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Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 1) 151

If I had my way, you could patent whatever you like about the device. But the moment you sell the device to someone they can do whatever they damn well want with it.


I'll do whatever I want with the things I buy regardless of any laws or patents that say I can't. I buy it, it's mine, end of story.

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Journal Journal: Why I'm boycotting Earth Day 1

Earth Day - the day we're supposed to show our concern for the environment by turning off our lights for one hour between 8:30 and 9:30 pm - is just greenwashing.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 38

Prison != solitary confinement. That would be far too expensive. You get to see sunrises and sunsets, you get to play sports, you get your 3 square meals a day and all medical expenses covered. And if you think that "joining a motorcycle club" is just about riding motor cycles, you need to talk to a few Satan's Choice or Hells Angels members. The clubs function just fine in prisons, controlling much of the drug trade.

For the homeless, prison looks like a damn fine deal.

Comment Re:Goal post has not been moved (Score 1) 625

Again, that's not a severance package. Stop with the bullshit. Your own words betray you - "you may be offered, say three months pay in exchange for staying an extra month to train replacements", and then you say "and of course a new and separate contract" - and that your refusal doesn't jeopardize your entitlements under your current contract.

You're free to tell them to go f*ck themselves (and if you had ANY integrity, you would, so as not to undercut your fellow co-workers). But IT workers in general are gutless wonders who think they're "too good" to unionize or otherwise organize themselves, unlike doctors who are protected by their union (aka "professional governing body").

Comment Re: Trump has a plan to fix it quicker and more pe (Score 1) 43

F*cking liar. The KKK is still around. Or go see what Christians are doing in parts of Africa. It includes killing people. And christians have a much longer history of torturing or killing people they disagree with than muslims.

Christian terrorists have existed in the US since its' founding - and have killed more people in the US than foreign-born terrorists. And the latest London attack was by someone born in the UK.

Submission + - Verizon cancelling email; what email providers do you trust? (

DutchUncle writes: Paying for an ISP has always included an email service . . . until now. Verizon is abandoning the service. Their one option for keeping an email address active is moving it to AOL (they still exist???) while their FAQ answers "What will this cost?" with "There is no charge for moving the data." (Nice avoidance move!) I don't think I want my credit card emails going through gmail's greedy filters. Anybody have an email service provider that they trust?

Comment Re: Trump has a plan to fix it quicker and more pe (Score 2, Interesting) 43

Nuclear warfare has been pretty much inevitable since the start of the cold war. That's a genie that humans won't be willing to put in a bottle because people are stupid as shit.

The "most imminent threat" is not North Korea. Any N. Korean nuclear strike would not cause crippling damage, and the retaliation would be pretty quick, and completely remove NK as a threat.

Both Kim Jong Un and Trump are in a contest to see who can take the title for Crazy Leader with Bad Hair - and Trump, at this point, is clearly in the lead. Trump has surrounded himself with people who will profit greatly from any war, as well as jeebus freaks who believe it's their manifest destiny to start armageddon. Of the two, Trump is the clear and present danger. But he's also the world's laughingstock.

Comment Trump has a plan to fix it quicker and more perman (Score 1, Troll) 43

Global Thermonuclear Warfare. Nuclear winter and vast reductions in population will restore the ice caps, as well as permanently remove the "terrorist" threat. Of course, that will also make him the world's biggest terrorist, but you can be sure he's okay with being #1 at something other than "World's Biggest Loser."

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