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Comment Re:Most of this comes from certain Net block regio (Score 1) 140

...without it being verified first.

Verified? By whom? By whose standards? Who determines the definitions used? Do citizens get to vote for these people? How far can they go, what are their powers? What kind of checks against political/ideological-weaponization will there be?

You allow anyone the power to control what you see/read/hear, you allow them the power to make you their slave. It's always the edge-cases, the socially-repugnant extremes that authoritarians use to justify removing your choices and freedoms. It's happened over and over in nearly every country that fell to authoritarianism.

Will we sit in apathy and/or join the raging throngs drunk on identity politics and allow history to repeat itself yet again at the cost of freedom stolen from both ourselves and multiple future generations, likely accompanied by obscene numbers of human lives lost? Ultimately, only we know the answer.


Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 1) 245

Have you had a look at the state's budget deficit lately? The tax rates? Eventually the house of cards will come crashing down... Just the unfunded retirement liability for civil servants will do the state in....

Business is leaving the state in droves to escape the tax rates.... I know because many of these companies are moving to where I live, a state with low taxes and a budget surplus with money going into the "rainy day fund" the last 5 or so years.....

Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 1) 245

CA is in debt up to it's eyeballs, beyond it's ability to tax enough to stay solvent. It may be a big economic engine, but the state and local governments are running on fumes. Eventually bankruptcy will happen, and a whole bunch of folks in Cali will be left paying the price by loosing their retirements, government services and welfare programs they depend on..

I've seen the tax rates... I know why companies are leaving the state in droves, many heading to places like Texas (where I live). t may take awhile, but eventually the robbing Peter to pay Paul will have to end, and the already oppressive tax rates will have to go up, driving more folks away. The cycle is already in motion... I see the results here in Dallas.

Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 1) 245

It's not my fault! It cannot be done!

Look, I'm pretty sure that a couple of engineers could sit down and figure out how to make this work though an earthquake or two. But you do realize that liquefaction is only an issue in specific areas of San Francisco. But being able to build houses isn't the only issue here..

Have you seen the tax rates? Sales taxes are 8.5%, State Income taxes are (on 100K) another 9.3 % which is added to the federal taxes for Medicare, social security. Then, you still have to pay property taxes (1% of valuation), highway taxes (though fuel). By the time you get done, you've spent half of your paycheck and have nothing to show for it.

Other states don't have such oppressive tax rates... Both because it's cheaper to live and the tax rates are lower. For instance, Texas has an 8.25% sales tax, ZERO income tax and property taxes which are less for the same for the same home (I pay about 5K/year on my 200K house, which would be a million dollar home in SF area and cost you $10K in taxes). It's crazy!

Comment Unpopular but true (Score 1) 1

The vast majority of the public has so thoroughly bought into all the media hype, pseudo-news stories, and have too much suspension of disbelief when watching TV and movies, that they really believe that so-called 'self driving cars' can think like a human being, and I'd half expect that they think they'll be able to have full-on conversations with so-called 'AIs' when they encounter them. As stated however nothing could be farther from the truth, and the truth is we have barely even scratched the surface of how human consciousness, human cognition, and the learning process of the brain actually work, and we won't have that understanding anytime soon. What we're getting marketed to us instead, is 'machine learning', which isn't even as smart as your average dog or cat. The fact that so-called 'machine learning' can automate some tasks means very little; they won't be 'replacing' humans anytime soon, or perhaps never.

Comment And you apparently do not understand calculus (Score 2) 245

So in your misguided worldview, people who scrimp and save, research, and invest their earnings wisely should have to pay more taxes and be excluded from government assistance. While someone who earned exactly as much money but blew their income on parties, concerts, eating out, hookers, and blow should have to pay lower taxes and qualify more easily for government aid?

Net worth (wealth) is just the integral of income minus expenses (or if you prefer, income minus expenses is the first derivative of wealth). Income is the correct basis for determining taxation and qualification for government aid. How much wealth you accumulate depends not just on how much income you make, but also how much money you spend. As a result, any form of taxation based on wealth unfairly penalizes people who save their money instead of spending it unnecessarily. OTOH, taxation based on income treats everyone the same regardless of whether they spend their money wisely or foolishly.

