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Comment Re: Saponins (Score 1) 292

How is "gluten-free" an advantage outside of the ignorant hipster circlejerk?

There is a growing number of people with celiacs disease and with nonceliac gluten sensitivity. I wasn't able to find reliable numbers for nonceliac, but 1% of people have celiacs. There is no wide spread agreement on the increase, aside from better testing. My wife is celiacs and it is a major PITA. Many bread type items that are gluten free suck, so any more options there would be great.

Comment Re:incompetent (Score 1) 275

If we have users purchasing and installing hard drives we're going to have issues. We obviously try to understand the amount of money we're spending on IT (which this would negatively impact), but more importantly I don't want random people replacing hard drives. It may seem simple enough to people on Slashdot, but for the most part people are going to cause more work. Especially if they are replacing an hd. There are processes to make sure that data doesn't get out.

Comment Re:Feels weird agreeing with scientologists (Score 0) 265

No, your point is wrong because the only people who have the legal right to do it are terrible at doing so. That is, the police regularly kill harmless mentally ill people they've been asked to detain for their own protection.

You'll need to back this up with something. We'll need a number of times the mentally ill are detained and the percentage of times those people are injured or killed.

Comment Re:Yes brown fat will help you (Score 1) 234

And you seem shocked at a WHOLE HOUR. It's not that much, especially if you can combine it with other things like commuting or shopping. And if you're really stressed for time you can do a shorter, but more intense, workout. Most people have enough time though, just the wrong priorities.

You could also find something you enjoy doing, so that WHOLE HOUR turns into ONLY AN HOUR. There is a curve to getting into physical activity, for example many people hate running at first. But if you're able to push through so you can run a couple of miles without feeling like you're going to fall over, you'll find you may actually enjoy it. There are tons of things you can do that are fun that have the side benefit of being exercise. Just put some effort into it and find something you like.

Comment Re:Can't figure out their plan here (Score 1) 132

I'm going out on a limb and will be assuming he cannot tell his customers which service to use to find his location. Even if he had TV/radio commercials giving directions most people would not pay attention and use some type of mapping service.. He could of course hire a sky writer to draw a big arrow over his place of business daily, but that seems a bit expensive.

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