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Comment Re:Soon: One last update to end all misery (Score 1) 200

DDoS Bots and Trojans will vanish from the planet for 24 to 48 hours until people reinstall Windows on their machines and will access infected sites, get infected again... and the whole thing will start all over again :-)

Quite likely, it'll be worse than before. Many of those machines will be browsing the web without the benefit of all the updates from Microsoft, so a very high infection rate is to be expected.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 244

A studio apartment, no. A three-bedroom house that they can't afford, absolutely.

I live in a nice 4-bedroom house in Silicon Valley, which, when I sell it, I expect it to pay back every penny that I have spent in mortgage interest, property taxes, maintenance, insurance, etc.. I expect its net cost over 15 years to be zero. Even if house prices drop dramatically in the next few years, I can still expect it to have cost less per year than your little box.

Comment Re:Why do people still go there? (Score 1) 346

That's a pretty terrible story, but technically, she did not have a valid visa to enter the country. How do you think someone attempting to enter the USA without a suitable visa would be treated?

On the flip side, I would have thought that a rule that would have allowed her to enter if she were being paid by a UK company but did not allow entry because she was paid by a German country would be in violation of EU rules.

Comment Re:Broken Windows Policing (Score 3, Insightful) 191

Enforce the laws on minor crimes, and major crimes go down. You don't have to be a hardass, or pick on anyone in particular, just enforce the common, everyday laws that help keep things working.

We know this works.

Citation? And one that doesn't simply show crime numbers reducing, because reduced lead in the environment explains the reduction

Let's face it, even the police don't believe this. The police are able to get away with misconduct with insignificant or no consequences.

Comment Re:How durable? (Score 1) 160

Seems odd however tht the device is designed to fail at the time it is needed most.

Firstly, you have a misconception: residential grid-tied systems are not intended to be backup systems. When it is most needed is in the afternoon, on a hot, sunny day, so that it can offset the electricity used by my, or my neighbours' AC systems.

What exactly fails that stops the power? I have a shutoff system for my emergency generator.

Nothing fails. The inverter is configured to shut off the system in the absence of grid power. This is the intended behaviour, not a failure mode.

I don't know if the wiring and connection code would allow for a solar system that, instead of shutting down, disconnected the house from the grid and continued operation, but I suspect that this would add significant cost to the solar installation.

Comment Re:How durable? (Score 1) 160

You can add a transfer switch if you want to be grid connected, but it's all or nothing.

I think that if you connect your solar system to the grid, you need permits. These permits require that your system will not operate without grid power. I expect the inverter settings control whether grid power is required or not.

Comment Re:How durable? (Score 1) 160

As well, there are the incalculables. Access to the electricity. We have a lot of power outages in my area. And with the whacked weather, we are sometimes out for a while - one time almost a week. Your own power source can make life a lot nicer. It was nice to have lights and furnace that week. Note I wasn't using solar that week, just another power source.

Most, if not all grid-tied solar systems require that the grid is actually working. So if you get a power outage, your solar panels won't help you.

I have wondered if you could get the solar inverter to start producing electricity by disconnecting from the grid and connecting a generator (or even a large UPS) to the house wiring.


If that were true, then we would be phasing out the subsidies as they'd no longer be needed. What in fact has happened is that Deepwater is receiving a special-case subsidy that is much higher than the already existing subsidies.

If the NIMBYs acting in coordination with the Koch brothers would allow really large wind farms to be built, they would be much more economical. As I stated above, this project is too small. Both the size and number of turbines is too small. Scale is important to make wind farms cost effective.

As mentioned by another poster above, coal gets a lots of direct and indirect subsidies.

Finally, what's your proposal? We know that we can't continue burning coal, oil and gas forever. We need alternative sources of energy, because the long term costs of fossil fuels are much higher.

So run along and got get your pay from the Koch brothers. You made your post.


The core of the argument is sound though. It costs ~$500k to put up a 100kW wind turbine.

No, it's not sound. It's historical.

Turbines being installed now are much larger: 6 - 8MW. The economics of these much larger, offshore turbines are very different to those of the old, small turbines. The largest offshore wind farms that are being installed now are close to the cheapest sources of electricity.

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