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Submission + - The ISDS chickens come home to roost. (reuters.com)

whoever57 writes: TransCanada Corp (the company behind the rejected Keystone XL pipeline) has initiated arbitration proceedings under the NAFTA treaty against the USA, demanding $15B in damages. Negotiations have been taking place since January but have not resulted in an agreement. Now TransCanada has formally filed for arbitration under NAFTA.

TransCanada is also in court, seeking to reverse the decision to reject the pipeline.

Comment Re:$13 and hour and my car is a tax write off? (Score 1) 321

You don't divide on your income tax form. It's reasonable to do so for your own financial planning.

Only if you do so very carefully. You need to make sure that you are using the correct rate, because your income might reach a higher tax bracket without the deduction, or you might be trying to deduct something that doesn't actually affect your taxes, because it was covered by the standard deduction. Even if you don't opt to use the standard deduction, you should only account for the difference between your deductions and the standard deduction.

TL;DR. Simplistic analysis of the effects of deductions can lead to erroneous results and bad financial planning

Comment Re:Push - never have money pulled from your accoun (Score 1) 178

You should NEVER give any entity the authority to perform ACH withdrawals from your bank accounts.

Once you send a check, doesn't the other party have all the information required to set up ACH withdrawals? The whole system is based on trust.

This is another reason to use a credit card. Dispute the charge and make the other party justify it.

Comment Re:Taxis (Score 1) 321

By and large I've found Uber rides cheaper than cabs. It doesn't make sense that cheaper ride sources would ultimately end up in more income to the driver.

One word: medallion. These are typically absurdly expensive. Drivers either have to take out a huge loan to buy one or they rent from someone else. This is a huge cost that the Uber drivers don't have.

Comment Re:$13 and hour and my car is a tax write off? (Score 5, Insightful) 321

with all the miles they drive and the time on the app their car and smartphone plan might as well be free. if i was an uber driver i'd get the top AT&T or Verizon plan to share with my family

A good accountant will tell you that you can't do that. You could only write off a portion of the cellphone plan.

Comment Re:Suprise? (Score 1) 31

The phone OS is delivered by a huge ad company, it has GPS, a microphone, Wifi, a compass and Bluetooth. What is surprising, exactly?

In the latest version of Android, you have fine-grained control of access by apps. The first time such an app starts, the system will ask you if you want to allow the app to access the microphone and can deny it.

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