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Comment Reset Chromebook and Phone (Score 2) 455

I've been thinking about this since the recent article where a NASA JPL US citizen employee was detained and forced to give up his password.
I have a Chromebook. It's easy to wipe it completely to fresh out of the box factory settings. At the border, you can give them a completely blank computer. (or set up a dummy Chromebook account with nothing on it). Then when you are back safely in the US, just enter your credentials and it will download everything from the cloud and you're back in business.
Phones are a little more difficult. You can factory reset these but your SIM card still has data. You'd need to install a decoy SIM card in it (preferably a burner SIM from some odd place where it won't work in the US). You'll have to deal with your own SIM card by hiding it or mailing it to yourself. Once you reinstall your original SIM and login, the phone apps, etc. will restore themselves.
Either that or just buy a burner phone and ditch it before you return.

Comment Re:Shade, eh? (Score 2) 119

I assume that you think OS X is somehow superior to other OSs. As an primary OS X user (as well as Linux and Windows occasionally) for the past 7 years, I beg to differ. I've always found OS X to be kludgy, toylike and lacking features. I never could get used to its special keys (especially command and option) as well as the odd keyboard layout (no backspace???).
I'm much more comfortable with Linux and its applications. I gave up on Apple hardware and have now adopted Chromebooks (with Crouton Linux) for all my work. Much nicer user experience and better software options.

Comment Re: China and South Korea and Russia can do it (Score 1) 87

Nuclear output can only be reduced by a small amount and only slowly. It can't be increased again due to poisoning of the core.
Coal gasification could be dispatchable but the plants, for the most part, don't exist (only 272 worldwide). They also produce a lot of toxic compounds.

Comment Re:Nuclear: too dangerous, too expensive (Score 1) 87

People often complain that wind and solar are intermittent whereas nuclear is 100% all the time (as is most coal electricity production).
In use, power plants which can't be throttled back for times of low demand are as much a problem as power plants which vary their output during the day.
You are right that the grid needs storage. It's crazy hard to match supply to demand when your demand changes all the time and your supply doesn't magically follow the demand.

Comment Re:So what (Score 1) 122

If you go to the website which publishes the data, you can find the health impact in Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY) which is a better than death alone.
For instance, Bangladesh has 3000 DALY lost per 100,000 population due to particulates.
Very interesting to look at the data:

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