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Comment Re:6.8 Billion (Score 1) 329

Large scale solar installation cost has dropped to about $1 - 2/watt so you could install about 3 - 6 Gigawatts of solar power. Of course, as many pendants are fond of saying, the sun doesn't shine at night. You can expect about 5 good hours of sun a day so this is roughly equivalent to a 1 Gigawatt nuclear plant which is the size of Watts Bar 2.
Wind is about half the cost of solar.

Comment Re:one in every home? (Score 1) 227

Yes, I agree that efficiency could be problematic. Probably lose at least 50% going each way.
H2 energy storage has the same problem. By the time you make H2 from electricity (electrolysis), compress it, transport it then convert it back to electricity (fuel cell), you only get about 20% of the energy back.

Comment Re:one in every home? (Score 1) 227

That's the point.
The electric grid has to maintain a fine balance between supply and demand. It is very useful to be able to store electricity from oversupply (most large power plants can't easily adjust their output). People have proposed batteries and pumped water storage to soak up excess electricity. This might be an alternative.

Comment Re:Cry me a river (Score 1) 64

The problem is false positives. Suppose the algorithm or an overzealous cop thinks your picture looks just like the perp. You are then in for a world of hurt. You have to prove that you have an ironclad alibi and if not, you go right to the top of their list of suspects.
Cops get points for arresting people and sending them for trial. They don't particularly care if they have the right person and they don't get penalized if they end up with the wrong person in jail. This just gives them a big list of possible suspects and I'm sure they can find at least one who won't have a solid alibi.

Comment Re:Interesting, Dave Chappelle. (Score 2) 550

... except the performer.
Seems rather shortsighted to be blocking all that free publicity.
Stealing a joke? Really? If they are so concerned, that's what copyright is for... otherwise, they are just another lame entitled person with no real skills relying on secrecy to dupe people into spending money to see their lame show.

Comment Re:Is this for the one guy who kept hist Galaxy 7? (Score 1) 145

It's been widely reported that the problem is the battery itself which develops an internal short... nothing to do with the rest of the phone.
A replaceable battery is not required for the fix but would give the battery more protection and would be easier to change if a problem did develop.
BTW, I prefer phones with replaceable batteries for longevity (don't have to have an expensive repair to replace the battery) and it gives me the option of changing the battery when it runs low and I can't charge. It seems that in the mad rush to make thinner phones, they have discarded replaceable batteries. Thinness is just bragging rights. Most users put their phone in a bulky case which turns their stylish thin phone into a flower covered brick.

Comment Re:Is this for the one guy who kept hist Galaxy 7? (Score 2) 145

The problem is the battery and the fact that the battery is not user-replaceable.
If they wanted to salvage the phones, they could design a new case to accommodate a replaceable battery. Disassemble the phone, put it in the new case with a new good replaceable battery and they should be good to go. Seems a much better solution than just trashing the phones.

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