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Comment Re:This is a good thing (Score 1) 477

Succession goes: VP, House Speaker (Ryan), President pro tempore of the Senate (Hatch), Sec. State (Shannon, a career diplomat and now just a place holder), Treasury, Defense, AG...Secretary of Homeland Security. The order of cabinet succession is based on date of the department's creation. They also have to meet the standard presidential requirements such as native born resident for 14 years and 35 years old.

Comment Scoff Laws and Fair Play (Score 1) 70

I'm all in favor of dealing with those who make a profession out of breaking the law, but the the basis of those laws must be reasonable. Clearly though, IP litigators have been give the keys to the kingdom and free reign to make their own laws. Culture is not an IP. And fair use has always been a key point of IP law that historically rests on perpetual ownership of an instance (book/record/disk/painting/etc) of that IP. Licensing IP for a limited time to people as you would to another company is unconscionable and those that do deserve the push back and pain they are getting.

Comment Bound to failure in natural context (Score 0) 47

Natural language is inherently ambiguous and real humans love to make it more so with slang and swearing. Take the story of the gorilla artist Jason Sprinkle from Seattle. He was once most known for attaching a ball and chain to the massive hammering man statue on labor day. He had a commission for an art project to support job corp where he made a giant heart and drove it around to different job corp sites where he allow participants to sign the art and his truck. Once person wrote on his truck, "“Timberlake Carpentry Rules (the ‘Bomb’)” on the front bumper of the truck" as a slang for very cool. One day, pre-9/11, he was upset with cuts to city art funding and decided to park the truck, heart and all, in Seattle's main square to draw attention to the arts. Needless to say, the police interpreted the graffiti on his truck literally and the artiest ended-up in jail for a month which essentially ruined his life. OK, cops panicking in the heat of the moment you might expect, but if in the cold light of day prosecutors and the courts have such a problem handling slang, what are the chances some brainless code will be able to handle it?

Comment Re:It's a start! (Score 5, Insightful) 221

Four steps would do much to clean up the problems:
1) Raise the salary floor to $100k from the current $60k
2) Force employers to pay a 10% tax on that salary
3) Create a bidding structure based on the minimum guaranteed salary those employees are willing to pay those H1B employees. Currently there is a lottery for employers to get these slots. That should stop. If an employer is willing to guaranteed a $200k salary then they go ahead of the bottom feeders only willing to pay $100k in the order of allocations
3) End jobbing out these employees in body shops.
We are only supposed to be bringing in the most needed skills and those with the highest demand skills would be paid the highest (or at least according to knee jerk capitalist dogma). I would expect this to bring in a lot more cardiac surgeons and a lot fewer share point admins.

Comment Regarding frequencies in the application (Score 4, Informative) 24

Base / Downlink (MHz) * Mobile / Uplink (MHz)
734-746 704-716
746-756 777-787
791-821 832-862
869-894 824-849
1805-1880 1710-1785
1930-1990 1850-1910
1930-1995 1850-1915
2110-2155 1710-1755
2110-2170 1920-1980

* A limited number of channels would be used within the bands specified above, and applicant will change channels when necessary to avoid interference. Amazon will not operate on channels deployed by licensees in the public safety, aeronautical, or public coast radio services. In addition, the company will monitor the operations of other licensees and users before commencing transmissions to avoid interference.

Comment Kennewick Site (Score 2) 24

If you check out the Kennewick address in the FCC application in Google maps you will find a dumpy strip mall and in the back is a small sign labeled Amazon and a big back-up gennerator.

The address is:
7011 West Canal Dr
Kennewick, WA 99336
Coordinates (NAD83):
4613'27"N; 11912'54"W

Maps Image

Kennewick is notable for having many more sunny days than Seattle. Perfect for drone flights, has access to PNNL National Labs and the open spaces of the Hanford nuclear reservation in case you drone goes rogue (or are all those plutonium storage takes a bad thing to crash into???).

Comment Re:Violations? (Score 1) 94

The basic bargain with patents has always been tech the world how make your invention and you get a monopoly on the invention for a few years. The real, but hidden problem is the teaching. It almost always completely fails. Have you ever tried to read a patent? Let alone try tom implement from the so called teaching? I've yet to read someone else's patent that read like a text book or a specification. The teaching section is so dripping in legalese that it is useless as a technical document. Seriously, I would love to see EFF or anybody else take on a patent because it fails to teach what it claims. Want proof? Ask everyone you work with and see if any, ANY, engineer has ever had a problem and then went to the patent literature to find a solution! These documents are not written such that "one skilled in the art" can implement what is claimed. In contrast go look at the TI or National data books for TTL or analog ICs, the original IBM PC documents or even badly translated instructions from a Chinese electronics knock-off and you will find better "teaching."

Comment Re:Jobs (Score 3, Informative) 30

This is a key point about lost manufacturing jobs. For a short time China had dirt cheap labor. That time has past. Still chirp, but no longer dirt cheap. In the steel industry perhaps half the jobs were lost to automation with the reset to strong competition and indeed some dumping for China. I would argue that the miss-west jobs did not go to China, they went to Everett (Boeing), Redmond (MS), LA (Hollywood), NY (wall street), etc. There are always winers and losers in these deals. Traditional manufacturing lost their protection so other US exports (aircraft, tech, media, finance, etc) could gain access to foreign markets. The promise by BOTH parties was that those workers who got screwed in the deal would be taken care of. Some were give retraining that did benefit them, most got nothing. These sorts of disruptions destroy business ecosystems in a locations so new business don't just jump in and fill a factory as a business closes. It took decades to build the manufacturing centers and silicon valley for that matter. Cut the heart out of a sector and it will not rebound on its own for decades.
No matter what anybody says these jobs are not coming back. Manufacturing will come back as a technology and capital intensive highly automated operations, but not with high school education jobs. We must find a solution for angry guys who saw their fathers make $40/.hour who themselves made $20/hour and they see their kids make $10/hour. Perhaps we need to parachute in some of our best entrepreneurs to turn the place around. Perhaps we need to provide incentive to get them to move where the jobs are? I remember in my native Oregon in the '80s as logging wound down there was massive discontent as these folks who for generations made good, if dangerous, living in the woods see their way of life come crashing down. The one gotcha for these logging communities was that they had to move to a new area every few years as the timber was cut. In the 70's the region was over cut and there was no where else to go. These communities lost their economic base and had no way to recover and their kids moved away to make lives of themselves (e.g., Kurt Cobain from Aberdeen, WA moved to Olympia homeless and nearly starving and started sining to make a living). I fear that that may be the fate of many of these rust belt communities.

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