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Comment Re:SuperPACs can go first (Score 1) 237

Why don't you show some courage and vote out those who take bribes?

I do every time I can. Why don't you?


There's no courage in that.

I'll tell you what there's no courage in: pretending to take a bold stance that runs counter to common sense and thousands of years of established law and human behavior, and then claiming that you're too scared to go against the grain.


And it appears, in your quest to demonize me, you continue to completely misread what I'm saying.

You've demonized yourself by saying that someone who offers a bribe is blameless. Want to offer heroin to a child as a bribe? In your world, that's fine and there should be no penalty. Or offer to give money to a doctor so someone else doesn't get life-saving treatment? Again, you're in the clear!

The fact that you're unable to see why this is wrong is mind-boggling. Maybe when someone cheats YOU out of something because they have deeper pockets than you do, maybe then you'll see why it's wrong. But until then, feel free to carry on with your delusion.


Your way means only stagnation

And your way legitimizes and promotes the very thing you claim to be against.

Think hard: why should it NOT be illegal for you to try and bribe a daycare operator to allow you to molest one or more of the children under their care?

Why should it NOT be illegal for you to try and bribe a teacher to give a failing student a passing grade?

Comment Re:Boko Haram? (Score 1) 282

the impacts of climate change were already factors in the conflicts driving a current crisis of migration into Europe, having been linked to the Arab Spring, the war in Syria and the Boko Haram terrorist insurgency

Boko Haram's name, translated, means "Western/Non-Islamic Education Is A Sin." They kill and rape in the name of that message. TFS directly links Boko Haram's insurgency to climate change.

It is a read hearing

The term you're looking for is "red herring." Red, the color, and herring, the fish. It comes from a technique used in training and testing fox hounds, to see if they can be too easily distracted.

So you're right, but only by accident, for the wrong reasons. The summary is trying to distract you from the evils of groups like Boko Haram by somehow making their willingness to slaughter villages and take hundreds of young girls into the jungle where they are then sold off as sex slaves somehow about climate change, rather than about the very reasons they plainly state that they do those exact things. People like you who try to tell those Africans that they're too dumb to know what they're saying, and that it's really the fault of climate change that they're murdering and raping their way through areas they're trying to convert to Islam ... people who trot that crap out are the worst sort of patronizing, condescending, smug racists one ever comes across. Quick! Absolve them of their ideology and actions because they're too simple, as a people, to realize that it's climate change and not the culture they're embracing that causes them to murder, torture, and rape! Whew, dodged a bullet there - wouldn't want to ever judge anybody, because every world view is equally valid, unless you're from a western democracy, in which case you're evil because climate change. Except that very dismissal judges them as too mentally inferior to resist murdering and raping, because ... climate change.

Which "smooth talk" is it that you think is somehow more persuasive in the context of climate change that makes someone who would otherwise not murder a girl's family in front of her eyes before assigning her to a rape camp ... suddenly change their world view and decide that's the right way to be? What would it take YOU to be convinced that's the way to gain political power? Or are you saying you, personally, could not be convinced to think that's OK, but those people in Africa are somehow by disposition more easily persuaded to take up that way of life, especially because Climate Change?

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 1) 314

Microsoft: "We're not going to talk about hypotheticals at this point,"

In other words, they want a chance to bid on the project but don't want to spend any time thinking about it unless it's really going to happen.

What Microsoft said was so far from "no" that it basically means "yes".

As shitbag and obvious mutant cyborg Scott Walker said, “Everybody wants to talk about hypotheticals; there is no such thing as a hypothetical.”

Comment Re:SuperPACs can go first (Score 1) 237

You are still wrong about who should bear the burden in bribery cases.

Not on this planet. Either have the courage of your convictions or stop whining. Stand up for what you believe in or admit that you're just a hypocrite.


It just does not matter one whit how many people agree with you. I know it is wrong, simply because it is.

Oh, I see- you're one of those "fact free" guys who chooses to believe what he wants, rather than facing reality. I've asked for any proof or evidence and you responded with. . . .nothing. You must really admire Scotty Nell Hughes, the Trump spokesperson who just went record saying, "There's no such thing, unfortunately, anymore as facts."

Well, you and she are wrong. There ARE facts and they DO matter. You can whine all you want, but apparently the entire world from the beginning of history disagrees with you. I'm going to side with them since you can't even pretend to defend your claim.


It is not subject to interpretation or argument. Some things really are absolute, despite any human feelings or opinion.

There you go again- you just want to live in your own little reality bubble and not be bothered by those pesky ol' facts. Fortunately everyone else realizes that offering bribes should be illegal, and that's a good thing.

