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Comment dark matter, huh? (Score -1) 96

So they thought there were 70 galaxies in a given location and there were actually 1300 galaxies but they're very confident they counted the total amount of visible, normal matter in the entire universe, some of which is not actually observable. Yes, I am SO SURE that dark matter isn't a calculation mistake.

Comment also add this (Score 0) 95

How about they recall every single off-brand garbage battery ever made in China? I've had replacement laptop batteries fail after a week. I've heard quite a few light on fire or melt too. The same goes for the garbage quality set of 2 batteries I got from 2 different vendors for my digital camera. Basically every non-OEM battery ever is a sketchy, dangerous, fire hazard piece of crap and the vendors are lying about their reliability.

Comment so much wrong with this (Score 1) 157

First of all, they're stating that it drew more power when overclocked. Yes, that's how overclocking works. Second, since when do graphics cards draw anything other than fan power from the PCI-E slot when they have external power hooked up? I've been told by many people that it draws nothing from the motherboard in that case. You can't even run a GPU on 2 separate power circuits from a PSU safely anyway.

Comment we're pissed (Score 4, Interesting) 165

If you're wondering how OG bitcoin enthusiasts that have been with bitcoins from late 2009 feel about it (aka me) we're PISSED! Every last person thinks China can go straight to hell. People threw parties when one of the major bitcoin mining facilities in China burned to the ground. I hope they all burn down in fact. Fuck those greedy, lying, ASIC-hoarding, patent-stealing, rip-off artist assholes and their control of the bitcoin network and manipulation of its price on a daily basis.

Comment They cut it off (Score 1) 245

"An Intel spokesperson told the publication: While the Intel Management Engine is proprietary and Intel does not share the source code, it is very secure. Intel has a defined set of policies and procedures, managed by a dedicated team, to actively monitor and respond to vulnerabilities identified in released products. In the case of the Intel Management Engine, there are mechanisms in place to address vulnerabilities should the need arise. But WE'RE using it as a back door. I mean come on."

Comment I don't get it (Score 1) 116

I sort of looked into Etherium, and I'm an expert on bitcoins, and their website's marketing fluff bullshit sounded an awful lot like it's bitcoin but run by 1 giant central company and they're downplaying that fact and outright lying about it. Does that accurately sum it up or am I missing something?

Comment bye Intel, hello AMD (Score 1) 368

When I looked up what ME was when it was invented it basically said it can do stuff while your computer is off. I thought "well that's exploitable and besides that, very suspicious." Now fast forward and people finally caught on. If this hits the news media that a computer can be permanently hackable and even while in sleep mode, every last consumer is rushing out to get AMD-based systems. Corporations will too! They don't want their data secretly stolen past their OS's anti-malware suites. Intel might as well have mailed a check for 5 billion dollars over to AMD and after the BS in their pricing lately and monopoly abuse and dishonest product naming, they deserve it.

Comment It's the Omega molecule (Score 1) 559

Okay it's not really the Omega molecule from Star Trek Voyager but it's possible that interstellar travel via spacial warping has like a 99% chance of destroying the planet or pushing it out or orbit or something. That or the energy required is so dangerous, it could blow up a planet, which current math suggests is very plausible. So eventually all aliens blow themselves up via common technologies based on similar physics of how the universe works in all cases.

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