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Comment Re:Show of hands (Score 1) 131

The biggest problem with the Terrorism threat level was that it didn't convey any useful information. It was a vague, seemingly arbitrary distraction that didn't tell you anything other than maybe how scared the government wanted you to be (really scared or super mega scared) - and even that just faded into the background. Contrast it with the U.S. Military's force protection levels, each of which had very specific and meaningful implications, and which had very high levels that weren't intended to be maintained, only used in very specific instances when the warnings dictated. Alternately, consider the Hurricane scale, which tells you roughly how destructive a storm to expect - useful information based on clear criteria, of which the Terrorism threat level had neither.

This at least seems to be something more on the lines of a post-incident category to tell you how 'bad' it was, and probably has more in common with something like the "cyber kill chain" ( ) rather than the Terrorism Color Code. Now, this doesn't mean it couldn't be used to overhype (or downplay) a hacking incident, but it at least does seem to be trying to pass along information of some sort.

Comment Re:Noooooooo (Score 1) 368

It's not renting since you're not paying for it. If anything, it's more like a really nosy homeowners' association that is constantly up in your business, keeping tabs on who's coming and going from your house, who's sending you mail, what newspapers you get, how often you're mowing the grass, etc, all the while making up arbitrary changes because it would be against the bylaws for you to paint your door eggshell white instead of eggwhite white. Oh, sure, it's YOUR computer, but if you want to use it, you have to do it by their rules...

Comment Re:They sound completely insane (Score 3, Insightful) 328

It's not so much that Christianity is losing its "edge" so much as that it's lost its political influence. Go take a look, there are lots of nutjobs in Christian churches that will talk about how Pokemon is demonic/evil/etc (or Harry Potter, or what have you). The main difference is that these people don't have a direct pipeline to getting laws passed as a result. They used to, back in the old days, but over time they've increasingly lost that power - first the formal link based on direct power, and then later the informal links based on influence.

But don't think for a minute that they don't want that power back.

Comment Re:Some rumors bla bla bla (Score 2) 231

Just the facts checker here, you cant use blanks on rifle without a blank adapter. Unless the conscript are truly clueless, that does not fly.

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

Blank adapters are in no way necessary to fire a blank. The mechanics of the rifle (firing pin, primer, etc) all have NOTHING to do with the blank adapter. What you will run into problems with is trying to fire semi-automatic with blanks, without a blank adapter, because the purpose of the blank adapter is to ensure that enough gas pressure exists to operate that mechanism.

To explain another way, the reason an M-16/AR-15/etc can fire in semi-automatic (or burst, or fully automatic) mode is because part of the expanding gases from the round being fired are pushed back through a tube, and reset the firing mechanism. Without a bullet in front of them, the gas pressure heading back wouldn't be enough to reset the firing mechanism. This is what the blank adapter is for - to delay/retard the release of the propellant gases from the muzzle enough that sufficient force goes back to reset the firing mechanism. Without it, you can easily fire, but you'll have to manually chamber the next round and re-cock the firing mechanism, etc.

A better argument is that soldiers would know they're loading blanks, and would likely ask why they're not using blank adapters - but then again, maybe the fact that they're conscripts is why? Their NCOs still ought to know better, even in that case.

Comment Re:.torrent!=pirated (Score 5, Insightful) 62

Torrents are a protocol relating to efficient and distributed file transfer, that in no way is inherently piratical or illegal. There are legitimate uses for the protocol, even if piracy of music and entertainment is a fairly common use, too. Even if these groups got what they wanted, and people weren't allowed to search for "torrent", guess about how long before a new term would come into common use meaning the exact same thing? Hint: not long.

Comment Re:My first first? (Score 4, Interesting) 253

It does seem like we're missing part of the story here. The hardware isn't the core difference between Apple and the various Android phones, most of them are as capable as any other if you picked up a reasonably recent model. If anything, there are Android phones sporting more memory or faster processors.

The real difference is in the software. It's in the operating system, as well as how it handles applications, and which applications are available for the device. It's also potentially in the enterprise management of such devices, but I don't see that mentioned here either. All of those are software differences primarily.

Comment Re:John Deere is evil. (Score 1) 639

No, property taxes are not rent. This isn't about payments made, it's about what right I have to do with my stuff.

If I rent an apartment, I know that I don't 'own' it, and don't expect to be able to renovate the kitchen or tear down a wall on a whim. Conversely, I expect my landlord to pay for fixing things that break, not to have to take care of it myself.
If anything, what John Deere is doing is like trying to impose a mandatory HoA agreement, and insisting that if I buy one of their houses, I can only make modifications and repairs according to what their HoA says is okay - except in this case, I don't even have the option of trying to organize my fellow homeowners to make changes in what the HoA allows. Even if I live in an area with no property taxes, I'm still constrained by the HoA which insists I can't paint my door eggshell white, I have to use alabaster white instead (and buy it from their preferred John Deere store).

Comment Re:Should be worried about gunfire (Score 4, Insightful) 96

I'm not sure why you seem to think that a volatile high stress situation like this, with lots of firearms thrown into the mix, somehow isn't a situation where someone is likely to get shot, one way or another. The GP even noted that it could occur on either side. I'd hate to be a cop in that mix, or a protester, nevermind some poor jerk just trying to go to my regular job.

I'm just glad I'm not anywhere near there, but it sure must suck to be those people.

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