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Comment How Much Is This Going to Cost Samsung? (Score 1) 266

Well, for starters, just how much does it cost to ground an airliner, find alternate airliner, repair and fix airliner?
How much will it cost in sales?

Though, it's cheap compared to the lives that might have been lost.

Should people bring lithium batteries on a plane at all?

Comment And What Will Come of It? (Score 3, Insightful) 117

I don't think that collecting data is enough. Think of how many innocent people were killed by the police without being videoed. Our police are still allowed to be expert witnesses, in courts. I am sorry if this offends people, but there is nothing intrinsically different about police officers that makes them honest.

Comment Many Accidents Caused By Bad City Engineering (Score 1) 239

We have traffic lights that tell pedestrians to cross at the same time that they tell people to turn left into them.
We have increasing raddi turns.

The city planners who don't plan, and the city engineers who don't know anything about engineering usually ever get called out.

It's always cheaper to blame the pilot than the plane. It's cheaper to blame the driver than the make out cities coherent to drive in.

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