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Comment Re:19th and 20th century powerhouse (Score 1) 206

And remind me again why the Africans didn't do this to the Europeans?

Why exactly did Africa not invade Europe, instead of the other way around?

Oh, that's right, because they are dumb as rocks, or they would have dug themselves out and built a nation of modern civilization. Even today, they can't get their act together.

Comment Re:Non-starter 'flying car' (Score 1) 175

Are you really this stupid?

Serious question, because so many of your replies are like this one, completely ignorant of basic facts and knowledge of the subject.

Hey shit for brains, downdraft is a thing, every pound you lift vertically has to be pushed up by blowing air down. How you blow the air doesn't matter, it takes about the same amount of air per pound to go straight up.

The amount of air you must move to lift a vehicle that actually could carry people FAR exceeds what will ever be allowed in a residential neighborhood. Even 50 feet off the ground, the downdraft is far too severe even for a small 2 person vehicle.

This was an unmanned drone at an airport with big open spaces, it wasn't lifting anything. The "real thing" would not be able to land anywhere useful other than big open spaces.

Comment Re:Non-starter 'flying car' (Score 1) 175

I'd expect something like a rooftop landing pad on your garage, and instead of a rollup door on the front, it would just lower the pad into the structure and close the roof. With the right set of baffles and spoilers, the downdraft felt at ground level wouldn't be particularly hazardous.

I suspect you don't quite understand how MUCH downdraft we're talking about... There simply isn't room in the footprint of homes built today to handle it...

This isn't just about on the ground, 50 feet up you're still producing a TON of downdraft, more than would be acceptable in a neighborhood.

Comment Re:Not so much fantasy since 2010 (Score 1) 171

Getting a person there with something better than chemical rockets is just fantasy since if you got the vehicle to move fast enough even the cosmic background radiation will be shifted enough to irradiate people to death.

You forget that anything in deep space is going to require shields, or the method of transport won't matter...

so I do not get why you are calling it fantasy.

You don't get it because you don't understand human nature... this simply is not going to happen...

Comment Re:Non-starter 'flying car' (Score 4, Insightful) 175

You don't understand the downforce of the air required to lift a few thousand pounds into the air...

You will never, ever, EVER be be able to do vertical take off from normal residential homes using anything that blows air, ever...

Nothing to do with technology, engines, batteries, etc. It is simple physics. Look at my user name, yes I know :)

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