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Comment "excel at their jobs"? (Score 1) 65

Those who exhibit heightened emotional intelligence excel at their jobs and stand out to employers.

I can believe the latter, but the former? That's going to depend a lot on what your job is. There are lots of jobs where EQ isn't particularly important and other forms of intelligence are more important.

Comment Fees == false advertising (Score 5, Insightful) 80

Let's be clear, all these fees exist as a way to hide the true cost of the service.

One that irritated me a lot was paying a property tax fee for a rental car at DFW airport. Why is this so bad? Because, had I not rented the car, the company would have still been required to pay that property tax. In other words, the tax wasn't directly tied to my rental of the vehicle. Why not charge a fee for the property taxes on their HQ? Or charge a fee for the salaries of the employee who checked me in and gave me the car keys?

Taken further, every service is going to cost 1 cent and the rest will be "fees and taxes". Perhaps at that point the FTC might step in?

Comment Re:Seems like common courtesy to me (Score 1) 196

Brits seldom bother to learn foreign languages, after all, even in another country the foreigners are everybody else.

The problem isn't restricted to the UK. I don't think that the USA is much better at educating people in foreign languages (does Spanish count as foreign?).

The "problem" is that English is spoken as a first or second language in such a large part of the world that few English speakers need to be able to communicate in other languages.

Comment Re: Why not covered by insurance? (Score 1) 194

$350 a month doesn't get you fuck all.

If you are in your twenties or early thirties, you can get a good individual plan for about $250/month, even in the most expensive part of the USA, I know, because that's how much my daughter pays.

However, for myself and my wife, my employer pays almost $2000/month for a high deductible plan.

Comment Re:Why not covered by insurance? (Score 1) 194

Private insurance only pays a 3rd of that at most

The one time we saw some numbers, the insurance company paid less than 10% of the total bill, and we paid nothing. It was the hospital charges for a standard room.

I choose to have a high deductible/out of pocket limit ($5k deductible), but most of that amount is covered by contributions to my HSA by my employer. Under every scenario for use of medical services (from no use of medical services, to hitting the out out of pocket limit), I am better off with the high deductible.

Submission + - Accused British "Flash Crash" trader to be extradited to the US. (

whoever57 writes: Navinder Sarao has lost his appeal and is set to be extradited to the USA, where he faces charges with a possible maximum sentence of 380 years. He is accused of causing the "flash crash" in 2010, when the Dow Jones index dropped by 1000 points. He ran his trading from his bedroom in his parents' house and it is claimed that he made more than £30M (approximately $40M) in 5 years. His parents had no idea what he was doing, nor the scale of his income. He is accused of placing trades that he never intended to fill, so, to this naive person, it's hard to distinguish what he did from that of the large high-speed trading firms.

Comment Re:Has Wikileaks jumped the shark? (Score 5, Interesting) 269

If you read the e-mails as proof it was rigged, then you read what you wanted to read and would have believed anyway

Perhaps not the convention. In California, the night before the primary election, there was an announcement on the news that Clinton had won. Guess what, turnout of Democratic electors was lower than expected. And the claim that Clinton had already won: false. Was that false claim an accident? I don't think so.

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