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Comment Ubuntu Is Dying A Slow Death (Score 0) 90

I still have an official Ubuntu install CD from when it meant anything to own it, before they turned to the dark side of the force, before they collected so much personal information, before they implemented the festering piece of crap known as Unity.

Mint with Cinnamon is probably the arguably desktop Linux, currently.

Comment My Limited Experiences With KDE (Score 2) 512

I have preferred GTK applications mainly because they seem more structured from a user's standpoint. My preferred desktop experience is with Cinnamon.

KDE seemed to have a lot of configuration, but many apps that were written for KDE, all look strikingly dissimilar from one another. It's not that they weren't "clean" because "clean" really means that we are removing useful functionality for the sake of over zealous artistic motivations or when people are too lazy to maintain the code under the buttons, but the applications lacked uniformity.

I am sure that a lot of people really worked hard on it. It helped move the Linux desktop forward--especially in the late 1990s.

There were questions as to whether or not it was really open, or perhaps Gnome wouldn't have been created.

I wonder of the implications of a KDE failure, when a good number of applications use its toolkit.

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