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Comment The law of small numbers (Score 1) 159

If you held a lottery where the odds of winning were 1 in a billion billion billion, but someone won, would you call the shenanigans?

Living to 143 or even 153 would be an extreme outlier, but to imply it is an actual impossibility by calling it a "statistical impossibility" isn't helpful.

Now, it may actually be the case that there is an upper limit on the human lifespan (personally, I think there is, but we don't have the science to prove it yet), and it may be the case that this upper limit is under 143 years (personally, I doubt this is the case). If we eventually prove that man cannot live more than 142 years, then - and only then - can we say that this claim is actually impossible on its face. Until then, we can - and should - say that it is extremely improbably and the claimant has a very high burden of proof.

Comment Re:Huh (Score 1) 286

That depends on the game. How many hours did it take you to find out that Spore is far from what it was announced to be? The first couple hours are ... well, not too interesting, but that's to be expected from a stage that's basically amoeba level.

How long did it take you to notice that it's not going to get better?

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