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Comment Re:Threshold (Score 2) 405

What do you define as a "job".

Where does creative work like writing, illustrating, singing, etc go on that spectrum?

In a world where even our food is largely automated, how do you compensate people and configure a fiat currency that doesn't crash every other year b/c of market greed?

I'm not disagreeing with the second portion of your statement. Most stable work like that has gone by the wayside and only existed for a short time in the US. But by not having a social safety net for everyone, this kind of thing looks like it might ruin the US. Now is the time to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Comment Apple takes the legal position that best suits the (Score 1) 121


Because it wasn't that long ago that Apple was fending off a suit from a patent troll and was saying the opposite. That it was Apple who was selling through their app store and only they needed a licence (which they had) to do that, not the devs.

So call me a bit surprised that the original judge went along with this argument.

Comment Re:From the department of the obvious... (Score 1) 252

Yeah it can.

Sales of wireless headphones weren't that big to begin with.

See? It's that simple.

It's an expensive, class defining accessory. It's conspicuous consumption. If you want to get the people who buy these things really mad mention how easy Apple is making it for everyone to afford them. Then watch as they explain how theirs are even better than the default Apple ships. It's fun!

Comment Pay is also important (Score 2) 261

I really don't know where the submitter is coming from but neglecting pay speaks to someone who doesn't quite understand how the world works. Of course, being a recent college grad they probably have certain idealistic visions of how the world should work. Let us debase them, gently, of some of them.

In terms of salary, by not going for at least industry average, you're setting yourself up for future financial troubles.

Don't be afraid of getting paid. Never be afraid of asking for more money. Money is not the end-all, be-all of existence but it is necessary for moving through this world. Get what you need now. It is a useful base for the future when you've done your work, when you've done a few miracles. For those times when you no longer have a safety position to fall back on.

Oh, those times will come. When you least expect them. So get paid. Get paid as much as you can.

Comment Re:Needs more numbers (Score 4, Insightful) 26

Agreed. But I don't think Apple would ever let those numbers out. It might tarnish whatever reputation they have left with the indie crowd that first made the app store popular.

Besides we already know the truth of the matter. Small and independent developers are hard pressed to be able to survive on anything the store brings in. Discovery is wonky as hell, you may get kicked out for squinting at the sun wrong, or Apple may decide your app should now be part of their core functionality. In any of those cases, I wouldn't quit your day job even if you do get an app in the store.

Comment Meanwhile.... (Score 5, Insightful) 189

Hollywood is enjoying a streak of box office highs for the past several years.

In short, "piracy" isn't touching their bottom line. If anything, the ability to share these movies and the associated emotions has increased it.

Word of mouth as the best form of advertisement. Who wouldda thunk it?

Comment Re:Get ready for more glued-in/soldiered on parts (Score 2) 71

Which I think is Apple's plan.

They've been stating for years that they want to open a factory stateside. If they can eliminate 90% or more of the labor involved in manufacturing their profit margins increase to the point where it makes sense to only use domestic shipping.

It'll be interesting if they can overcome their India labor issues as well.

Comment Get ready for more glued-in/soldiered on parts (Score 2) 71

Because that's what this kind of automation means. It means less choice because everything has to be the same, standard parts for the machines to churn them out at the rate necessary to make a profit on.

That means if you're holding your breath for Apple to release something that isn't preconfigured in the future, you might as well give up now and save yourself. The same will eventually be said for other computer & cellphone manufacturers. Configuration is about to become the premium option.

Comment Re:I don't understand this... (Score 1) 456

I'm going to interpret this on the generous side, in as much as you're not attempting to insult people's feelings.

That said, we humans have a funny way of generating our identity. We look to other humans for inspiration and sometimes for more. There's nothing wrong with this, save for when your choice is revealed to be problematic for the kind of life you wish to live. Celebrities are common targets as they're easy for parents to point to, easy to find on your own, and easy to market. The same can be said of sport teams, colleges, even city/states/nations.

