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Comment Re:recap (Score 1) 45

I don't think Anonymous went about things the right way but they appear to be right about the problem with BCH. A BCH psychiatrist (usually the bottom of the med school barrel) invoked invasive legal provisions to kidnap a child with a medical condition diagnosed and treated by internal medicine doctors at another Boston hospital. The kid became a multiple cash stream and an injured experimental subject of BCH, as well as hostage. Both Mass and Conn became complicit in the kidnap.

After a year, BCH essentially proved the other drs right by almost killing the kid. The parents and kid were damaged far more than $300,000. The kid's health then had to be restored as best as possible by the parents' previous drs... By a jury, the actual damages would be over a million.

The real issues here involve the state "antiabuse" powers against competent and caring parents, corporate greed and persistent misbehavior (BCH), involuntary experimental subjects, medical corruption, and gunpoint medicine. BCH got off lightly, the favored historical response to kidnapping and torture is death.

How dare you bring reason and context to an 'Anonymous-bashing' party!

I agree, Anonymous should have come up with a better response, but from my assessment of the facts available, BCH knowingly acted criminally and negligently in the Pelletier case and likely in a number of others as well, and both MA and CT governments criminally colluded with BCH in abusing the child and wrongly abridging the parent's rights.

Go read up on the Justine Pelletier case. It's any parents' worst nightmare. Authority out of control.

When the powers that are supposed to protect innocent life turn to harming it, don't be surprised when groups of individuals come together to protect that life.


Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 476

Or do you seriously think an Apple Intel CPU is more reliable than a Dell Intel CPU?

Never heard of Xeon? At least half of a high-end chip's reliability comes from the post-manufacture test procedure and binning standard.

At Apple's scale, they can negotiate any production standard with Intel that they wish to have. This isn't even uncommon, as companies like Google and Facebook are already negotiating custom Xeons for the datacenter, which certainly involves tweaking some internal chip firmware (e.g. changing cache allocation policies or thermal envelopes), all the way up to possibly adding specialized instructions and/or execution units.

Finally, far more problems arise from the mainboard and assembly quality than the underlying chip quality, but at the end of the day it all adds up.

Welcome to Supply Chain 501. It's not your father's Supply Chain 101.

That said, Apple (the company) is a cult-like Black Box of the highest order. When it serves their agenda, they make good products. When their agenda shifts with the winds of fashion—so long, sweet Mini—caveat emptor.

The New Mac mini is Quickly Turning into a Disaster
Mac Mini 2014 Review: A Terrible Shame

Once upon a time, a very nice product, too bad about the "greatness" removal tool presiding from the glass office.

Comment Re:Freedom Not Allowed ! (Score 2) 141

Why don't you get your condo association to ban short term rentals? Or, get them to assess fines on the condo owner if there are neighbor complaints about noise when there's a short term renter occupying the space? Why does the government have to get involved when you have a governing body that is much closer to the problem and challenges of your building rather than a "one size fits all" solution.

Simple, because that doesn't blanket-suppress AirBnB type competition to the established players in the whole city/county/State. If AirBnB/Uber type businesses joined forces maybe they could swing more money and lobbyists than the established players in places like NYC/NYS, and then you can bet there would start being laws passed restricting hotels/motels and costing them money and business and opening the market to AirBnB type businesses.

It's all about the Benjamins to politicians and regulators, doubly-so in NY. They could not care less about your safety, comfort, or well-being unless it benefits them in some way.

The only reason AirBnB (and Uber/Lyft, etc) type businesses are growing is that government and the established players are forcing prices high enough above what the market would otherwise set that more and more people see the risks as worth it. If hotel/motel and other similar temporary accommodation businesses dropped prices and offered better quality/value, most AirBnB type activity would die on the vine. Same with Uber/Lyft vs cab companies.


Comment Re:"Times Less" Makes No Sense (Score 1) 476

No, the reason they say "3 times less than X" rather than "1/3 less than X" is because the former sounds like a bigger difference than the latter. With the former we subconsciously think 3 times X. It is similar to why you sell almost the same number at $0.99 as at $0.98, but see a marked drop off at $1.00.

Comment I would believe it. (Score 3, Insightful) 194

I'm quite left of center and the hate for Hillary among my group is probably as bad as the Trump fan hate for Hillary, and people have been complaining about posts disappearing.

