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Comment Re:NOT FAIR! (Score 1) 197

That's an odd report for so many reasons.

Not really.

NC really brought themselves into the future, done by the Republicans

That's irrelevant to to whether or not they're engaging in the most shocking display of gerrymandering ever seen in the US. The fact that you bring up irrelevances like that smacks of making excuses. In the fact the rest of your post is a list of things you think the Democrats have done worse elsewhere.

It's very telling that instead of owning that the people you seem to approve of have done something bad, you're care much more about attempting to show how other people are worse rather than calling your group to account.

Very modern Republican that is: under no circumstances every take responsibility.

The sad things is your lords and masters know this. They know that you are so blinded by tribalism that you will never ever criticise them no matter what in case someone thinks you are a "liberal". So, they know they can get away with the most egregiously bad things because you will never ever hold them to account.

No, I'm not a "right winger".

Yeah you are: your intrepretation of "liberal" is exactly what you get out of exrtreme internet nutjos, not actual reality.

Comment Re:NOT FAIR! (Score 1) 197

it would be really nice if you could put a link to what it is your talking about.

Had brain fart and referred to IEC not EIP.

Hillary is probably as corrupt of a politician as we've ever had to try to run for Pres.

The Republicans have been gunning for her for decades and have yet to make a single thing stick. There's hardly another politician who has had such intense scrutiny. And yet, still nothing. Mr Trump on the other hand isn't even trying to hide his corruption, but for some reason a lot of people don't care nearly so much if he does it.

Probably worth pointing out that we're not a Democracy. Never claimed to be. We're a Republic

The two are not mutually exclusive and a representative democracy is by far the most common form of democracy. The US is intended as a form of democracy, but in some cases the corruption within the Republicans is so deep it stops functioning as such. In NC for example.

The US has the very best form of Government the world has ever seen.

[citation needed]. That's really a pretty odd claim.

We're also the oldest.

Oldest what? Democracy? Nope. Republic? Nope. Country? Nope. Government? Nope. The US may be many things, but oldest anything it is not.

You seem to be a typical Democrat.

If you say so. Not that I've ever voted democrat in my life, but sure.

I was accused of being a liberal

It's more of a compliment than an accusation.

The crazy left has hijacked the Democratic party and murdered civil discourse.

That sounds much more like a description of the right and Republicans than the left. What with the gerrymandering, fillibustering and playing chicken with a default.

But you're sound very much like the model of a modern right winger. Figure out all the stuff you're doing wrong then yell really loudly that the other side is doing it and hope no one notices. For some reason this often works pretty well. However, eventually reality will collide with your politics (it is already colliding) and then your tactics will seem a little hollow since reality doesn't care what you say.

Comment Re:NOT FAIR! (Score 1) 197

Hillary and the dems fit.

Ah yes. I expect after 4 (or 8!) years of Trump and the Republicans, you'll still be blaming the Democrats. It seems like personal responsibility is the antithesis of a quite large segment of the voting population.

Anyway, say what you will, but it's not a Democrat governed state (NC) which has been declared no longer a democracy by the Independent Electoral Commisson. I'll bet that's the 'Dem's fault too, right?

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 1) 473

I think you nailed it on the head right there. The amount of "I'm offended" from millennials is staggering

millenials like... oh who was that famous person who got all offended and called for a safe space recently...? Name will come to me soon. Oh yes, Trump.

They can't even handle the results of a democratic election.

Which is ironic because the person who won the democratic election can't handle some democratic free speech!

I didn't vote for the guy, but he made it to president so that alone deserves respect from every single American.

So we should respect people who call for safe spaces and can't handle a bit of democratic free speech?

I'm confused and I think you are too.

Comment Re:Threshold (Score 5, Insightful) 397

You're assuming that people won't find a different job their current job is automated.

You're assuming they will. It didn't happen with the industrial revolution. Their grandkids found other jobs, but for a lot of displaced agricultural workers it meant grinding poverty.

IOW it may or may not happen. You don't know and there's historical precident in both directions.

Comment Re:double standards (Score 1) 123

No... It would be a double standard if the US went after an EU company for no good reason and no one complained.

No, that's not right. People here complain when the EU goes after US companies for a perfectly good reason but those same people don't complain when the US goes after EU compaines for a perfectly good reason. That;s double standards.

Comment Re:double standards (Score 2) 123

Actually the EU already is after their blood money from VW

Well, the OP was complaining that whenever the EU goes after a US company, there are scores of complaints about how the EU is punishing American business for being American. This way round, there are always far fewer complaints for some reason, i.e. none.

It's indicitave of a double standard, not some fault on the part of the EU or the US.

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