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Comment Re:Well, that was surprisingly boring. (Score 2) 62

Prefixing the subroutine with it's name does not address the issue that the variables are global and therefore useless in making them any more useful for recursion (i.e. they're still useless). The [subroutine-name]_init variable is also useless for recursion. The only way you can do what the OP is suggesting (i.e. recursion when all variables are global) is to implement your own stack for every subroutine that needs to recursively call itself.

Comment My predications (so far) (Score 1) 239

Quatrain I
"An enormous and mighty ring is watched by the one who watches. Motes whirl at tremendous speeds, colliding and generating unimaginable amounts of energy. The eye that watches searches relentlessly for forbidden knowledge and becomes consumed by its fascination with the ring. Days, weeks and months pass and the motes continue hurling themselves towards each other in a battle that culminates in destruction."

Quatrain V
"The fourth Antichrist engages in war upon Little Beach and the beach is swamped by the incoming tide. The influence and control that Little Beach has held is lost as another takes his place."

Quatrain III
"The doors opened and the windows closed. A great wind blows against the windows causing them to buckle and bend; the pressure slowly builds and erodes away at the very foundations that support the windows."

Comment Re:Why would our universe be special? (Score 1) 194

We could start with the idea that Earth and humans aren't all that special first

I did not state or imply that either the Earth or humans are special.

... before moving on to this universe maybe not being the center of the multiverse.

What multiverse? If you read what I wrote, I said: "Who is to say that "our" universe it not the only universe?" and then asked that if there was only one universe (ours) then there is nothing to compare it against and, therefore, there is nothing to compare our universe with to classify our universe as special or not special.

If you are stating that a mutiverse is an established scientific theory or law then I must have missed the paper. As far as I know the multiverse hypothesis isn't even testable and therefore not science; it's more akin to blind faith or religion.

Comment Re:I'm your Chiquita banana, and I'm here to say.. (Score 1) 199

that there are lots of different type of bananas being eaten every day...we only get one type here in america....but if you go to the tropics you will see lots of different types of bananas, so I am sure there will be a replacement.

Most of the bananas in the tropics (i.e. Musa spp.) are full of seeds. The "edible" varieties of banana do not contain developed seeds, and this lack of developed seeds is what consumers want. That's why all the varieties of "edible banana" are cloned. I have eaten (well, tried to eat) species of banana that are full of seeds and they're not exactly palatable.

Comment Re:Questions... (Score 4, Insightful) 137

Is that a roundabout way of saying that some complete and utter moron has been feeding the antibiotic of last resort to pigs in order to boost his profit margins and the resulting resistant bacteria are now spreading to humans? I could be wrong about that of course since I am not a bacteriologist, so for what other reason would polymyxins resistance be widespread in Chinese pigs and now spreading to humans?

Essentially, yes.

China is one of the world's largest users and producers of colistin for agriculture and veterinary use.

(Source: TFA)

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