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Comment Re:AI is Magic! (Score 1) 95

Heuristics are what deep learning is really good at

That's kind of my point -- the more human-like we make our AIs, the more human-like the code they generate is likely to be. Heuristics are, by definition, not correct solutions -- they're "probably close to correct" solutions which is notably what a lot of human-made software tends to be.

constant switching back and forth between the two

That's an interesting thought, though it doesn't specifically go against my argument.

Comment Re:Insurance is a leech (Score 1) 458

Part of the increased cost of a dentist visit is that the visit is no longer the same. In the 1970s, dental technicians weren't wearing masks and gloves that they discarded a dozen times a day. There wasn't an x-ray machine that circled your head, nor computerized imaging and record-keeping systems. Nor did the typical dentist's office require 3 secretaries to do billing and keep records straight for government requirements.

Comment Re:idiots (Score 1) 458

>>> all available information
Available to whom? From whom? At what cost?
All available information on aspirin is more than a person could read in a lifetime.

The claim that a certain quantity and quality of information is necessary for capitalism to work is a trap that the enemies of capitalism have been advancing for centuries. It is a straw man with no basis in fact.

Comment Re:So, No? (Score 1) 285

What we try to do is to calculate what amount of money allow somebody to cover the basic necessities.

Whom is to say what the basic necessities are? They can't be the same for everyone, everywhere, right? Should minimum wage be the same for New York City, San Francisco, Fargo, and Kansas City?

Why even base it on basic necessities at all? Why not productivity / worker output?


At this point $30 sounds more reasonable, doesn't it? But why stop there? Don't you want more people in the middle class? Wouldn't a $50 help lift people out of poverty? I mean, $30 is just enough to live on, right? What about all the poor, single mothers who have to provide for their whole family. Don't they deserve more? Isn't $50 really the right amount?

You can make an argument that any amount is the correct amount. I'm not sure why you think cost of living is the *correct* assessment for minimum wage.

If you want to help people, futzing around with the cost of labor isn't the way to do it. Just do a minimum income / reverse income tax and be done with it.

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