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Comment Re:It is Vista 1.1 (Score 1) 412

"There was a highly effective FUD campaign against Vista. A very small part may have been people who were actually maliciously trying to spread misinformation. A larger part were people who simply didn't know what the fuck they were talking about."

You left out the largest number, who were simply telling the truth about a shitty OS.

United States

Submission + - Texas Lawmakers Steal Votes (youtube.com) 4

absentmindedjwc writes: "It appears lawmakers in Texas frequently walk around the house floor casting votes for members who are not at their seat. Some members are seen on video casting as many as 4 votes. One member goes on camera to justify this practice as necessary in order to allow fellow house members time for lunch and personal time.

Watch the video and determine for yourself if you think these people are doing this as a "favor" for their colleagues, or if they might just be stealing votes."

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