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Comment Re:Possibly it is pay for risk (Score 1) 168

There is a reason though it works. It is because humans are selfish and greedy. It is easier to find greedy smart people who will sell there own mother's than truly altruistic good people.

The problem with your theory is that it only identifies the greedy people. It doesn't identify the smart people.

Comment Re:Evidence, or it didn't happen? (Score 1) 395

Attributing personality to a legal construct is a little like believing a pet rock can bark at you. Good imagination, but doesn't bear practical results.

Companies are run by people. People use strategies that worked in the past. Companies definitely have strategies that they use over and over again. You are 100% wrong, or perhaps just in denial.

I have to say to the person making the accusation 'Prove it'. Fairly simple request for them to provide their evidence, which is, literally, all I asked for.

At which point, said company will be bankrupt. There is plenty of historical evidence. Of course they can't prove it because that requires a whistleblower at the highest levels of Microsoft.

But I have come across people like you before: willing to accept any type of behaviour from Microsoft and not attribute any of it to a strategy. Perhaps you think that it is accidental that Microsoft adopts strategies that result in the continuation of its near monopoly?

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 764

Statements about his wealth prove no such thing. What did he invest? What was the return? That fact that he only has $100M left at age 70 may simply indicate an excessive indulgent lifestyle where his spending exceeds income. With a friggin airliner with his name on it that is a possibility.

Earlier, you argued that his income was low because he had held onto assets and not sold them. Now you say that he has spent his money. Guess what, to spend the money on yourself, it has to be declared as income first.

Please, be internally consistent in your arguments. Otherwise you look just like another Trump supporter who is blind to reality.

Trump: America's Erdogan!

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 2, Interesting) 764

One year's annual income is not one's wealth. Wealth includes other years.

Yeah, except that he claimed that exemption for multiple years.

Do you realize how meaningless that statement is? Of course a real estate investment tracked the market, do you think maybe the timing of an entry and an exit might be relevant?

The man was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he bought some buildings and his overall investments were no better than if he had randomly bought and sold them. He didn't beat the market in some way that isn't obvious due to "timing".

Does he exaggerate his wealth, probably, but you haven't really shown us any real data on that subject.

Wow, you really are blind to any evidence that he isn't what he says he is, aren't you? How about the fact that he hasn't published his tax returns? Clearly, he is hiding something and I doubt that it is that he is wealthier than he makes out.

Hey if you are going to argue he is a narcissist

No, I am not going to claim that he is a narcissist. I am going to claim that he is a racist bigot, who is only in the campaign to profit from it.

And, yes, there is proof that he is racist. Go back some years in his business dealings and you will see concrete evidence. But you won't do that, because you don't want to find it. It's much more comfortable to be ignorant.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 2, Informative) 764

Trump can't even run a business.

I think that is political BS.

No, it's not. He ran a casino into the ground. A casino? Otherwise known as a license to print money.

Did you miss how he claimed a tax exemption that is only available to people whose income is less than $500k. His "wealth" is smoke and mirrors. His business skills are mediocre (his investments in Manhattan basically tracked the market), but what he excels at is putting over an image of a successful businessman.

No, everything Trump does is aimed at benefiting him personally, and the run for the presidency is just the same. His claims that he is self-funding his campaign are entirely false. He is actually making a profit from the campaign.

Comment Re:Reaching the limits of the unlimited (Score 2) 420

I think that what they are doing is merely terminating the contracts of possibly unprofitable customers. These customers are on monthly contracts, which can be terminated by either party.

Although, what if they have equipment purchases still being paid off? I guess Verizon is going to have to eat that cost.

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