Comment Re:Because it's not software (Score 2) 77

I thought Henry Ford was a visionary because of his business model -- an assembly line that could mass produce cars for everyone -- not because he necessarily innovated the automobile concept itself.

Musk's advancement mostly seems in the electric drivetrain, less so in the business model. He wants to do direct sales, but while it runs against the grain of the existing car sales business, existing regulation and low production volume make it appear less than revolutionary, especially when many products are sold directly buy their maker.

Comment Re:You should *NOT* be projecting.... (Score 1) 55

I think there are fair arguments about not distracting other drivers. But one thing nice about this vs. a HUD is that it actually projects imagery onto the surface you're supposedly to be looking at -- you want to focus on the road in front of you generally so seeing directional markings there is completely natural and doesn't require a change in visual focus or the distraction of having to look through a HUD's imagery to the road beyond.

Some potential ideas to make is less distracting for others -- don't display markings when another car is within a distance where they may easily see them, display markings such that they're oriented/displayed in a way meaningful to other drivers or communicate that they should be ignored. I drive through intersections many times a day with turn arrows and lane markings not relevant to me and I don't get confused.

I also wonder if there's some way of projecting them with a light color, pattern or polarization that's made more visible by filters laminated into the originating car's windshield, especially if it managed to do it such that other cars windshields acted as passive filters due to their polarization.

I think it's a great way to put information exactly where it belongs for driver visual focus. Distraction to other motorists *could* be a problem, but overall people are already visually attuned to ignore markings that are backwards or don't apply to them and their direction of travel. Roads have all kinds of markings already and nobody complains about excess street markings. And it may be possible to project them in a way that makes it difficult for other drivers to see them at all.

Comment Re:Thanks Trump! (Score 4, Insightful) 180

He isn't draining anything, he's filling it even fuller with Olympic swimming pools worth of sludge.

Bingo. The Trumpkins have been completely suckered, as you can see from the resumes of those in President-elect Donald Trump’s closest political circle so far:

Treasury secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin: Goldman Sachs.

Chief strategist Steve Bannon: Goldman Sachs.

Transition adviser Anthony Scaramucci: Goldman Sachs.

Commerce secretary nominee Wilbur Ross: Rothschild & Co.

Possible budget director Gary Cohn: Goldman Sachs.

Potential secretary of state Mitt Romney: Bain Capital.

And Trump is just getting started. Check out that “swamp draining!" Take that, Wall Street!

Comment Re:SuperPACs can go first (Score 1) 237

You certainly don't lay it on the kid.

Lol, so no matter what a child does, it's the parent's fault? Please, do us all a favor and never reproduce.


You and the majority are simply displaying willful blindness to real logic.

Lol, your logic: "Let people offer bribes all they want, but prosecute the people that take them." You must be in love with our new president-elect. :)

Sorry, until you have the balls to put your (bribe) money where your mouth is, your 'argument' falls flat. Even you don't really believe in the nonsense you're spewing.

Just remember, if Joe offers your kid some heroin to steal something from a store, don't be mad at that person. According to you, Joe wasn't doing anything wrong. LOL!

Oh, that's right- you don't have kids, and probably never will.

Comment You really do not know who the beds are for? (Score 2) 82

Also one or two full-size beds will be included inside the vehicle's enormous cab.- For who?

Have you really no clue about what trucking does or how it works?

Yes trucks will be self-driving in the future. But the truck driver is not just a driver, he is also a GUARD. Do you really not understand what a fantastic target fully automated trucks would be, when they would obviously be programmed to stop for any blockage in the road?

As for the gas angle, natural gas is OK but has nothing on Hydrogen, which will be the mass replacement for the gasoline engine.

Comment Re:Curing Greed. (Score 1) 397

"capitalism is the parasite atop free markets desperately clinging to some facsimile of feudalism"

lol, wut. Economic free markets are a byproduct of capitalism. Private ownership free to conduct commerce voluntarily. Capitalism is a product of freedom and the rights of property.

I think Adam Smith and Milton Friedman are smarter than you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Comment Re:The litmus test (Score 1) 99

Not really. There's only confirmation bias. It can be on the part of the reader or on the part of the journalist but it's just as bad either way. People will even take OBVIOUS satire sites and take them seriously so long as it fits their internal narrative.

"Journalists" do this too. They will ignore stories that don't fit their narrative. They will rush to judgement when it suits their narrative.

Comment Re:Why not just use Splenda? (Score 1) 313

How about artificial sweeteners (stevia isn't artificial to my knowledge, it comes from some plant in South America I think)? Saccharin, aspartame, sucralose?

I think I might have that gene too; cilantro seems to taste a little soapy, and I really have stevia. I like broccoli though, but only steamed like in Chinese food.

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