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Comment Re:X also has stuff! (Score 1) 226

And yet you've still failed to provide any arguments! I can find stuff from maintainers, including some extremely fuddy stuff from people who ought to know better. Your argument is that I should believe you because if I go and operate Google and then sort out the FUD and bullshit from the truth, then I'll come to the same conclusion.

Given that you lack the basic comprehension to even understand my original post, it seems unlikely.

Now put up or shut up. Actually put forth an argument of your own or admit you have no idea what you're talking about.

Comment Re:yeah (Score 1) 194

You've managed to misunderstand Christ, Christians and people.

Jesus was all about not being a dick to your fellow man especially due to cultural differences, not hanging with individuals you don't like. Compare want he has to say about Samaritans versus trees that bear no fruit.

Comment Re:Cases, not electronics (Score 1) 98

Frankly, computer cases are far less important than the electronics that reside inside them.

I disagree. If that were the case (har har) then a perfectly viable laptop would be a cardboard box with a bunch of great parts haphazardly fixed to the inside. The case and packaging is super important. Many laptops are just shonky heaps of garbage where the case falls apart fast.

With portable electronics, it's ALL about tradeoffs. It needs to be fast enough. It needs to have enough ram. The batterylife has to be long enough. The screen has to be big enough but not too big. It can't be too heavy etc etc etc.

Oh and it had to fit in my budget.

I'd love a laptop in principle with the same grunt as one of those maxed out 1U machines, but not enough that the immense weight and terrible battery life would be worth it.

And I'm too old to put up with a laptop in a crap case.

Comment Re:Annoying for small projects (Score 1) 167

Thing is quite a lot of failures aren't scams either. Turning something into a physical product is much, much harder than most people realise, especially if you're aiming for mass manufacture. It's not even easy to hire people to do it: if you don't know enough about it then even figuring out if the engineer in front of you is good or not is incredibly difficult.

There are some successes like yours (and a few I've backed), some fail due to legit business reasons (one I backed), some fail due to wild optimism, incompetence and other things. And some are outright scams. The thing is, people often confuse the last two.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 330

Since when does "whoosh" mean "wow you just skewered me".

The fact you could find some idiots who would yell "racist" over any criticism about Obama is about as relevant as finding flat-earthers who voted for Trump. That didn't mean that was ever a thing in any kind of general sense.

Comment Re:So... (Score 5, Insightful) 330

That's funny. Anyone who cared about "day one" promises from the last president was racist.

No they really weren't. Sure you could find a few loudmouths who say stupid shit on the internet and sometimes in print. So what? I can find literal Nazis who support Trump but that doesn't make all Trump voters literal Nazis.

There was no general zeitgeist about expecting Obama to keep policies being racist. I remember considerable criticism here from back in the day when he didn't do anything about the PATRIOT act for example. You know what? People manage to use strong language without engaging in racial slurs and no one called them racist.

Comment Re:Fake newsception (Score 5, Insightful) 70

It's ironic that the Guardian is pointing the finger at someone else as unreliable or fake news.

Only if you live in a black-and-white world where everything is absolutely wrong all the time or absolutely right all the time. Back in the real world, certain news media outlets, which not perfect are a lot more reliable than certain other news media outlets.

To equate them all is as wrong as the news stories you are decrying.

Comment Re:Millennials AREN'T a Bunch of Job-Hopping Flake (Score 1) 214

Don't worry, you can find them over on Unless of course you think that official government statistics aren't you usually do.

aaaah :)

Glad to see you're back!

I like how you've linked to the general statistics for Canada site, and not actually to the stats that'd prove your point. Why not just go up a level of abstraction and simply say "it's on the internet". Or even further "the truth is out there".

Comment Re:X also has stuff! (Score 1) 226

You don't lose the "rich variety". You can fire up X if you like, even run X over Wayland.

You can run X on Windows too. Can I get FVWM to manage the windows that aren't in X?

So tell me, how do I get FVWM to manage a Wayland window (I actually know the answer. Do you?).

There's no need for the local desktop to suffer to run X though and X absolutely is horribly broken in a multitude of ways that no amount of extensions would have fixed.

No it isn't. Many, many, MANY people have said the same things about X. Unless you can provide some serious arguments to back it up, you're full of crap.

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