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Submission + - Is Windows 10 Still A Step Back? 6

BrendaEM writes: Many people are pleased with Windows 10, but to dig though the user interface is to see one that seem like it was never finished. In the simplified dumbed-down menus, there is not enough functionality for a user to maintain their computer. Clicking on "advanced" give you access to Windows 7-style menus, going deeper, you see menus that haven't been updated since Windows 2000.

Many people are still having hardware problems such as dealing with a crippled Bluetooth file transfer which can no longer automatically receive files, thereby making the user invoke every single transfer. Many others are having charging problems with Android phones.

Even Windows 7 needlessly made it difficult to use more than two power schemes, which many people who work their computer hard may want to use. Windows 7 made the computer management event logs terribly slow to sort on even a modern computer. Windows 7 also made it next to impossible to format a large FAT32 drive.

With poor privacy practices, a disrespect for the user as far as upgrades, recent unfair browser marking practices, a lack of UI vision, will another company ever dare make a competing commercial operating system for PC compatibles?

Comment FTC Failed to Address MS (Score 1) 376

The Federal Trade Commission should have addressed MS as a monopoly a long time ago, when they stole its encryption, stole it media player code, stole its networking, and stabbed IBM in the back...a second time.

Of course MS is warning about competitive browsers, they are above the law.

Comment Pot Probably Safer than Benzodiazepines (Score 3, Interesting) 415

Having tried both, I feel that pot is less addictive than Atavian.

When my mother had cancer, they gave her Benzodiazepines for stress. The withdraw she went thought was like nothing I have ever seen anyone go through from pot.

Perhaps in a perfect world there would be no pot, but there wouldn't big drug and beer companies telling you and your government what to do.

Comment Great Hardware - Bad OS and Software (Score 1) 170

The sensors, screen, processor, resolution can be astounding... ...But getting anything done other than consumption on a tablet or cellphone is a daunting frustrating process, with limited, underwhelming software, and operating systems that can't work, only play.

No files and folders on IOS.
No backspace key on the Android virtual keyboards.
Constant nagging and notifications.
A culture of constant app spying and insane permissions.
Devices with operating systems that aren't even supported for 3 years, in spite of reaching the end of Moores Law.
Utter dependence on the cloud for ordinary things.

If you have work to do a 1990s desktop computer will eat many modern cellphones or tablets computer for lunch.

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