You'd know that if you were more knowledgeable about history.

Comment Re:he bet on the winner (Score 1) 820

So, I'm guessing you're one of those who believes that human life begins at "conception"?


Could you specify whether conception is when the sperm fertilizes the egg

This one

Because if you draw that line at fertilization, most birth control pills are equivalent to constant indiscriminate murder.

Yes, they are... That is why my wife doesn't take them and has never taken them. We do use other birth control methods however. For example, condoms are fine.

if eggs are fertilized at the wrong time of the month then the zygote still gets aborted just as part of the normal menstrual cycle.

Yes, but that is God's work, not human's. You didn't take an overt action to cause it.

In other words, people die all the time, sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for no reason at all. That doesn't make them bad, it is just life. You go when it is your time to go.

There is a difference between billions of fertile eggs dying every year due to nature and millions killed on purpose.

That is why the law, for example, splits out homicide between intentional and unintentional, and sometimes you can kill someone and not go to jail because it was an honest accident due to events beyond your control.


Note: I fully get that not everyone agrees with me, thus the willingness to compromise. I give my point of view and set my position, then figure out what I can actually get, because I don't live in a world that has to do what I say. I honestly wish BOTH sides would remember that, because I hear it too often from both extremes that they don't wish to be reasonable.

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