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Comment Re:There might be light but it is not the big pict (Score 1) 142

> . One has more trouble eating a pound of butter than a pound of sugar

While you have a point, your question might be somewhat misleading. A pound of sugar has roughly 1300 calories. a pound of fat roughly 1800. And you might be surprised by the amount of fat in many popular foods.

Comment Re:There might be light but it is not the big pict (Score 1) 142

There are many single, and poor, parents who are quite stressed for time. A 7-11 sandwich, a bottle of soda, and a bag of chips is just the sort of meal that many parents can afford the _time_ for when they're on the run to work, day care, and ordinary medical or educational meetings for their family.

Comment Re:Do we need more evidence... (Score 1) 176

You just accept them because you are affiliated with the same party.


See, that's exactly the short of fucked-up false-dichotomy thinking I was complaining about in the first place! I'm a LIBERTARIAN , not a Democrat.

The Clintons, both of them, are every bit as horrible as Trump.

That's the thing, THEY'RE REALLY NOT. The Clinton's are horrible in a "normal" corrupt-big-government sort of way, but they PALE IN COMPARSION to the damage to civil liberties and democracy itself that Trump is doing! The Clintons never (a) kicked the media out of white house briefings, (b) stuffed their administration full of LITERAL WHITE SUPREMACISTS, attempted to normalize lying to the public in a strategy straight out of 1984 or Mein Kampf, or done any of a hundred other ACTUALLY, LITERALLY, AND WITHOUT EXAGGERATION FASCIST things!

Comment Re:Nice trollmod, troll (Score 1) 39

Actually no. I went out and engaged in another activity other than sitting in front of my PC all day.

I didn't actually imply that I hurt your feelings. But clearly I insulted someone.

The rules changed last August for everyone, not just commercial guys.

Yeah, that's when the AMA published this information. Last August.

Comment Nice trollmod, troll (Score 1) 39

Aww, did I hurt someone's poor wittwe feewings? Probably a pilot, huh? As an AMA member in good standing who actually reads his copies of Model Aviation I know that one doesn't know what one is talking about when one claims that you have to ask permission to fly within five miles of an airport. The AMA requires members to notify an airport if they wish to operate a model above 400' AGL when within 3 miles of an airport. The law requires all UAS pilots (registered or not) to notify an airport when operating within five miles. The AMA also informed me that "most" airport addresses and contact information are available at Skyvector.com but that if you can't make contact, or if you want to establish a permanent flying location, you should contact the AMA for assistance.

If you think you may not operate a drone within five miles of an airport without permission, you are badly, sadly mistaken.

Comment Re:Airspace. (Score 0) 39

As a hobbyist, you're required to get permission (good luck with that) to fly within 5 miles of any airport (including heliports and grass strips),

No. As a hobbyist, you are required to notify the airfield. You don't have to ask permission. You can send them a letter saying you're going to be flying out of a particular area frequently, too, so you don't have to notify them every time. Some airports have actually set up webpages so that you can notify them with a web form, e.g. Watsonville. I guess if you can get certification, I ought to get off my ass and get it as well.

Comment Re:those who ignore IRC (Score 2) 59

Do one thing, and do it well.

If that one thing is "communicate," well, then that "one thing" may encompass sharing screens, sharing code, sharing text, sharing audio, sharing video, etc. etc. etc. or at the very least, calling some under-the-hood program to do those things for you while the user perceives it as "one seamless thing."

If that "one thing" is "texting" then that "one thing" may include getting typed input from the user, determining who the recipient is, determining how to send it to the recipient, sending it, receiving data from someone else, displaying it on the screen, or at the very least, calling some under-the-hood program to do those things for you while the user perceives it as "one seamless thing."

Now, you and those you communicate with may communicate more efficiently using a "text only" medium most of the time, but not every team does. Some teams actually communicate better using a seamlessly-integrated multi-media communications tool that has audio, video, screen-sharing, file-sharing, etc. If that tool happens to use IRC protocols, VNC protocols, gitlib, pastebin, etc., under the hood or if it is using some other technology, the people who are participating in the conversation don't care nor should they have to.

Comment Re:There might be light but it is not the big pict (Score 1) 142

Remind me again, how exactly did you come to exist on this earth? Oh yeah, that's right, those darned breeders.

Yeah, and look at how badly the world needs me! Why, if they and others like them hadn't brought billions of people onto this planet (just since I was born) the world would have positively ended by now!

Granted, I wouldn't be here, but I would never have been here so consequently I wouldn't miss it. There wouldn't be an I to be upset about it. Unless you subscribe to some belief about magical sky spirits who come down and inhabit all good christian babies at the time of conception (or similar) then it's irrational to argue about policies on the basis that they would have prevented your birth unless you're really something special. Are you really something special?

Comment Re:One hour of basketball dunking per day. (Score 1) 132

Perhaps we should mandate an hour of studying the Constitution every day, for an enslaved society is still enslaved, no matter how skilled they are.

If they did that, they would just tell you what to think about it just like they did when they taught you about it the first time. You know, the constitution was all sunshine and kittens there for our benefit. Remember that? More of that won't help.

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