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Comment Not good for the enterprise... (Score 1) 45

When my employer switched from SCCM 2007 to SCCM 2012, the patch team was surprised to discover that users could set their own work hours for when the system couldn't be patched. That feature could screw up the mandatory 6PM-12AM maintenance window and leave systems out of compliance. A fix was implemented to prevent user from using that feature.

Comment Re:Wut (Score 1) 467

The velocity required to get into low lunar orbit is substantially greater than the orbital velocity of the moon around the Earth. The trick is choosing the correct trajectory, and that's not a difficult problem.

orbital velocity of earth around moon: 1.05 km/s
lunar low orbit velocity: 1.68 km/s
lunar escape velocity: 2.38 km/s
All numbers approximate.

Comment Re: Editors, you stripped the original title (Score 1) 467

Womanizers are quite frequently contemptuous of women, considering them inferior and unworthy of respect. If they respected women, as opposed to just wanting to get their rocks off, those men would not be grabbing random women by their private parts. Isaac Asimov is a prime example of a womanizer who had no respect for women.

Comment Re:CS Fundamentals are important (Score 1) 321

Sorry but if you don't know algorithm theory you don't know how to evaluate the code you are writing.

I know code well enough to know when a sort algorithm is required. As for the implementation details, I can look it up.


Comment Re:My Sin.Sloth,I dont try todo these silly things (Score 1) 321

I have tools for that.

When I went back to community college to learn computer programming, we had to learn all flavors of Java because there was no money in the budget to renew the Microsoft Visual Studio site license to teach C/C++. The dean wanted to teach C/C++ on Linux, but the powers to be overruled him as surveyed Silicon Valley employers insisted that C/C++ programmers must know how to use Visual Studio as a tool. When the site license got renewed, none of the computers were up to spec to run Visual Studio .NET when it first came out. After the computers got upgraded, I took C/C++ as my last class before graduation.

Comment Boeing (Score 1) 321

My uncle told me about a Boeing interview process one time. They would put candidates in a room together and give them an engineering task/problem to solve. At this point, they'd already vetted them for knowledge/competence.

At first, the candidates would talk and do the chit-chat thing, who's who, background, blah blah blah. But at some point, one would push back his chair or pick up the notebook with the assignment or get up to the whiteboard and say something like "Well, let's get on with this thing."

That was typically the end of the interview. Of course they'd still observe the candidates as they worked on the project, but that bit of leadership was primarily what they were looking for.

Because of this, and stories like it (such as TFS), I intentionally go to interviews unprepared. My intention is to present them with the "real" me that they are more than likely to get. I don't want to present the best of me, because they won't get that all the time. If asked why I am not more prepared, I will answer with exactly this. One could argue that this IS being prepared...

I have had only one interview out of my last 7 (spanning the same number of years) that didn't return a job offer.

Comment Re:Please retitle this article. (Score 1) 321

Code schools aren't the place to go if you want to be a "rock star" at Google or Facebook. These are designed to turn out junior developers, or "apprentices" as they're known at Software Guild, which currently has 16 instructors and 148 students split between in-person and online programs. Students learn just enough to be dropped into teams of more experienced coders and continue their education at a company, even as they draw a competitive full-time salary. They aren't building the high-flying startups; most are simply translating business processes into code, transforming data or helping maintain and update legacy systems.


Comment Re:CS Fundamentals are important (Score 1) 321

If you can't write bubble sort or can't figure out how to get a length of a string in Python, you shouldn't be hired.

That's probably why I don't apply for programming jobs. I got A.S. degree in computer programming that focused on writing code and not theory. If I need a sorting algorithm, I'll look it up. Most implementations of bubble sort in Python looked like copy and paste C code.

Comment Re: Screw the script kiddies... (Score 1) 53

If pages can be static, why weren't they already?

The content was stored inside a MySQL database. I can export the database to a file and then run a script to convert the articles with metadata into Markdown files. Since I'm using Pelican as my static file generator, I can create scripts to convert Markdown files into Python data structures and create Jinja templates to manipulate the data structures. I also use JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap to create a responsive base template.

Maybe other environments don't give you the choice?

Other environments typically take six seconds to load the CMS first before showing your content. If your website can't grab the viewer's attention in three seconds, they move on to something else. There's no loading overhead with static web pages because all the work was done on the backend.

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