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Comment Re:Yeah, with a fucking asterisk (Score 1) 143

There is not always a plug available. I would do that at home, but if I stay overnight at a friends and park on the street, no plug available. Plus public lots ticket you if you they anything more than a block heater plugged in, and even that they cycle on and off because they won't want to pay for the electricity to run them.

Comment Re:do you want $100+ oil changes at the dealer shi (Score 1) 135

Anyone that owns a performance car has been paying $100 oil changes at even a quickie lube for a while now. MY dealer oil changes are $160.00 If I buy the oil and filter myself it comes out to be $65.00 to do it in the driveway.

I'm guessing that you have not owned a car and taken it in for an oil change cince 1980? Even my Honda Civic was $70 for an oil change just yesterday at a Valvoline quick lube.

Comment Re:During the 70's or 80's... (Score 1) 135

Except you cant use Microsoft WORD to write anything that says anything negative about Microsoft.... it's in the EULA.
Oh and they own your docx files because it is in their format.
Oh and you had better read the EULA of their Visual Studio as to what they own of yours.....

Nothing has changed except that they hide it better in a wall of text written by the scummiest people on the planet. Intellectual Property Lawyers.

Comment Re:Terrible Idea (Score 1) 135

Ebay always sides with the buyer, open the case and ebay will simply refund the money paid if returning the item is too difficult. in international cases from china ebay wil even say, "here is your money, keep the item" because if the auction is marked "no returns" that means that the seller does not want it back for any reason at all even damaged so the buyer can get a refund and keep the item.

If he did not open a case with ebay then he is either very stupid or just started using ebay.

Comment Seems simple to me (Score 1) 135

We don't need a right to repair law. All we need is a law that says if a manufacturer adds something to a product to make it harder for the end-user to fix, then they must fix the product for free forever.

The rationale being that if the end-user is not free to fix the product, then the end-user is not the owner. The end-user has merely rented the product. The manufacturer is still the owner, and thus is responsible for the cost of repairs.

Comment Re:Ever notice how Hollywood (Score 1) 39

I posted a brief analysis in a previous article (using the RIAA and MPAA's own numbers) showing how Hollywood tries to hamstring industries with a much larger economic contribution than theirs. And provided accounting evidence (using Sony's own annual reports) how their music division almost single-handedly killed their audio electronics division by forcing them to use DRM.

I'm sure someone could do the same for global sales.

Comment Re:I think the difference is (Score 1) 734

I would reckon your odds of surviving being run over by a truck are much lower than surviving being shot.

After 2016, I would've thought it would've been obvious to everyone that guns weren't the problem. If you take away guns, the crazies will just resort to other methods to kill people (like trucks - the fantasy that they'd use knives is only true for crimes of passion, but not for deliberate killings like this one). Heck, the driver of the truck in Nice had a gun, and opted to use the truck instead. Likewise, in the Brussels attack, the terrorists realized they'd probably be shot and killed quickly by armed security had they charged in guns blazing, so they resorted to using bombs which would inflict casualties before security could respond.

This is like those checklists criticizing anti-spam solutions. Outlawing the tools doesn't work. You have to recognize and admit that violence is a social problem and concentrate on solutions which address why people might resort to violence.

Comment Re:You don't own common sense (Score 1) 734

There's a (IMHO) simple reason for the divide on gun control in the U.S. The issue mostly breaks down into urban (pro gun-control) vs rural (anti gun-control). And if you analyze it that way, I think the reason is obvious: Urban areas have faster police response times. If you live in a city, it makes sense to just call someone else with a gun (the police) and wait for them to arrive if a crime is in progress.

But in rural areas, waiting for police can often get you killed. So people there prefer to have their own gun for protection. The stats seem to bear them out too - violent crime rates are lower in rural areas despite the rate of gun ownership being 2x higher in rural areas.

Which brings us to what I think is the real problem with the gun control debate - too much emphasis on a uniform national law. When you have a strong geographically correlated trend like this, the solution is simple - allow different regions to enact different laws. The rural areas can have lax gun laws, the urban areas can have strict gun laws, and everyone is happy (well, happier than they are now). But no, we've got pro-gun people wanting easy access to guns for the entire country because anything less would diminish the 2nd Amenedment, and anti-gun people wanting to ban guns in the entire country because you can transport guns from rural areas to urban. Both arguments have merit, but I think we need to ask ourselves if our attempt to create one national law on this issue isn't doing more harm than geographically different laws would even with all the flaws.

Comment Re:What sites use Cloudflare? (Score 1) 66

Others have already posted a link to the full list (22 MB text file - whee). Someone else has set up a website to let you search that list from your browser (only one site at a time) which may be a bit more manageable if you don't visit many sites which require logins.


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