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Comment Re:It's OVH (Score 1) 87

How many other people are on those servers. I've tried plenty of instances but once you start using your actually assigned quota's (1 CPU and 512MB RAM) you will notice an intense slowdown. Or you're sitting on a server with some other people that are heavy users, same problem.

I've tried a bunch of them, for home/dev use, perhaps, but for real work, not suitable. And whenever you ask how many other customers they have, they either don't tell or it's astronomically high.

DigitalOcean: doesn't tell anything about their infrastructure and if you use too much resources they cut you off with a "TOS violation". From what I can measure, I estimate 50-100 hosts per 'real' server but don't use more than 20% of your CPU for a period of time because you'll be out.
DreamHost: the oversell must be close to 200 hosts per server. Continuously 100-200ms ping rates, their 'shared MySQL' would take 500ms to even complete a simple query. The host got cut off several times per month for various technical reasons.
1and1: Another over-seller, absolutely awful support, after a while they just tried to up-sell me packages that would have no impact on the performance - I'm not running out of storage dimwits.

Submission + - Social media is not your friend

Presto Vivace writes: Of 8 Tech Companies, Only Twitter Says It Would Refuse to Help Build Muslim Registry for Trump

The Intercept contacted nine of the most prominent such firms, from Facebook to Booz Allen Hamilton, to ask if they would sell their services to help create a national Muslim registry, an idea recently resurfaced by Donald Trump’s transition team. Only Twitter said no.

Comment Re:I hope so. (Score 1, Informative) 78

I know, right? Expecting people to pay back the loans they agreed to... And even threatening to *gasp* take back big-ticket items like houses and cars used as collateral for the mortgages? Might as well just give out bank-branded kneecapping sticks, amirite?

Banks certainly have their flaws, and make no mistake, we have some outright bad-actors like Wells Fargo. But as a whole, I have zero sympathy for people whining that their creditors actually dare to expect repayment. If you can't afford something, don't buy it.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with weapons or Trump (Score 1) 182

The thing is, server farms and bonnets can be rented by the hour these days and are much larger than what any government agency feasibly can have under their control. Mirai is an example of this, they can take out 100Gbps+, it's still not a weapon, it doesn't do any permanent structural damage to the Internet or kill anyone.

Sure there are state sponsored hackers but there are corporate (both criminal and regular types) hackers that are much bigger and better than what I've seen any government agency wield.

Comment Re:It's OVH (Score 3, Insightful) 87

Not just OVH, any second rate hosting company does it. DreamHost does as well, 1and1. They're a pain in the neck to work with because any update breaks everything and you're stuck with old versions of Apache, nginx and PHP because of it. Sure it helps them because they can deduplicate the shit out of the memory and storage but it's broken.

If you're paying less than $20/mo for a VPS, you're shafted.

Submission + - China abandons banning the bomb? (

Dan Drollette writes: The United States and Russia are not only failing to disarm—they are pursuing policies that threaten a dangerous and destabilizing resumption of the nuclear arms race.

Submission + - AMD Zen SR7 CPU Allegedly Will Offer Core i7 5960X Performance At Half The Price (

MojoKid writes: AMD needs a win in the high-end processor category badly and if the latest leak turns out to be accurate, AMD could get its much needed victory when its unreleased Zen SR7 processor hits the market sometime in Q1 with eight cores in tow. The octal-core Zen part is said to perform better than Intel's muscular Core i7-5960X, a Haswell-E chip with eight cores clocked at 3GHz to 3.5GHz, 16 threads, and 20MB of cache. Not for the faint of wallet, the Core i7-5960X tops $1,000 in street pricing even when it's on sale. AMD's competing SR7 Summit Ridge part is said to cost half as much at $499. New engineering samples of the potentially game changing Zen chip have been popping up in the wild. These latest revisions feature a 3.2GHz core clockspeed and 3.5GHz turbo frequency. These are noticeable jumps in frequency compared to the previous version AMD showed, which had the core and turbo clockspeeds running at 2.8GHz and 3.2GHz, respectively.

Comment Nothing to do with weapons or Trump (Score 1) 182

What the hell is a cyber weapon? Are they using some laptop that any other hacker can't use because it's so big or expensive only a government can afford it? And what does Trump have to do with this story, unless the Saudi's recently got annexed by the US without anyone knowing about it, last thing I knew they were the ones funding Bin Laden.

Submission + - Wikileaks Reveals how NSA Analysts Earned "XKS Skilz points" by Spying (

Xenographic writes: Wikileaks has recently released 90 gigabytes of information relating to the German parliamentary inquiry into the surveillance activities of Germany's foreign intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) and its cooperation with the United States' National Security Agency (NSA). One of these is related to the gamification of XKeyscore (XKS), which is the NSA's program for searching and analyzing global Internet data. According to this PDF document, analysts could earn "XKS Skilz points" for spying:

"Combine these exciting finds with the introduction of XKS Skilz points, and you can see why McDonald's teamed up with Monopoly years ago: people buy more and even super size their orders just to get game pieces. With the brainchild of Skilz, where analysts can earn points and unlock achievements for performing tasks in XKS, people are willing to try new things within the tool. Analysts think to themselves, "Using the Pivot Data feature will earn 30 points... I'm going to try it and see what happens." Discovery! Points! We have been lured by our geeky desire to unlock achievements and earn points, and bragging rights are everything."

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