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Comment Weird company... (Score 5, Insightful) 76

I work at a small company (~30 employees) total that's been around for around 35 years. We don't have anyone dedicated to HR, it's just part of the jobs duties for one of the founders. About two years ago I heard bout Zenefits and went through a sales call with them.

The sales guy sounded like he was about 21 years old, didn't know anything, and was a total Bro.

Everything in the call was like "Ohh man, you're still doing it that way, bummer! That sucks man, check this out..."

"Yeah, what we're doing is rethinking HR from the ground up, and we're like Amazon disrupting all those legacy companies out there! We're so innovative you won't believe!!" (no, actually you're just fancy insurance brokers....)

"Yeah man, I hear you, , right man??"

It was an incredible turnoff.

I do think that HR, benefits management, payroll, etc., is totally ready for disruption and a good product, but Zenefits definitely is not it.

Comment Re:Watch my arse (Score 1) 406

I'll consider that POS a "watch" when it can go months between battery charges, costs less than $50, can be used when I'm in whitewater, and has tactile buttons I can find in the dark. (In other words, when it can replace a simple Timex Ironman.)

It goes 2 full days on a charge, works in water, and has tactile buttons. So I guess it just needs a bigger battery :-)

I have an Apple Watch. I like it a lot. Is it worth the money--fuck no. I use it for exactly 3 things:

(1) Telling the time (and checking weather, etc.);
(2) "Hey Siri" integration for controlling HomeKit (outlets, thermostat, locks, lights, etc.); and
(3) Texting / receiving phone notifications.

It's awesome for those 3 things. Can't remember the last time I used an app. The exercise mode is useless as a general activity tacker or heart rate monitor (heart rate monitor is AWFUL). All the gimmick shit is...gimmick shit. As a small extension to my smartphone--awesome.

Comment Re:heck of a choice (Score 4, Insightful) 488

I'm always curious about this blame game. The "great recession" was a worldwide phenomenon. Are you suggesting that if Bush hadn't been president of the US (say, Kerry was elected instead), that the entire world would NOT have gone into recession? Or that the world would have, but the US wouldn't have? I'm just curious.

The US is a cog. An oversized and important cog no doubt, but it's just one part of the whole.

Comment Re:Will they remove the mini and mac pro next? (Score 3, Insightful) 164

One has to wonder whether the thinking in Apple corporate hq is something like "Mac Pro and Mac Mini sales are cratering--let's kill the product line to save costs."

Well no crap, you don't update the MacPro for 4 years and your most recent (last?) update for the MacMini was a downgrade when compared to the 2012 model and you wonder why people aren't buying.

I've been an Apple user and occasional booster / apologist for a long time, but this is just ludicrous.

Comment Re:Made up "facts" (Score 2) 299

No it does not []. You can use an adapter if you need to but it is not required.

I'm not sure that having to buy a $25 cable to connect a BRAND new iPhone 7 (or 6, 5, 4, etc.) to your laptop is really convincing anyone that Apple's new port decisions isn't pretty darn onerous.

We can all contrive made up situations where having the wrong ports is a theoretical problem. Has this actually happened to you in real life? If not then I'm not sure what you are complaining about.

I frequently go to academic conferences. The kind of places where people hook up laptops and put on powerpoint displays to audiences of academics. It's humorous watch PC users just plug in, while Mac users have to fiddle through a bag of dongles and figure out what one fits (HDMI? DP? MiniDP? now USB-C? etc.). Same issue will now pop up for using thumb drives. FWIW, I've never seen a USB-C device. No doubt it's the future, but ugh.

I say this as someone using a MacPro1,1 now, with an old MacBook Pro (with DVI, ethernet, usb, firewire, mic, infrared, and speaker out, thank you!), iPad, iPhone, etc. I even have an Apple Watch (which I really like). If it weren't for the excellent connectivity between devices, I would switch my desktop in a second. I'm wedded to iMessage and iCloud, unfortunately.

The new Mac desktops and laptops are crap for people who want something other than an expensive toy. Full stop.

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