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Comment Chrome is terrible (Score 1) 144

If you install a completely not blocked at all malware add on to Chrome as an extension, it will not only remain unblocked because Google doesn't give a shit but it will also automatically propogate itself or at least its settings to all your other devices that run Chrome. Isn't that convenient!

Comment What I really want (Score 1) 173

What I'm waiting for is a dual core that absolutely crushes even an overclocked Pentium anniversary edition. I got mine to 4GHz off of 3.2GHz and its single thread rating beats the $1000+ i7 extreme edition from the 2011 v3 socket. Considering tabs in firefox, probably the javascript engine, most programs, and most windows tasks are single threaded, a really "snappy" and responsive PC for just facebook and web surfing would benefit greatly from a chip like that. Like a 3000+ passmark rated single thread rating on an under 75 watt dual would be veeeery impressive and very useful. As for a $169 processor for a basic use PC, no thanks. Unfortunately $400-500 PCs is about 75% of our custom orders at my shop so they're missing a huge portion of the market.

Comment idiot (Score 1) 641

Why did they buy it then? Why did they get so drunk they couldn't tell which pedal is which? Why not brake? Oh and you think a 99 Chevy Cavalier or something has the brakes and tires and suspension to swerve around a car without skidding off the road? NOPE. It's actually safer to have a fast car if the driver isn't a drunk asshole.

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