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Comment Re:It's not called office hours for nothing (Score 1) 380

The employment agreement does not imply that you will be given increased compensation for doing more work...

Again, read TFA. What the article suggests is that if annual performance reviews are not carried out properly, then the employer has violated the contract:

For the first 10 years in my career at any new job, I worked hard for 1 year. I finished more projects than my peers. Iâ(TM)d take on extra work. Iâ(TM)d automate and simplify many of the processes so the business ran like silk. Peer reviews backed up my performance. After 1 year, it was time for the annual review as promised in the signed contract.

Ah, but here comes the interesting part. Listen up, because this concerns you the business owner or middle manager. At the end of one year, my raise and bonus were at cost of living levels. Or, the annual review was âoepushed backâ citing company delays.

When asked why the review was not stellar since I beat out most if not all of my peers on speed and output, no answer was given. Sometimes, it was corporate politics. Sometimes, it was because management was lazy and didnâ(TM)t want to pay. Sometimes, it was due to âoewe want you to socialize moreâ and âoeplay the gameâ.

I discovered other programmers who pumped out quality output at staggering rates went through the same thing as I did at review time.

So, middle managers and business owners, pay attention. At that point, you BROKE the employment agreement. I exceeded above and beyond my standard job output. And at the end of the one year, you simply paid the same you would for an average output software engineer. You were getting 50% or more increased output over another guy with the same or relatively same salary.

Comment Re:It's not called office hours for nothing (Score 0) 380

You're getting paid during office hours to work for the company, not to work on your personal projects.

TFA has an interesting take on this. The author writes that, typically, the employer has already broken the employment agreement by failing to give appropriate raises for someone who has done more work more than his/her peers. Thus the employee responds to the failure to compensate appropriately by working on side projects.

Comment Re:Can globalisation help ? (Score 1) 272

I am European. I have not seen household appliances in the USA. Yes, your puny voltage means higher current for the same work.

Having lived in both the USA and Europe, I have experience of appliances in the two parts of the world. Hence my knowledge that they are mostly different.

The USA does have 220V, though. Typically, dryers (electric only) and electric ovens use 220V, also electric vehicle chargers.

Comment Re:This is retarded conservatism to help 'coal' (Score 1) 478

There wasn't anyone else on their ballot.

What has happened is that the voters have allowed the center of politics to move far right. By always voting for the far right candidates, they have sent a message to candidates and those who provide financial support to the candidates that moving to the right is the only way to get elected.

The voters had choices. They chose to elect the people who wanted to destroy their education and other systems. Screw them.

Comment Re:Can globalisation help ? (Score 2) 272

The big manufacturers sell their products world wide. This means that they need to make them comply with the various standards that exist in different parts of the world.

I don't think that you have actually seen a household appliance in a European house. European houses typically have less space for appliances, so the appliances tend to be smaller. Then there is the 220/110v difference. The exception is dishwashers.

No, they don't sell the same products worldwide (mostly).

Comment Re:Storage? (Score 1) 478

2nd link same, and it's tiny

Really, you see no difference between Hawaii and South Australia? You just killed your credibility.

3rd UK has nowhere to build another one, and it's only for burst usage.

It was built in Wales, not Scotland [that's an allusion to the "no true Scotsman" fallacy]. It stores power and just because it is operated for rapid peak load doesn't mean that it could not be operated for backup storage in the absence of wind/solar. The technology is there and is proven.

As for your "nowhere to build another one", try reading the article: "A 50MW pumped storage facility at nearby Glyn Rhonwy in disused slate pits was approved in 2013,"

Comment Re:This is retarded conservatism to help 'coal' (Score 1) 478

Pedantic nit: King Canute didn't think he could hold back the tide. He was making a point to the people making unreasonable demands.

Yeah, I knew that, but the image that is raised by invoking Canute is that of someone trying and failing to hold back the inevitable.

Sometimes, the literal truth just isn't important.

Comment Re:Right, and then horse shit (Score 3, Insightful) 478

Take away the tax credits, incentives and subsidies and alternatives would not be able to compete with the exception of nuclear power

Were you paid to write that? Because it's not true and any honest person would acknowledge that unsubsidised renewable energy source are being installed now, even in oil rich countries like Dubai.

Comment Re:Incorrect (Score 1) 478

GP is about as accurate as that politician who claimed wind farms would cause global warming, by reducing the wind.

Climate is dominated by wind in the upper atmosphere, completely unaffected by the tiny amount of energy that might be pulled out by wind farms.

What about tidal power, though? Won't that affect the Moon's orbit over time? Apparently, I'm not the only person to worry about this. Looks like it could be a real problem in a few billion years!

Comment Re:This is retarded conservatism to help 'coal' (Score 5, Interesting) 478

Warning: heartless comment coming:

Perhaps the people in those regions should not have voted for politicians who hollowed out the education system, blocked infrastructure development and generally acted in ways that benefited nobody except coal mine owners.

It's been obvious for a generation that coal was coming to the end of its life. Perhaps they should have looked forward instead of attempting to emulate King Canute.

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