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Comment Sounds a lot like USB-Câ power delivery (Score 2) 65

My eyes kind of glazed over reading the description but none of this sounded like anything you can't already do with USB-C power delivery mode. You can already run a 1080p display off of your cell phone, both power and data on the same cable. If you hook it up to a capable hub you can plug in your mouse and keyboard too

Comment This happened to my friend (he's now a Vet) (Score 3, Informative) 181

This happened to my buddy. He got in a car accident or something. This was shortly after he graduated from high school, and his father had just died. He ended up on pain meds, ended up getting addicted after a couple of months. When his prescription ran out, he called up our mutual friend who was in to drugs and got more. This went on for about 18 months before he decided he wanted to become a veterinarian, somehow his friends and family weaned him off pills, and after two years was accepted in to vet school. Through no small miracle he made it through grad school and graduated, he's now pretty successful.
I grew up in a pretty rich suburb, we had time to help him and his family through the addiction, and he had a strong goal to strive for. Many people don't have the opportunities or strong safety net that he did.

Comment Re:NO ONE is anywhere close (Score 1) 87

I was crossing the street in mountain view on... monday I want to say... The driver had to take over manual control doing a right turn on to central expressway from castro st/moffett blvd. The car decided that it was time to pull on to the highway. There was a car in front of it waiting to turn right as well. It's kind of a weird intersection though, as there's a double set of train tracks right next to central expressway, which you cross, then come to a stop again, then turn right at a light. Add to the fact that it's a major public transit junction with the caltrain + VTA light rail stations (Two different train stations) at the same intersection means there's a lot of pedestrians to look out for. There's probably 10 such intersections in the country.

Comment Three (Score 1) 163

USA (and some Europe) friends: Facebook
South America & Asia: WhatsApp

Work: Slack

I used to use Google chat (gmail chat? google messenger?) But over time everything's moved to FB/WhatsApp. I think WhatsApp is the superior chat app these days, especially on a cell phone. Although I like that Signal (what WhatsApp builds on top of) doesn't require SMS to verify your account.

Comment Re:Why 12.04? (Score 2) 88

12.04 was the first widely used version of Ubuntu in the mainstream. It also ironed out a bunch of the weirdness from it's predecessors and the versions after it (13.x and especially 14.04) are basically the same on the server side so there was very little reason to upgrade from 12.04 and then after that 16.04 has all it's systemd weirdness that people are actively trying to avoid until 14.04 goes EOL at which point enterprise folks might start doing preliminary testing on it.
If 12.04 weren't going EOL, I'm sure many, many people would happily continue spinning it up and using it; it's perhaps the most well publicly documented version of linux, 14.04 being close behind.

Comment Good for marketing, terrible for everyone else (Score 4, Interesting) 183

It's no surprise that chatty marketing types, who are promoting their companies as cool places to work, show off their open office plan marketing areas.
After three remodels at my last office, we finally decided on (nearly) floor to ceiling cubicle walls. It was quieter than a library, it was glorious to work there, sound was trapped really well. Moving to an open office plan in another group on the other side of the floor, I got stuck next to some very chatty employees, my productivity plummeted to about 15% of what it was before.
I think open office plans are great for marketing types, maybe some of the sales people, even management, but for engineers it's really truly awful. Most of the engineers at my new company have bought noise canceling headphones at $300 a pop. I get more done at home by a country mile.

Comment Well there goes my (Score 1) 136

Well there goes my primary use case for owning a car. Boom. Gone. Uber to get to and from public transit, robots to deliver my groceries, humans to deliver whatever it is that Amazon sells that isn't groceries. You never realized until you give up shopping in stores, how much time you spend driving to/from the store, waiting in line, being sneezed on by other people's kids, packing and unpacking the car. Sweet jesus, shopping from online places like Amazon, Walmart, etc you save 3-5 hours a week. It's glorious.

Comment Re:Maybe, but maybe not (Score 5, Informative) 334

Sure but my Uber account works in 20+ countries worldwide, I don't have to sign up for the local transit whatever. That's a huge plus. Not only that but sales people use uber religiously as they don't even need to expense their uber travel, they just charge it to the company card, that's a massive, massive boost. Uber and AirBnB are the largest business expenses in total number of line items for many companies these days. You can't auto-expense every single local transit app automatically, with uber comes that convenience. As someone traveling in Hawaii, California, Texas, London and Hungary it's really nice to be able to just open the app, plug in the location, and have someone drive you there without having to worry about the local currency, working out how to sign up for the service in Hungarian or Maltese or whatever. Step off the plane and GO. I don't care if it's 5% more, for the three days I'm going to be there, the cost difference just doesn't matter.

Comment Re:More likely they will pull out (Score 4, Insightful) 131

I don't think it really matters, it costs almost nothing to defend these cases for Uber. They're just trying to defer spinning up a big HR division between now and in five years when Uber replaces most of their human drivers with driverless cars. People keep treating Uber as if they're going to be this massive, massive employer -- they won't. Ideally in 10 years most everything will live in the cloud run by a team of 300 engineers, with local service centers to swap out batteries and electric drive units for the cars. Human drivers will only work in areas that don't have enough ride share demand to deserve a dedicated service center.
Worrying about driver's benefits is a very short sighted goal and really is a waste of everyone's time.

Comment Re:Too quiet?? (Score 2) 382

The electric buses in SF are plenty loud, tire noise, old creaky suspension, flexing frame etc etc you can hear them coming, especially as they accelerate up the hills we have out here. They're not as loud as the shitty diesels that they have running around the flatter areas (electric buses are superior from a torque standpoint going up hills) but they're loud enough.

Comment Re:first (Score 1) 382

It's remarkably easy to buy renewable-only power from renewable sources. It all feeds in to the same grid, but the bill comes from the renewable sources. Since there's a limited supply of renewable power that companies and people are trying to buy from it tends to cost 1-5% more than normal electricity, but you're using only green sources of power.
When I lived in Dallas for 7 years I got my power from Green Mountain energy and cost about 4% more than regular energy, but my house was 100% renewable powered.
It's not much of a stretch to assume that the buses will be recharged with renewable power as well. Something like 70% of the power for washington state comes from Hydro as it is.

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