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Comment Banning devices with a mic or camera is news?? (Score 1) 106

It not like anything with a mic or camera has not been banned from any sensitive meeting since they were invented. Why would any cell phone be allow in a sensitive meeting for that matter? While were are on the topic, seems like any computer's mic or camera should be physically disabled from computers in classified areas. Or is facetime with your kittens at home that critical to national security?

Comment Sounds like a great opportunity (Score 1) 342

Sounds like a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Seems like a good fit for those who have the mentality of restaurateurs. There have been some some dinner theater type place for a long time. How a bout an local organic restaurant that also serves up documentaries with your soup? Even sounds like an opportunity for Starbucks: coffee, a scone and a Sundance movie. Sounds like the content providers really want to be outlets so what's the problem.

Comment Hardly news (Score 2) 110

This is common in any environment, including Dilbert. Reward or punish a behavior without any common sense and you get what you ask for. On the other hand, if you do like Nordstrom's did in their five word employee handbook then you just might get what you want: Use good judgement in all situations. Then of course that requires the same of management. The other side is zero tolerance, as in we have zero tolerance for bugs leads to a situation where nothing is ever label as a bug.

Comment Re:Contribution limits? (Score 2) 77

There are two types of federal campaign limits. Those to candidates and those to political action committees (PACs). Candidates have some limits, but PACs lost those restrictions in the suprime court ruling known as Citizens United. While candidates and PACs can not coordinate, many politicians have their own PACs dedicated to their pet interest. Another pernicious effect of Citizens United is that disclosure rules do not apply to most of these organizations. The truth is we no longer have any idea how money is being dumped into US politics. We do know that the Koch Brothers had planned to spend $899M on the US elections this year, but the republican primary did not turn out to their liking so they be spending a bit less than planned.

Comment Re:try this (Score 1) 159

While the story is for the EU, in the US at least, write a polite, but firm letter to the chief or general legal council. A letter the the CEO of a big company may just get intercepted by an admin and shipped down to the "tier-1 monkey" you mention. Lawyers seldom get letter they can blow off and will by habit read it before shipping it off to the meat grinder of tier-1. If you can't find their legal eagle then any person in legal will do. LinkedIn is your friend here. Smaller companies may only have outside council to contact. The other place to hunt for help is to see their "about us" pages and find their advisers, investors and leadership, and reach out to those people. If they get a call from their VCs you can expect your issue will get noticed.

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