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Comment Too much content... (Score 1) 31

I stated publishing ebooks at Amazon and Smashwords in 2010, selling short stories that I had reprint rights for at a buck each. I made more money from ebook sales than I did from first serial right sales. Sales tapered off as I took a two-year break (2015-2016) from writing and publishing to focus on my tech job that pays the bills. Short content for a buck is dead as a business model. I'm consolidating my 50+ titles into fewer titles, ordered new cover artwork, and raising the price to $1.99 for each. I should have that finished by the end of the year.

Comment Re:never liked ebook (Score 1) 31

if I want to go through page of a tech book, I can have a few colored page marker and go very quickly from 1 page to the next, it is far more slower with ebook. And the feeling of paper in hand is.... I dunno , psychologically better ? OTOH I am now by 900 books at home and it starts to cover literally whole walls.... But one things I remarked : more and more people go to my local bookshop than it was 4 years ago...

Bingo. Real books are nice. I have a couple of thousand lining the walls downstairs in the rec room, and that's after losing ~1000 to floods and damage and theft and whatnot over the years. Everything from technical references to sci fi to weird offbeat stuff, how-to books, eclectic stuff, etc etc.

EBooks are okay, but they're not my preferred media.

Comment No (Score 1) 31

"The article includes an even more interesting statistic: that one-third of adults tried a "digital detox" in 2016, limiting their personal use of electronics. Are any Slashdot readers trying to limit their own screen time -- or reading fewer ebooks?"

No, I've always been able to manage my horrific, debilitating "digital addiction" without it spinning out of control. There's thing thing, it's called the "OFF" button...you should try it sometime.

"I can quit any time I want, I just don't want any of those times." - attributed to W.C. Fields

Comment Luddite (Score 1) 52

"You don't think to yourself 'Well, I feel better about today. You're thinking 'Is it going to come off and guillotine me as it comes flying past?'

You're right, Elon, I don't think that. It's just not one of my current fears.

Elon Musk is apparently channeling a Luddite, which is both hilarious and embarrassing. This is the same guy who wants to transplant our brains into robot vehicles to roam the surface of Europa mining valuable minerals, and he's pissing his panties because he might accidentally get his head chopped off by a flying car?

There are LOTS better reasons to fear flying cars, especially if they're being piloted by disembodied brains that are pissed off because they didn't get to go on vacation to Europa.

Comment Re:Echo Cam Now Makes Sense (Score 1) 77

You are supposed to be ashamed of taking 20 minutes to walk 0.85 miles on a 3% incline.

Really? I'm supposed to be ashamed of my workout? Excuse me... ROFL...

You don't walk faster or run because you're worried about knee surgery that professional athletes need?

I'm not talking about professional basketball players. I'm talking about skinny white guys who pushed each other at basketball harder, get hurt, hobble around like veterans, and telling everyone how great they were before they got crippled for life. These are the same guys who scream like a pregnant woman while working out at the gym.

You're not even an average human being.

Thank God!

Submission + - SWISS AIR abandons the rule of two-people in the cockpit (airlinerpulse.com)

loneship writes: As of Monday, May 1, 2017, the Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) will abandon the rule of two people in the cockpit. An internal audit showed that this precautionary measure, taken in 2015 after the Germanwings crash, did not improve safety, according to the company officials.

Submission + - Hacker Leaks OITNB Season 5 After Failed Netflix Extortion Attempt

An anonymous reader writes: A hacker (or hacker group) known as The Dark Overlord (TDO) has leaked the first ten episodes of season 5 of the "Orange Is The New Black" show after two failed blackmail attempts, against Larson Studios and Netflix. The hacker said he stole hundreds of gigabytes of audio files from Larson Studios last December. TDO claims the studio initially agreed to pay a ransom of 50 Bitcoin ($67,000) by January 31, and the two parties even signed a contract, albeit TDO signed it using the name "Adolf Hitler."

This might have been the reason why the company thought this was a joke and didn't pay the ransom as initially agreed. At this point, the hacker turned from the studio to Netflix, but the company didn''t want to pay either. As a warning, the hacker leaked the first episode of season 5, but half a day later, he leaked 9 more. According to Netflix's website, season 5 is supposed to have 13 episodes and is scheduled for release in June, this year.

The hacker also claims he's in possession of shows and movies from other movie studios and television channels, such as FOX, IFC, NAT GEO, and ABC. Some of the titles include "Celebrity Apprentice," "NCIS Los Angeles," "New Girl," and "XXX The return of Xander Cage"

Comment Re:Bullying? (Score 1) 97

We are a century away from hard AI, if ever.

If there's one painful lesson I've learned, it's underestimating the progress that will be made in any given area, including something esoteric like AI.

Of course, we have to define "AI" before we can decide if it's been achieved, but I suspect that it'll appear a lot sooner than 100 years from now. A couple of key breakthroughs or fortuitous discoveries and suddenly it'll be in the realm of possibility.

Maybe it'll just be an expert system so advanced and resourceful that it appears sentient, but at some point the line between "it's really AI" and "it's so close to AI that we can't tell the difference" will blur. And again, we really have to define "AI" before we can discuss whether or not it's been accomplished.

But yeah, I think AI will eventually be a thing, and a lot sooner than May 2117.

Comment No protection from (Score 1) 97

Nothing will protect these things from determined vandals or a 7.62mm round. Or a lasso and a pickup truck. Yee haw, it's round-up time!

(And by the way, I don't think you can "bully" a robot, technically speaking. That's a living-being to living-being interaction. If I slam the door on my microwave repeatedly while cursing at it, am I "bullying" it? Err, no.)

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