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Comment Re: Underpaid? Vote with your feet (Score 1) 264

I agree. If they open borders for everyone then there is no issue. The problem is that H-!B is only available for certain industries. No corporate executive would think of H-1Bing other corporate executives, therefore it is an artificial adjustment to the market.

Comment Re:So backwards... (Score 1) 143

If there was no profit, companies wouldn't feel a need to push this out before human capability and technology is ready. They would be willing to put money into making test sites where they can be tested safely. They would be embracing a set of government regulations that make this work between all vendors. As it turns out, Uber is just doing this so they don't have to pay drivers $3/hour.

Comment Re:So backwards... (Score 1) 143

Well we can rule out medications because I was talking about using them as documented, which would be the prescription in the case of medications. So yeah, if you take a whole bottle you will die, I"m not sure how this furthers your point. I'd need you to cite evidence on number of chainsaws that injure people despite being used by the directions and being maintained as per the directions.

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