Also, since wealth is the integral of income minus expenses, wealth is the accumulation of past income. So any attempt to tax wealth is an attempt to retroactively tax past income. Ex post facto laws are illegal under our Constitution.

If you want to tax rich people more, increase the tax rates on higher income. It's as simple as that.

Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 0) 245

Do you really need to turn this into a rant about a 'liberal wasteland...'. San Francisco is expensive because people want to live there. Period. Democratic controlled governments have nothing to do with it other than either

(Rant mode on)

Are you kidding? Have you see the tax rates and real-estate development regulations in these parts of the USA? The liberal mindset is nuts...

Don't forget Cali is about to go bankrupt, as is San Francisco. Just wait and see how "desirable" it is when it's in receivership. (Have a look at Detroit and how it died for how this goes down). It's going to get a lot worse and a lot more expensive before it gets better there. Was I the only one who saw the mass robbery on BART the last few days? Desirable? Not on your life. I'll visit and see the sights, but I'm not staying there.

(rant mode off)

Seriously.. The quality of life and affordability is not the concern of Democrats running this place. It could be a lot more affordable, but government policies prevent the market from working as it should and providing affordable housing for the people.

Comment Re:We already had this sales pitch... (Score 1) 136

You have this now with hybrid or fusion (as Apple calls them) drives. They put a small SSD in front of the traditional hard drive and it looks the same to the computer. I have one in my iMac and it's not as fast as an SSD but it's definitely faster than just a plain HDD.

When I was looking at drives for my Synology NAS there were people that were putting the hybrid drives in there without issues. I didn't go with them because I spent my money on capacity versus the speed but if I could have afforded to I would have put them in.

I just hope that they don't get the hard drive manufacturers on board. I don't want to have to worry about looking out for Windows/Intel only hard drives the next time I go shopping for one.

Comment Re: minwage $11.40-$9.90 (Score 1) 486

So much dumb. So you think a business would not want to gain the money 'taken' from all his competitors ?
You do not get that people with families and no real wealth can rarely take the huge risk of starting a business because if they are one of the 80% who fail their family is destitute. If you know you have UBI you can take the risk: there us a fallback if it all goes wrong.
And of course they do not employ people with UBI - they employ people when the business grows - out of profit.

And finally: you cited beliefs, the premises of your arguments are ideology you have so absorbed you think they are facts. I cited 200 years of scientific testing and overwhelming empirical proof. Empirical proof trumps ideologically inspired axioms every time. You are not being rational. You are just practising religion - except your gods are rich people, and lies they tell to get richer you believe as truisms

Comment Re:Mayer's failure actually WASN'T a failure... (Score 1) 148

I'm sorry but creating value for shareholders by breaking up the company into parts and replacing higher paid employees with lower paid ones doesn't make them a good CEO. It's not that hard to go into a company and create good short term market value increases that harm the company in the long term. It's done every day by most of the CEOs. Need to improve the share price, lay off some people. Mayer was looking for the right exit strategy for her from the moment she started.

It's been like this for the last 30 to 40 years in North America. I can't speak for other parts of the world. The reward system for upper management encourages them to think in the short term while ignoring the longer term consequences of their actions because they will have sold their stocks and moved onto another company.

CEOs need to start thinking longer term and build an organization that is resistant to change and loyal to the employees. This whole thinking solely about market share and profits is disgusting.

Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 1) 245

Which decision is that? Living in San Francisco? Having a low end job?

I'm all for personal responsibility, but do you have any idea what a simple 1200 SqFt home goes for in this place? If you make 100K you are not going to be making the mortgage payments on that small single family residence...

Personally, I'd move (and I did just that because used to live there), but I get that some folks don't feel as free to flee California and the liberal wasteland of absolutely Democratic controlled governments.

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