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Comment Let Them Have It (Score 1) 394

Let them have it.
Let them have it all. there won't be enough people left to buy their oil, products, tv subscriptions, drugs...

they thrive on opposition. Let the masses become poor and starved immediately. Let us turn to our neighbors, in need, and disrupt them from their Pro Sports broadcast and summer home in the mountains.
Let us finally simply give up and let the system exhaust itself. It thrives on suffering, so let us end the suffering with us.
The economy will grind to a screeching halt, hitting them exactly where it hurts. Let us do this before it is too late and too many of their profits come from a China, where they already have an obedient populace.

Comment Re:Doesn't pass the smell test. (Score 1) 428

Yes, yes there are! It's called the asphalt lobby, and they're basically run by the mafia/ union thugs (I knew a guy. He says you don't mess with the asphalt guys. Ever.)

Frankly, if Musk cuts into their profits he might be expecting A Visit very soon, but maybe things have changed in the last 4-5 years.

Comment I said it 10 years ago (Score 1) 2837

I said it ten years ago, I'll say it again here for those who weren't present:

Let the Republicans have EVERYTHING they want. Everything. Repeal Roe v. Wade, lax gun laws, defund the CDC/EPA/etc, religion in schools, everything... let them see how their little experiment goes. Then again, other countries have let those things happen to their people, and the rich/corrupt simply turn a blind eye.

Are they just that detached, or are they using all this as a stick to try and get what they want for their districts/careers? Let the baby get at the fire, it must learn to understand and respect it. I don't want to be caught in it, but if that's what must happen to bring some semblance of sanity to our country, if it's really come to this, then so be it...

Comment It Won't Happen In Our Lifetime (Score 1) 168

You know why? The mafia and unions.

You know who owns the asphalt business? You know who makes sure that roads in America need to be repaved regularly and funnels huge tax dollars to the scam?

Yep. Ain't gonna happen. Tesla execs will get a nice visit from a very nice man explaining why what they're doing isn't a good idea.

Beside that, honestly? Have you met union workers? there's no way they're qualified to install technology like this, and trying to get people into the union who can do this reliably? And getting cities to repave their roads (it takes YEARS right now)? hooboy. I wish Tesla, google, etc the best of luck, but I have a hard time believing headway can be made on this.

Comment Yerkes Dodson, performance. (Score 1) 110

The yerkes Dodson law as well as how people perform might be a big part of what drives this kind of thing. People perform best when there is uncertainty in when they will receive a reward, plus Thai need a certain arousal state to do something well.

If your performance and profit is all that we are going to measure keeping one's job by, then this thing will continue to happen for ever. We need to recognize that profits should not be everything

Comment As an Annual Passholder... (Score 1) 164

I say go for it, Disney! Raise the prices! Even the projected "empty" days at the park are now packed so badly that wait times for Space Mountain are 75+ minutes!
I live in LA, I go to Disneyland for a few hours once a month or so, and I find it relaxing and happy: Go on a few rides, do some people-watching, eat a snack; it's really nice.

The people who whine about long lines? They went on a weekend. Or in the summer. Unless you go for 3-4 hours on Sunday when the park opens, NEVER go on weekends, and NEVER go during the summer.

Frankly, though? GO on hating it! It keeps the crowds down and I'm happy for that.

It does amaze me that so many put up with it, though.

Comment It starts at work. (Score 1) 215

I work in a place where my boss wants so much out of the people that work for her that she goes to the ends of the earth to micromanage and spy on her employees. She is a very smart woman however her success has brought a certain entitlement madness in thinking she can control everything in order to be better and better all the time.

I get the feeling that as a society here in the West we are so focused on better and better profits that we use more and more information and more and more surveillance in order to get these Results (some do, anyway). Basically, I wonder if the average worker isn't watched and monitored so much they are you in turn just automatically doing that to everyone around them and that includes their children. I have definitely met parents that, while smart and with good intentions, do seem to offer an incredible amount over their children. They often seem to be professionals, people who are told by society that they know best about a particular subject and because they have the Internet can look up anything and justify their actions in the name of science.

Is it going to be like the Victorian era except in the digital age?? People will be so rigid in what they have to do that eventually the pendulum will swing the other way?

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