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Comment Re: The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1140

Feudal lords only had to make one smart choice in their life: who their parents were.

Mobility is exceedingly difficult in a Feudal society, usually requiring a plague or war to clear out new opportunities for the lower ranks of nobility.

The commoner moving to nobility is almost impossible.

Going from lower class to middle or even billionaire (nobility) is very common in Capitalist societies, more than any other sort of society.

Comment Re: I always quit without notice (Score 1) 765

Once, after a layoff.

I worked at a call center for Sears, and one day about 20 guys in suits walked in and the place fell silent. We all worked in a big "pit" so everyone could see.

All of us who were part of the first round of layoffs were escorted to a room, processed and handed a check and shown the door. It was a "hotseat" arrangement, so I had no personal effects except what was on my person.

A female friend mentioned they laid off all the guys who were not managers, and anyone else who was considered a "troublemaker" and we were given a severance check.
Everyone else spent two weeks boxing up files to be sent to the new call center in Idaho.

Comment Re:True, but not permanently. Consider bombing his (Score 1) 441

But WHY does it need to go low and slow?

Answer: So the human pilot has time to engage targets.

Ground/drone based remote spotters who can direct fire and paint targets could be engaged by a high speed drone that does not need as much time as a human pilot.
Such CAS drones might be cheap enough to buy and operate to assign to small units, or have requests for CAS come from a pool of such drones that are on patrol, being rearmed and refueled in a continuous autonomous loop.

Comment Re:WTF is happening (Score 1) 198

I had a good history teacher in HS.

He had us play game, on paper, to learn important concepts.

For example, we did a stock market game. Despite everyone KNOWING that the Crash happens in October of 1929, none of the players were in a cash position come October.
Drove the point home that in a bubble, no one sees the bubble, even with perfect knowledge.

My son is lucky enough to have a equally talented history teacher who demonstrated exactly how bad the Black Death was and how it was spread.
And a math teacher that had them design their own games using math principals.

I have offered my assistance to a fellow D&D player that wants to develop an entire learning program around gaming, specifically board games, card games, and pen and paper RPGs.

We both agree that at least where we are, in California, computer skills are a basic competency, and what the kids really need is the social interaction to build social skills that are increasingly missing in the modern world.

I take my son to D&D games precisely to help him develop those skills, and so far it is working pretty good. Helps to have understanding DMs, who I can occasionally bribe with homemade baked goods...

Comment Re:I want an American tricycle ! (Score 1) 138

Effective Cycling by John Forester has interesting statistics, including the effect of training (his course at MIT naturally) on accidents:

From memory, the biggest threat to the cyclist is first themselves, hitting things or loss of control of the bike, then being hit by other cyclists (aka, asshats riding against traffic), and then vehicles.

The "scariest" scenario most people think of is being hit from behind by a car. That is surprisingly less than 1% of all accidents, although it is the most deadly accident.

Comment Re: Insurance cover for hostile takeovers (Score 1) 299

That argument is going on right now with all the rider assist technology that is available: ABS of course, active suspension tuning, and even more advanced Throttle Control Systems that prevent wheelies and reduce the chance of a low side when powering out of a curve.

Then again, with many such bikes having insane 150+ HP in 400lb bike, you need something to tame the beast.

It is quite a shock to jump on the vintage 75 CB550 and ride around with an optimistic 50HP under your butt after riding a modern bike with all the trimmings.

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