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Comment Re:Predicting tomorrow's technology (Score 1) 612

as there is proven hydrogen technology such as the proton exchange membrane fuel cell which DOES WORK and is efficient. It ACTUALLY generates power from water.

A quick trip to Wikipedia and it is clear that you are spouting nonsense:

The fuel for the PEMFC is hydrogen

No, it doesn't generate power from water. It generates power from hydrogen.

Efficiency isn't very good, either:

PEMFCs operate at 40-60% efficiency

60% isn't very good when you have already lost lots of energy producing and storing the hydrogen.

Comment Re:Windows 10 (Score 5, Insightful) 561

Even Windows fanboi Thurrott is fed up ...

It's people like him that have caused this. Their uncritical fandom of Microsoft has encouraged Microsoft to abuse its customers ever more, resulting in the (almost) forced upgrades (downgrades?) to Windows 10.

Paul: don't start complaining now. You should have been complaining over the last 10 years.

Comment Re:2+ million does not seem like dead... (Score 1) 288

It has been working like a champ for a long time.

Apart from all those apps that have been removed from the Windows app store. You probably don't use your phone for such things as on-line banking, do you? OK, you might, but not many banks actually support Windows phone today.

There are lots of reviews that show that apps for Windows phone either don't exist or don't work as well as their Android and IOS equivalents, so let me suggest that you haven't seriously researched the competition.

Comment Re:Hydogen is just a way to store energy (Score 1) 612

Until you can run an EV all day on a single night charge, there will be a need to external chargers.

For many people, the single day's required range is 30 miles. All modern EVs will do at least twice this distance on a single charge.

The problem is for exceptional days: days when you drive a lot further than your normal commute. However, many families have more than one car and it is quite practical for one of those cars to be an EV.

Comment Re:Fall down and hope to miss the ground (Score 1) 265

Who's "we"? You might not, but I can tell you I was happy running closed source on Linux. From VMware Server through to binary graphics drivers,

I can't imagine why. VMWare on Linux is nowhere near as effective as KVM. The only reason to use VMWare on Linux is compatibility of guest images.

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