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Comment Re:But we got a TV in 2015 (Score 1) 238

Not really. No.

The picture quality has never been a concern.

I don't know what the power consumption of my TV is. My bill didn't change a lot when we got it. I am concerned about the power consumption of my servers because they are on 24/7.

Lighter weight is of transitory benefit when I'm installing the TV. We paid a guy to do it last time because I was out of town on business.

PoE would be a nice feature. So one ethernet wired to a socket behind the TV could provide the data and the power and it wouldn't occupy my WiFi bandwidth.

Really, really good programming would be the game changer. I haven't noticed that happening.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 63

It has certain advantages compared to the clapper, like you can give aliases to groups of things, like 'fucking lights' as well as 'all the lights'. So when you need emphasis, it still listens.

Alexa is just a voice interface, you still have the insteon app. Also insteon lets you have a switch act as a master to other switches, so when they put in way too many light switch circuits, you can have all the independent switches in each room turn on and off all the lights in that room. So whatever the drunk builder/electrician though made sense when building the house, you can fix without pulling wires through walls.

A side benefit Alexa adds to the Insteon features, is that it can talk to different bands of device, so you can buy Wemo gadgets or Philips Hue lights or other things and it will be able to control them all, but on your phone you need a different app for each brand. I expect someone has developed an all in one app, but I haven't seen it.


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