Editing content makes you responsible for the content itself, as you are exerting control over it.

I believe practices like this are ridiculously dumb.

Especially since I consider "hate speech" a great idiot filter. It allows me to keep my friends list trimmed. Just like a Confederate flag is, or Trump signs in the yard. But that's my own choosing. I don't want Facebook choosing for me.

Yeah, I know, if it's free you are the product. The problem is that the telnet chat that everyone used has been abandoned (even though it's still up after all these years).


Comment MASSIVE Loophole always existed (Score 1) 227

In the USA they can hire or fire for ANY reason. They just can't state all the reasons because some are illegal.

If you did try to plug this hole it would fix the fact they can quietly do whatever they want... then you have the workforce you could point to like they do with racial and gender discrimination and attempt to counter them circumventing the law which makes it more difficult for HR to get past those laws. Naturally, the lawyer politicians leave most of the enforcement up to civil courts to add to our sue crazy society.

Just how are we going to say an employer discriminates based on DNA?? Even in the existing mess we have today, you have to sue and collect gender or race statistics of all employees as part of discovery and that information is public. How does a legal case discover the private DNA info of all the employees? Does the employer then have to collect DNA just so they can fend off future lawsuits??

The only solution is a complete revamp of the HR process which requires OUTSOURCING of this huge aspect of HR. Some nations involve the government heavily in the process and it works pretty well and solves many issues while introducing some others. This would likely go beyond what those governments already do today. Many issues involved in that one... sure you could go to NGOs but those lack even a fraction of public input that government has -- even when it's moderately corrupt it's better than most NGOs. Then you have competing HR services which add more problems than they likely solve. At least in the mess we have today it's less dangerous... for now... remember, the USA just recently solved the HUUUGE problem with preexisting conditions in health insurance (and not without creating new issues.)

Comment true (Score 1) 476

MY 2012 MBP still works perfectly and with the recent SSD drive install will go another 2 years just fine. I bought it brand new when work bought me a piece of garbage $900 consumer laptop. and then 2 years later bought me a $800 crap laptop to replace the previous one that the screen failed on, and then finally a $650 piece of crap lenovo that prompty had all kinds of issues and the hinge cracked on in 30 days.... all the time the macbook was used the same amount every day, even dropped a few times.

the macbook pro cost $2000 and outlasted 3 Garbage windows laptops from Dell, Toshiba and then Lenovo. My current job is not ran by retards and bought me a $3000 dell precision 7510 it's built well and has decent parts in it like my macbook (no marvell garbage) it has been FLAWLESS for far longer than any windows laptop I have had previous except for when I used to use Panasonic Toughbooks.

It's not the OS, its the hardware being build decently. It's why I utterly ignore the idiots that claim that macbooks are overpriced and they can get a $600 laptop that will do the same thing. No you cant.

Moral of the story.... pay for the hardware up front, or pay for it over and over again. That last lenovo went through 5 keyboards as letters keys would stop working and have to be struck hard. not a problem for those that dont use them for work... but whne you are programming at $125 an hour havignthe fucking O key stop working will make life hell.

Now my current laptop actually runs a hypervisor as the OS and then runs a windows VM... if I have a problem I simply reboot and launch a working VM image. downtime is less than 60 seconds. Oh and we only use windows 7, windows 10 is completely banned corperate wide until further notice.

Comment Re:UK Cell Phone with No Caps? (Score 1) 235

What? Dozens of Wifi points in the middle of a residential and commerce centre in the middle of London? And the 4G? And nobody else notices and the next-door-neighbours go about their evening with no Wifi without saying a word?

Don't think so, somehow.

You know that point, where the bollocks you made up drifts from "plausible but stupid" into "yeah, right, sure"?

Comment Re: Phone (Score 2) 235

The public is ignorant of the content of your emails. If you feel so strongly that the public should know everything, why don't you go ahead and post your username and password here so everyone can take a look. You don't want the public to be ignorant, after all.

I'm not someone seeking to become the leader of one of the most powerful nations on Earth and who is also heavily embroiled in corruption investigations. If I were the one running for POTUS I would offer up my email archives, particularly when there has been so much government/political corruption revealed.

Would you be equally outraged if it were Trump's emails revealed instead of Clinton's?


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