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Submission + - A lack of network neutrality helps spread Filipino fake news (

doconnor writes: Fake news attacking critics of Philippines President Duterte are spread on Facebook, not unlike what happened in the US. In the Philippines mobile data is expensive, but Facebook is free. This means people can read the headline of Facebook, but can't afford to read the article to judge if it is true. After interviewing a Duterte supporter even the CBC gets attacked online as "puppets of the oligarchs."

Comment Be entertaining (Score 1) 111

Most people, to one degree or another, have a desire to entertain others. Once automation has replaced all jobs, the human drive to entertain and be creative will be able to fully flourish. It may come to the point where the supply of entertainment will exceed demand and AI will be developed to consume, praise or even criticize what people produce. By that times people will be so used to dealing with AI, maybe they will be able to accept AI as their audience, as difficult it is to imagine now.

Comment Re:Wow I've just had a crazy Idea!! (Score 3, Insightful) 89

Carrying a external battery connected via USB is vastly superior to swapping batteries.

- Don't have to reboot to swap.
- Cheaper and easier to find
- Same battery can change any device
- Much larger sizes available.

The main advantage of a removable battery is that it is easier to replace when it is worn out.

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