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Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 331

In America, there have been some experiments with alternative currencies. The most famous is the Ithaca Hour which is nominally worth $10, which at the time it was first introduced was considered a fair wage for an hour of work in Ithaca, New York. One of the early justifications for the IH was that they could be donated to panhandlers with the assurance that it wouldn't be used to buy drugs. This turned out to be incorrect, since drug dealers and prostitutes were among the most enthusiastic early adopters of the currency.

Comment Re: Alternative media. (Score 1) 288

That generally means that the content creator can't earn revenue through YouTube any more

Unlikely. Some companies care about their "family" image, and will not want their ads associated with offensive content. Other advertisers don't care so much. So the obvious solution for Google is to offer a more expensive premium ad platform that excludes offensive videos, while offering a lower priced platform for companies that are more tolerant, and an even cheaper platform for those that actually want to target that audience.

The market will fix this. Disney will pay slightly more for ads, while Breitbart News gets a discount.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 2) 522

Melania came over on an H2B visa, and Trump recruits 100's of seasonal workers at Mar-a-Lago through H2B

Personal behavior and political beliefs are two separate things. When I do my taxes, I take advantage of every available loophole and write-off, but that doesn't mean I support those loopholes as a matter of policy.

Comment Re:Given that Venezuela's economy is tanking (Score 3, Informative) 89

The most successful countries in the world are socialist so it seems a strange statement. Norway has been rated the happiest country in the world with Denmark second. Both socialist.

Neither is socialist. Socialism: Government ownership of the means of production. Both Norway and Denmark are, by many measures, more capitalist than America. For instance, the Danish post office is privatized. If you at add in health care, America actually has a about the same government footprint as either. Social programs do not make a country "socialist".

Comment Re:Given that Venezuela's economy is tanking (Score 2) 89

why the heck are they doing so bad?

Because, when oil prices were high, instead of saving for a rainy day, they squandered the windfall on import subsidies and giveaways while destroying every other part of their economy.

I'm not gonna chuck if up to gov't corruption because _everywhere_ has that.

Not to the same degree. On the Transparency International Corruption Index Venezula is a near rock bottom 166/176.

Did they piss everybody off somehow?

Yes, starting with their own people. Maduro is one of the least popular leaders in the world (although he beats President Hollande of France). Venezuela has few international friends. Even Cuba has backed off from helping them.

On the bright side, we have yet another excellent example of why socialism is a bad idea.

Comment Re:Because you say so? (Score 2) 270

The women who choose software engineering as a career path are consistently saying that it's a problem.

Can you cite any evidence that more women engineers file gender discrimination or sexual harassment complaints than the average for other professions?

Anecdote: In my company, we have had several sexual harassment complaints about our shipping dept and our sales dept, but zero about any of our engineers.

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