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Comment Re:Loans (Score 3, Funny) 420

My nephew just turned 27, and makes 100K+ with overtime as a high voltage electrician.

I have a degree, and 20 years on him, and I make just a bit more than him.

However, my office is not 100+ ft in the air, with 45 mph crosswinds and humming 100K voltage lines of death over head.

My hats off to him, I will stick with the computer and office chair.

Comment Re:If it isn't broke... (Score 1) 145

One of the things that has changed is that back before the internet and sites like Kayak, Orbitz, etc the query rate for free seats and ticket prices was in the 1000s per hour.

With automated scrapers, those queries have gone into the millions per hour and it keeps climbing.

What you see now is TPM based mainframes with lots of middleware systems acting as buffers to handle the requests without querying the mainframe.

Comment Re:WE need unions also why train your h1-b replamn (Score 1) 472

Not in California.

Unions are carving out Minimum Wage exemptions for their members, meaning they can be paid under the prevailing min. wage if the contract says so.

This will likely benefit the Unions with more memberships as business negotiate a lower wage and let the union in, but it screws the workers over.

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