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Comment Re:Rule of thumb (Score 1) 288

I have been a member of the unorganized militia, being male in reasonable health most of the time, and am no longer in it since I'm over 45. I'm not that fond of guns, and never got training with one. I've never had any sort of military training. Any militia with people like me in it is not going to be "well-regulated". I do want to have all my Constitutional rights, even the ones I don't care about in practice (nobody has ever tried to quarter troops on the homes of anyone I know, for example).

People forget that personal rights come with personal responsibilities, one of which being called to serve in the unorganized militia (if one fits stated criteria to serve, age, etc) and fight in combat if required to do so. It is compulsory. Refusal during wartime (only scenario where the UOM would be activated and this would apply in) could result in immediate execution or imprisonment.

Nobody requires you to own a firearm. However, you may still be called to serve. If nobody has a spare firearm and ammo to lend you, you may find yourself charging a defended position as the 'meatshield'.

Choose wisely.


Comment Re:Can we use a VM for all programs? (Score 1) 46

It sure would be nice if our OS ran every single program and app in its own private VM, with individually tailored permissions.

You could do this on linux if you wanted. Using a tool like firejail, you can run all your software in lightweight sandboxes (linux namespaces). It comes with custom profiles for 100+ desktop/server applications and it's easy to write more. I wouldn't recommend converting all of /usr/bin to run under firejail as this would certainly cause issues but, I run all my desktop applications with it and it's worked well.

I believe FreeBSD/PC-BSD have a robust jail system as well. FreeBSD also has 'bhyve' and 'iohyve' which together can now support recent Windows versions that require UEFI support emulation.

Howto here:

Haven't attempted it myself so I have no personal experiences or information on Windows versions and compatibility other than the blog article linked above, but it looks fascinating.


Comment Re:Just rename windows 8 ... (Score 1) 133

They all run on the exact same kernel and have the same WinRT runtime. The only difference is ARM vs x86 compiler. They're as similar as Ubuntu for ARM and ubuntu for x86.

Xbox is a bit of a unique case in that it run's AAA titles in a stripped down VM and apps in another VM. But the Apps VM is effectively Windows 10 Desktop but with a different explorer.exe

Windows 10 Mobile isn't running something like WinRT Mobile, like Windows Mobile 6 ran .NET Mobile it's a full WinRT.NET implementation with the full API surface as the Desktop version. The only real difference between Mobile and Desktop is it lacks Win32 and has a different explorer.exe as well. In fact in a few beta builds the mouse cursor would inadvertantly pop up. And if you turn up the DPI sufficiently apps will think they're running on desktop and switch over to the Desktop UI.

Comment Re:Private industry doing it better than governmen (Score 2) 93

The good thing about private industry is that there are laws penalizing them for this kind of behavior,

Hogwash. Target settled with a $10 million payout: $10K per affected person. $10 million is less than the compensation package for Brian Cornell, CEO of Target, in 2015. That "penalty" barely ranks as an itch on the Target balance sheet.

Home Depot settled for $19.5 million. A bit better but nothing to write home about.

Penalties are supposed to hurt. They are supposed to be designed to either force or encourage better behavior. The above two examples do not fall into the category and from the look of things, nor do other penalties for data breaches.

Comment Re: An excellent paper on that subject (Score 1) 164

Oh sure, it's not a sexy solution at all. I'd like to see a future with a Tesla in every garage and fusion plants dotting the landscape. And I do think we'll get there someday. But this approach does have the merit of being available today. It uses the petroleum infrastructure we already have in place, so no spin-up costs there. And it's 100% carbon neutral, which will become increasingly important in the next few decades.

Millions of years of evolution has already given us a pretty darn efficient solar energy battery in algae. Even in a future with wind farms everywhere or fusion or whatever, hydrocarbons are a hard to beat storage meduim in terms of energy density. A carbon neutral hydrocarbon solution would still have a place.

Comment An excellent paper on that subject (Score 3, Insightful) 164

I take this article to be good news. Renewable energy is finally contributing to the grid well enough to where emissions will drop below the carbon emitted from transportation. This is excellent progress and excellent news.

Now, here's how you fix the transportation part. A wonderful article you can only find on the Wayback Machine, from 2004. UNH Biodiesel Group, Widescale Biodiesel Production from Algae, Michael Briggs, University of New Hampshire, Physics Department.

It's my favorite paper on the topic and I'll take any opportunity to post it.

TL;DR - if we really wanted to, we (meaning the USA) could utilize biodiesel entirely for our current transportation needs. It would be 100% renewable, carbon neutral, and all the money spent would stay inside our own borders. And any other country could easily do the same. There is absolutely NO need to haul oil out of the ground anymore.

Check the math in the paper. We really could do this.

Comment an infection is as an infection does (Score 1) 133

Despite the brass ring TOS of whatever version you were previously running, an infection is as an infection does.

Also, read your antibiotic prescription carefully.
* may include systemd[**]

[**] First we keep Berlin, then we take Warsaw, someday soon we annex Prague, and eventually perhaps we'll incite the Arabs to cut Manhattan down to size.

All hail PC-BSD: the systemd-free libertarian antibiotic of last resort.

Comment Re: Comment (Score 1) 249

Depends on whether they use the age reversing tech, see young Arnie in Terminator: Gensys or the young Bridges in Tron:Legacy.

These are some strange times we live in man, we got Elvis on tour with the TCB band via video, you have holograms bringing Ronnie James Dio and Tupac back from the grave, and you can have a 70 year old and his 28 year old self in the same scene interacting. Hell give it a couple more years and I really wouldn't be surprised if they put out a new movie with Marilyn Monroe or James Dean as that seems to be the direction we are headed.

Comment Re:Microsoft Update Catalog is my new hero (Score 1) 212

So you are literally arguing that command prompts are magic? Or are you arguing that you cannot read?

Because you don't HAVE to use the GUI if you do not want to, you can just run the scripts straight from the folder and simply throw away the GUI if you want as all it is doing is simply editing a script called "update" that is in the parent folder right next to the GUI. Throw away the GUI and run the script, which again you can just open in any editor and guess what? It does exactly what the GUI does, installs the updates with the conditional flags you chose. The options you choose? Again all just basic scripts with easy to read descriptors like "install DotNET" "InstallOfficeUpdates" and "MakeLogFile" and anyone who can read even the most basic script can read these quite easily as they are all laid out in classic "if this then that" script language with no attempts at any obfuscation.

So I'm sorry but now you are either just trying to sling FUD or you honestly do not understand how virii work and think computers are magical black boxes that some boogeyman can wave a wand and create a bug. Scripting is something anyone with any kind of IT knowledge or support background is not gonna have any trouble reading, the websites being called to download the updates are the Windows Update site owned by MSFT so unless MSFT gets their own update servers pwned there is no issue there, and once you have downloaded the updates no network or third party programs or even the GUI itself is required as it is simply manually installing Windows Updates from a command line.

Comment Re:How many of those... (Score 3, Insightful) 133

Does this count the huge numbers that took the free upgrade, found they didn't like it (or just wanted to lock in the upgrade) and then went back? Does this count units sold to stores but not through to end users?

This is why I don't buy the numbers put out by companies, there is just too many ways they can manipulate the data to make it look bigger than the actual figures indicate.

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