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Comment Re:Absolute Green Propaganda (Score 1) 176

Solar doesn't necessarily need battery backup, although this does make it more useful. In large parts of the world, demand for electricity is highest when the sun is shining.

We are at an early stage and recycling is not important yet, but it will. There are too many materials used in batteries for it not to become viable to recycle in the future.

As for your comment about birds, that's out of date. The newest (and largest) turbines don't have anything like the same kill rate.

The problem with CNG is that its extraction is not without environmental cost and there is a limited supply. Now I do realize that the time when fossil fuels will run out keeps being delayed. I think that when I was in school, decades ago, they were expecting oil to run out around 2025.

Comment Re:Yes, Obamacare helped ruin health insurance... (Score 2) 484

Look how fervently the Obama Administration insisted that the Little Sister of the Poor must pay for abortifacients [] rather than come to an accommodation as required by the law.

Linking to your own blog does not provide any support for the false narrative that you are pushing.

The question was not about the Sisters paying for abortions. It was about the Sisters filling in a form stating that they would not provide cover for abortions, so that the government could pay for those abortions.

Comment Re:Thanks, Trump! (Score 1) 176

All of your assumptions are wrong.

Also, your logic fails badly.

All that is necessary is to let the laundry build up until there is a complete load and then run it that night. In your scenario, there is some need to wait until the laundry has built up to require multiple loads. OK, you might need to have a few extra clothes (one day's extra) if the loads build up so that you need to run different types of loads on the same day.

There is no difference in this process if there is one person in the household or multiple. In fact, it is probably easier with multiple people in the household.

I suspect that the concept of "laundry day" has more to do with other scheduling issues than build up of dirty laundry.

But, go ahead, making up your wrong assumptions. Progress lies in the other direction, but you probably don't care.

Remember, that the occasional time the washer is run during the day doesn't invalidate the idea. The goal is shifting use of as much electricity as possible to night use and it's not a failure if some electricity is used during the day.

Perfection is the enemy of progress as well as the enemy of good

Comment Re:Thanks, Trump! (Score 1) 176

I've also wondered if the whole smart device thing could end up being a net bonus -- for example, during the cheap hours, freezers/electric water heaters/dishwashers/etc. could do their thing. Most of this could of course be done with a simple timer,

You are only a few decades behind the times.

It's been common for decades in the UK for appliances to have delay timers. In the USA, appliances with delay timers are available.

In California, you can get better electricity rates if you hook up your AC controller to a service which will turn it off for some time when demand peaks.

In the UK, they have house heating systems that store heat at night and release it during the day. Again, these have been available for decades. Gas provides a cheaper energy source, so this type of heating is usually only found in houses that don't have mains gas connections.

Comment Re:Absolute Green Propaganda (Score 1) 176

solar panes and wind turbines will NEVER wear out way faster than they'll ever make their money back,

You are the fanatic. you are the one who needs education.

You are wrong. The idea that wind and solar never pay back is just one of the fossil fuel lobby's lies about renewables. The idea that wind and solar don't provide cost-effective sources of energy is ridiculous. Yes, it's taken some time to get there, but we have arrived. Coal is dying because it's too expensive.

I hope the Koch brothers pay you well for pushing their agenda with your propaganda. Otherwise, you really are wasting your time.

Comment Re:Indulgences (Score 1) 176

But power in Los Angeles is a totally different system from the power in Portland


All of the electric utilities in the Western Interconnection are electrically tied together during normal system conditions and operate at a synchronized frequency of 60 Hz. The Western Interconnection stretches from Western Canada south to Baja California in Mexico, reaching eastward over the Rockies to the Great Plains.

There are basically 3 grids in the USA: Western, Eastern and Texas.

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