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Comment Re:That's Right (Score 1) 43

I hope you're not advocating censorship also.. When mass media becomes the emperor's lapdog we have a problem that needs a solution. If social media, even with all its blemishes, has to fill in, all the better. Now we just need a way to make the connection more robust, so that nobody can block anything.

I was not advocating anything. I was making an observation.

Comment Re:Mall shooting in Germany (Score 1) 135

> Suicides shouldn't be counted because banning guns would in no way diminish somebody's desire to kill themselves.
Guns make is vastly more likely they will succeed.

>Children accessing guns in the home would be an accident.
No, that would be criminal negligence, which seems to be all too common.

>All the other bad things that happen indicates that you can't actually think of anything else.

So your sentence is effectively,
No. The first two things were sufficient to make my point.

Comment That's Right (Score 4, Interesting) 43

>The local government feared that if news outlets were to report using signals coming from social media, there was a chance that fake, non-credible, and rumors would slip through the filter.

That's exactly what happens in the West. Vast piles of BS gets propagated as news on social media, leading to large percentages of the population believing untrue things to be true, more than they already do.

Comment Re:Mall shooting in Germany (Score 3, Insightful) 135

The relevant figure to compare would seem to be intentional unjustified gun-related homicides. Can you find that? Or does that not support your worldview?

Way to ignore suicides, accidents, children accessing guns in the home and all the other bad things that happen that wouldn't happen in people didn't have guns laying around. I'm sure your motives are pure.

Comment Re:Almost never (Score 1) 233

Any c++ programmer with more than 1 years experience will see this immediately and slap some braces around it. Thanks to modern IDEs and standard indentation (which the IDE will auto-correct) it's extremely unlikely anyone will make this mistake, or it will go unseen for very long.

I'd group this sort of 'error prevention' in the same category as putting the constant first in every if statement e.g.

if (1 == YouShouldHaveDoneThisTheOtherWay)


The people who make the mistakes that this shit prevents have no place working on code.

You assume braces. BEGIN/END is less visually distinguished.
You assume only one person will touch the code.

Code for what might happen, not what your ego tells you you will get away with.

Comment Re:Almost never (Score 1, Informative) 233

I usually write all my C++ if statements, even if they contain just one statement, with curly brackets. I read somewhere it was better to do this, but I can't remember why.

It's a land mine. When you later add a second line to the conditionally executed section, you then need to notice the lack of braces and add them or you will not get the intended behaviour.

Comment Re:Cyanogen != CyanogenMod (Score 1) 121

The BIG difference between the Google apps package for alternative ROMs like CyanogenMod and the Google apps installed on Nexus phones by default, is that under ROMs like CyanogenMod, you can install a very _limited_ google apps selection. For example, you can have basically just the google play store, and that's it. No Hangouts, Gmail, Google app, Chrome, Drive, etc, etc.

I don't remember that being an issue. However I only used CM for a while to get my flakey Nexus 4 to work with a hack I had to make to get Android to ignore the out of range temp values from the flakey temp sensor. The 5 was great as it came.

After going Google from the G1 through to the N5, I've gone to the Apply side just to see what's it's like over there.

Comment Re:Nothing from Hilary herself (Score 1) 452

>I suppose Hilary's private email server has saved her from being published by Wikileaks.

This. I would not be at all surprised if the current leaks were not the work of political opponents in government. Yet they don't contain emails from her own server.

If I was in her position, I would consider state department email servers to be far from secure from her political opponents in government and having her own email server seems to have actually kept her personal emails out of their hands. She had pretty much said as much. She did the right thing, whether you like it or not.

Comment Re:String theory is just that: a theory (Score 1) 147

>Now we "know" it's a particle and a wave.

No, it's a wave. The particle thing is just about the way your brain entangles with things.

If you're impatient, jump to 23:00 and listen for a few minutes to be told the same thing by a real physicist.

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