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Comment Re:Duh? (Score 2) 101

I run with admin rights on my Windows 10 machine because it's the default and it's a pain in the neck to run without. "Sorry you don't have permissions to set the clock".

Have you also turned off UAC prompts? Because when I set the time it prompts me for the admin password and it works fine. I don't ever see the message that I don't have permissions to set the clock; I just see the icon on the button to set the time which shows that it will perform an elevation (prompt for password) to run it.

That was an exaggeration for emphasis. I could be more specific.. On a work laptop, I can write to my 'c:\Users\\Documents' folder, but if I try to access it via the various shortcuts on the left of the file manager, I am denied access. No UAC, even though I have the password for that. The permissions on the thing vary based on the path you access it by? That's messed up.

Comment Re:Duh? (Score 1) 101

Why does windows ask for the admin password to get rid of an icon?

Because those icons are stored in the shared desktop folder (default: C:\Users\Public\Desktop). Any file or icon here will be visible on the desktop of every user. If you shared a computer with other users, then you might not want the other people to be able to edit the icons that appear on your desktop because they could alter them to run malicious software instead. If you ran a program where you needed to login with a password, then they could write their own mock version of the software that logs the passwords and change the desktop icon to run it instead.

If you don't share the computer with other people, then you could grant write permission on the shared desktop folder to all users. Then you could delete and update automatically created icons to your heart's content.

Or you could run with admin rights.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 82

TFA's author seems to think that just because big car companies have joined the race, they have already won.

You're assuming that Silicon Valley companies were the first into the self driving car world. They are the noisiest bunch, for sure, and like to lend weigh to the idea that they are the grand innovators in this area.

However, self-driving car research has been going on for *decades* in the computer vision and robotics worlds in academia, sometimes with sponsorship from car companies. I remeber going to vision conferences in the mid 2000s seeing talks about autonomous vehicles doing long drives on normal roads with automatic detection of road signs, obstacles etc etc.

The first DARPA grand challenge won was in 2005 (autonomous car navigating a dirt road course with vaious interesting obstacles), which was before any of the major silicon valley companies got involved. The first, second and third places all had vehicle companies as sponsors and collaborators.

Comment Re: Not a problem at all (Score 1) 858

Well, either you've just proven that you don't have a clue what feminism is about (hint: if you got your understanding of it from theredpill, then you're quite astonishingly far off the mark), a very odd breed of moral relativist, or you are a real grade A bigot.

In the first case, a visit to a dictionary will enlighten you. In the second case, while extreme moral relativitism is a logically coherent position from some starting points, it ultimately leads to no useful conclusions, so there's little to debate. In the third case, well, if you reply in the affirmative, I can set the idiot flag and not have to see as many of your posts.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 858

This notion that guns have some kind of magic killing power that doesn't readily exist elsewhere is pure nonsense.


The purpose of guns is to be more effective at killing things than not having guns. Your argument against that is literally arguing against the second amendment, not for. The second starts:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State

so if guns are actually totally useless and no worse than pointy sticks, then that nullifies the first part of the second amendment, which means the conclusion is not implied by the conditions. Your amended second amendment would be:

Nothing special about guns, you can kill people lots of ways, so there's no point enshrining the right to bear arms in law

The bottom line is that if this guy REALLY

Yeah, but guns reduce it from REALLY wanting to kill people to a vague, passing notion of killing people. It lowers the barrier to entry a lot.

Guns are just one of a million ways to express violence.

Yes, one of the most effective ways which is WHY ownership is enshrined in law in the second amendment.

Comment Re:You don't own common sense (Score 1) 858

less gun homicides but increased fatal stabbings and beatings

The important thing then is what happens to the total homicide rate per capita.

Did you hear about how some Lord or Minister in Brittan had proposed banning large knifes because they were being used to kill people?

Yeah, politicians can propose whatever they like, and other politicians shoot it down. Someone proposed it and most people thought it was a terrible idea so it got nowhere. If you cherry-pick idiotic things politicians do (like legislating the value of pi as 3.2) then you can make any country look stupid. That doesn't mean much though, because politicians say stupid theings the world over.

Comment Re:You don't own common sense (Score 1) 858

The US isn't China or Europe or Australia or Britain. We have our own unique culture. It has pluses and minuses like any other distinct culture does.

Yep it does. The some of the plusses are green chile, driving 20,000 miles on the emergency spare and paper license plates (screw you other 49 states), and one big minuses is the rather large number of people getting killed by guns (from what I recall, the majority are accidents and suicide, but I may be mistaken).

It requires a certain perspective to understand and appreciate other cultures. Perhaps you may develop that perspective someday.

It also requires a certain perspective to see the bad things about your culture, which are hard to get from the inside. Either way though lots of people getting killed is pretty much not a good thing.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 858

Getting drunk and doing stupid things is not racist,

No, but getting drunk and shooting a brown person while yelling "get out of my country" is racist, drunk or not. Being drunk doesn't make it magically not racist, much like punching someone while drunk droesn't magically become "not assault" just because you're drunk.

Comment Not sticky: ethically obvious (Score 3) 202

That's a stickier problem in electronics because of drm and other various anti piracy measures. At what point does an antipiracy device become a hinderance to repair?

From the point where it is actually implemented, onwards.

Which is higher priority?

The rights of people who have done no wrong are (okay, should be) higher priority.

Ideally, create fair laws that describe the bounds of legitimate behavior. Punish people who break these laws. Don't do things to people who are not breaking the law that prevent them from doing legitimate things based on the idea that someone, somewhere, might break the law.

The problem with DRM (Digital Rights Management) as it is presently constituted, is that the only rights that are being managed are those of the publishers. The rights of the consumer are being roundly trampled. It's appalling, really.

Comment Re:xWare reverting (Score 1) 202

Since this would require 2 copies of the OS and firmware to be stored in the unit (which will have to be stored somewhere that won't be overwritten accidentally), this will just bump the price up.

You know, it's pretty typical to have a restore-to-factory function on a phone. It's not an arduous requirement for a game console. And for the record, Microsoft consoles already have multiple copies of the BIOS, and always have.

Comment Re:Misleding headline (Score 1) 80

I thought exactly the same too. And I've spent years hanging my life (and other people) off "self-driving bolts" driven into limestone cliffs etc.

The "self-driving" designation, for Hilti, at least, refers to "in this package are a combination of hole-cutting bit and permanent anchor" ; you're still expected to supply the power (elbow grease), holding tool (a sort of cold chisel body), and final connector (which threads into the bolt, and has a head of your choice for your application).

Actually, Hilti still supply the final connectors, but not the single-use bits. And I can understand why. They take real care from the end-user.

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