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Comment And What Will Come of It? (Score 3, Insightful) 115

I don't think that collecting data is enough. Think of how many innocent people were killed by the police without being videoed. Our police are still allowed to be expert witnesses, in courts. I am sorry if this offends people, but there is nothing intrinsically different about police officers that makes them honest.

Comment Many Accidents Caused By Bad City Engineering (Score 1) 239

We have traffic lights that tell pedestrians to cross at the same time that they tell people to turn left into them.
We have increasing raddi turns.

The city planners who don't plan, and the city engineers who don't know anything about engineering usually ever get called out.

It's always cheaper to blame the pilot than the plane. It's cheaper to blame the driver than the make out cities coherent to drive in.

Comment Re:We Are Made of Wilderness (Score 1) 150

Some things that will help in more than one way:

Our leaders should ask us to take it easy on resources and fuel, and generally, they are not.
We need to to plant more trees, anywhere we can.
We need to cut down on unnecessary packaging.
We need to recycle ABS plastic. It's good plastic, but made of 3 cancer causing chemicals, and made fire retardant with a bromine halogen.
We need to ration powerful chemicals such as bleach and drain cleaner.
We need to cut down on detergents. I use 1/3 as much as I am supposed to, and no one has ever noticed.
We need to put an end to the Chevrolet's brother's invention of the automobile model-year, and return to model, so cars aren't devalued before they are even sold.
We need to sort are garbage better and design things so that they can be recycled from the get-go.
We need a value system that wastes less.
We need to build more 2 and 3 family houses with big yards--instead of single family homes.
We need to offer someone a ride in our cars--if we are going that way.
We need to make our roads safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists, skateboarders, and scooterists. In the SF Bay, lots of people longboard commute.
We need smaller and lighter cars.
We need to buy things that can be repaired--instead of thrown away.
We need to always keep in mind where "away" is before we throw something away from us.
Where does it go?
We need not to buy things we don't need or strongly want.

[Preview? I've been spoiled by after-post editing.]

Comment We Are Made of Wilderness (Score 3, Interesting) 150

We forget ourselves, and what we are made of.

Our value system is totally fucked: the new housing index. Apples building new buildings in a Silicon Valley of empty buildings. We've used so much raw materials and fuel for pointless wars. We don't turn off the lights when we leave the room. We have too many instant on appliances with no regulation. Our government hasn't asked us to watch energy usage since the 1970s.

Perhaps we ought to be extinct.

Comment Re:Putting it into Perspective. (Score 3, Insightful) 112

You would want to poverty adjust a bill to consider the impact it would have on someone with lesser means. Below a certain amount of income, it is very difficult to get by, and even harder to rise. I am not saying it doesn't happen, but the American Dream is too often just a dream, and the reality is that we live in a country where poverty is a crime. We live in a country where it is illegal to be homeless, or dollar-less. It is illegal to sleep in your car.

BTW, here in Silicon Valley, often I see a certain middle age man walk by and take food out of the trash to eat it. Even though, I don't have much, I've tried to offer to buy him a bagel or something, but he refuses.

When I was young, we went hungry at times, but I did not starve.

I have a friend who used to eat from McDonalds's dumpster when he was hungry.

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