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Comment Re:If it ain't broke don't fix it. (Score 1) 119

They are learning COBAL. The problem is the language is COBOL. Programmers should learn Hexadecimal and Binary (machine level code) and then go into application layer programming from there, but that is neither cool or trendy.
AFAIK there are still no viruses on MVS & VM systems. TPF and CICS still function wonderfully there is just a huge price to get into the game with a mainframe system vs. PC/minicomputers.

Comment Re:Why is it wrong to care? (Score 1) 90

Hasn't the most militarily aggressive country done most of the Moon exploration to date?

Yes, but do you want the militarily aggressive that is for free speech and human rights or the one that is against it?

Though frankly the U.S. has toned down from the age of military drone strikes on weddings.

Also it's not like we mounted any weapons on the moon whereas the Chinese certainly would. Do you truly doubt that?

Comment Re:Scoff at me all you want (Score 1) 90

The problem here is that you can't expect much rational and intelligent discourse on Slashdot these days, so that comment calling you paranoid is no surprise at all. Remember, this site is chock-full of far right-wing nationalists and objectivist libertarians, like much of the tech industry only much more concentrated here.

Comment Not any more (Score 3, Insightful) 90

I'm quoting you: "...repressive government and the wrongful imprisonment of dissenters".

As I seem to have to continually remind people on Slashdot, Hillary is not president.

Who exactly has Trump imprisoned wrongfully? Or are you saying it is wrong to imprison people who set cars on fire and loot shops? I know many on the left bellive this to be true but I had hoped that rot had not spread to the more rational denizens of Slashdot.

It's just their sheeple, drink the Kool-Aid given to them and think the other is more evil.

While that is indeed true of many Statists, it's not really true of the other more libertarian side of that equation - which only makes sense as the larger a government gets, the more unfeeling and cruel it becomes... so you can imagine what happens in essentially a world-wide government.

Comment Each of those lags in real value (Score 1) 178

So, if a CS degree is overrated

Which it is to some extent (I say that as a CS major).

I did find it useful and still find many of the concepts useful, plus I really enjoyed the courses. But the degree to which CS majors seem worshiped seems overmuch, or at least the degree to which non-CS majors are thought not to have the same skills seems overwrought. Non-CS majors can easily learn the aspects of CS that make a CS degree useful and give you a real-world advantage in the workplace. Think on it, what aspects of a CS degree are not able to be learned outside of college?

why isn't college in general overrated?

It is vastly overrated. If I were at an age to go to college today, I would elect to spend four years focusing self-study on a primary topic along with some kind of apprenticeship approach, or perhaps deep contribution to a set of open-source projects.

You could easily add in other aspects of study for rounding and spend vastly less than you would on a "real" college. Get a dirt cheap apartment around a college of your choice and you can enjoy all the social benefits with none of the massive debt.

why isn't high school overrated?

Public high school is not overrated, because the ratings are already horrendous. It certainly is not worth much currently, it serves mainly as a way to keep most kids off the streets for a number of hours per day. Far better to either go to a private school, some kind of charter school, or be homeschooled.

What you're saying is that education is pointless,

The actual thing he was saying is that EDUCATION is valuable, but you are only getting a real education to varying degrees from each of the steps you outlined.

Comment Why is it wrong to care? (Score 2) 90

Trump, if we don't fund science, China will be #1 in RD

How is it not a problem if a repressive government gets ahead of the west in R&D? Do you like more, or less repressive government and the wrongful imprisonment of dissenters?

Trump, if we don't fund NASA, China will own the Moon!

Again, would you like a militarily aggressive force controlling the moon? That seems like a pretty valid concern for real, not just "a way to get Trump interested". In fact it's why Trump is already pretty interested in continuing NASA's work and why NASA didn't face any major budget cuts, in fact they increased planetary science spending, which is what you would hope from any rational president. We are all better off if a number of nations have operations on the moon, so we should figure out how to get more U.S. presence back on our nearest neighbor.

Comment Re:Apple = the Gap (Score 1) 51

Was thinking more like Hot Topic or Old Navy but the Gap works as well. I've not used apple hardware since high school, when as the designated AV Geek I set up an Apple II in the library and reassured the librarian that the sounds coming out of the disk drive were normal. The rest of the computer lab was using Commodore 64's. I had a TRS-80 color at home, and my dad had a CPM machine from work that we played Zork on. I won't play in Apples walled garden so any music or 'pop culture' will be a mystery to me. Slackware, RH, Solaris, Windows, OS2, MVS, VM, DOS/VSE, I've played with and supported them all without needing or wanting to take a bite of the poison apple.

Comment Opposite Thought (Score 1) 183

People who can write interesting stuff are kicked out the door because they want actual creative control over what they write.
No amount of hiring people can fix that.

How is the answer not to hire the creative interesting people that were kicked out? Since they already hate the existing system it seems like they would no go with a strike - and all of the production that matters now (Netflix, Amazon) is giving creators creative control anyway.

Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 1) 518

top kek, There's that authoritarian slant I was waiting for. Gas all those who disagree and the world will be a better place! Vote the way I want if you know whats good for you!

They are still here and still voting for things which will actually hurt them too.

So, gas them and then we can fix the problems? Or name a specific problem and propose a specific solution that people can agree on. You know, democracy in action instead of stomping on the face of those you don't like. #punchanazi works amirite

hurting now too.

lol, yes but it's still their fault because no one can agree on the problem or solution.

Lots of them don't actually have a retirement outlook.

you mean to tell met hat one reason why millennials have poorer job prospects is because a lot of retirements were lost during the recession and forced them to stay in the work force? Damn, what is your economic solution to boons and busts? I guess if we bitch some more and put a boot on their face it will solve our problems. Vote for socialism that I want or else!

. Instead of supporting social programs upon which they depend, like say social security, they've been shitting on the whole idea of socialism as if it were stupid. Well, it ain't. It's what makes a society.

Oh, I see. If only those fuckers just thought socialism was as good as I think it is the world would be a better place! Why don't those people vote the way I want. Don't they know what is good for 'em? Quite the authoritarian aren't you? Gas those who disagree amirite. I mean, there are no wrong tactics only wrong targets.

lol... just lol.

Comment Re:The view fails to account getting &*#@ed (Score 1) 518

lol, it's the internet bro, i am entitled to be a nutty shit. at least not spiteful and full of hate that demonizes a demographic. you know, that thing that we found out was bad in the last century because it tends to get out of hand when people act on that demonetization and emotion.

Then why do we have a government? Why do you like wasting money?

We could have a king then disagreement isn't an issue but if you strive for a higher ideal, like democracy, then you have to compromise. Don't like wasting money but it is easier to compromise on things we agree on (like defense) than things we don't agree on (like college education funding). It's easier to spend money than to make money. If you have solution to government spending that is a compromise I would love to hear it.

They profited from the situation

So what?

now they are telling lies about how it's not their fault.

#notall. Even if true, how does that help anyone younger fix those issues? How does getting caught up in spite and hate get you a job or retirement?

fuck those stupid fucking cucks who fellated the government right up to where we are today.

LOL, yes, they are cucks for profiting from the times they were in as opposed to the person that hates the country and prior generations because their retirement outlook isn't as good. Holy first world problems batman. I think you need perspective in life.

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