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Comment First Ammendment (Score 1) 490

Yes, well all want to be safe at home, while shoving slabs of tasty pizza in our mouths.
Still, there's a problem, the registry is Unconstitutional, breaking the First Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..."

I think that an attempt to disenfranchise or disestablish a religion, is the same thing as establishing the remaining one.

Too quickly, we are going from here, to here:
Fascists walk among us.

Comment Mechanical / Electromechanical Voting Machines (Score 1) 297

There is no advantage to putting a CPU in a voting machine.

Every wire or gear in the machine should be visible.
Anyone who can wire a lamp should understand the circuit.
Anyone who can change the air cleaner on their car should understand the mechanics.

But in the end, it's not about simplicity for people who don't know tech, it's about using low tech to thwart tampering.

Comment Write Poetry While You Walk! (Score 1) 37

That is what I could easily do with my LG Lotus.

I am in a real bind here, as voice recognition does not work well for me, and because I make many things with hands, as well as play guitar my thumbs feel uncomfortable texting without physical keys.

Almost everyone makes the same phone. Blackberry will likely make an otherwise flawed phone, and everyone will blame its demise on the keyboard.

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