But on the topic of people, it's simple to form an attachment. To a certain extent, we humans are wired to create it. With the advent of modern celebrity, we know even more about these people than we ever have before. Feeling close to them, close to their actions, close to their life is devastatingly effortless. So when those people pass, the personal loss is equally real. It doesn't matter if all they've had is the impersonal contact as a fan at a convention, it hurts just as much as it was a beloved parent.

Because that's what it was. Love. So maybe it's good for all of us to step back and make sure that those closest to ourselves know how we feel. Especially today. Especially this year with everything that's going to be happening in the next, it would be a good idea to be honest about your love.

Comment Let the hate flow through you (Score 5, Insightful) 82

And throw that temper-tantrum so the world really knows just what the law in the US means. Let them see how our leaders grovel at the feet of the moneyed class for crumbs to run their campaigns with. Let them see you toadying like the good little servants you are.

Meanwhile we'll be over here, ignoring you. Going to concerts, buying merch, and finding ways to pay the artists directly without going through your precious machines that do little more than siphon off "value". The game's changed and you could have changed with it, made it a place where you could have made a profit (albeit smaller) but smarter people beat you to the punch. Now you all bleed at the altar of Apple, Amazon, and Google while we go around the corner and get what we want for nearly free.

Burn in hell you corporate, backward assholes. You could have made the world a better place but chose money over humanity once again.

Comment If I may point out (Score 5, Insightful) 415

that our issues with factual discourse have little to do with the quality of the news and everything to do with the ability to synthesize information into emotional & cognitive context.

That is to say, it doesn't matter if you tell someone who is pro-war that their country is murdering children. This hypothetical individual is effectively immune from this fact through a combination of propaganda and cognitive biases. It doesn't matter that in all other circumstances this hypothetical individual screams, "Won't someone think about the children", you will not be able to break through to them. At least not directly.

What we are seeing in the US. What we have been experiencing for about 30 years now, is a confluence of certain philosophical positions coming together. In the last couple of days I had it pointed out to me something that should have been far more obvious. There are a lot of my fellow citizens that live by the Just World Hypothesis Combine this with our friend the Prosperity Gospel, and I think you can contextualize so much of the past year.

Given this, we cannot attack the problem directly. Because the problem isn't fake news. The problem is an inability to connect one's actions to the world at large. And I feel that this disconnection is due to a massive amount of wishful thinking. The wishful thought that everything will work itself out. The wishful thought that you get what you deserve. The wishful thought that your one vote doesn't make a difference.

To get around this, we need people to understand that the world doesn't just exist in their household, their neighborhood, or just their town. That we are acting and operating on a global level these days. The world is simultaneously larger and smaller than it has been ever before. It does matter if you choose to get a fuel-efficient three or four cylinder car vs the monstrous SUV because within your lifetime people will be displaced because of that choice. How fast that happens depends on what you choose. You are a part of that chain, whether or not you want to be. And it is up to you to stay current with how you impact things. Even in the smallest, out of the way place in the middle of no-where. This choice makes a difference. And each day, going forward has to be a learn-unlearn-relearn process.

Comment Re:Cue the hipocrisy... (Score 5, Insightful) 412

That's a nice troll you have there. You've completely made up two positions and then put them in opposition to each other.

I don't know of anyone hoping for the agency's destruction. I know I don't. I understand that they have an important roll to play in national security. What I do want is the ability to examine the effectiveness of their actions. What I do want is the ability to hold them legally culpable when they screw up and target the innocent and unwary without legal justification. The line used in the blurb is akin to "They were following orders" which doesn't hold moral or legal water. And maybe that's why they can't get the best and brightest anymore. If you can't find the justification to yourself to keep doing the job, maybe it's the job that needs to change.

As for the agency itself, this is not an either-or position and I would hold the same position for the FBI and CIA. We, the people, need to be able to examine fully the actions of our government and decide for ourselves if this is what we want. Hiding the results by reproducing them in triplicate, losing two copies, burying the third in soft peat for six months before recycling it for fire-starters isn't doing that.

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