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Comment Re:AI killing industry (Score 2) 70

Not yet, at least. They current sound like Robama and the Trumpinator.

Give it ten minutes of speech and I'll bet it's a hell of a lot better (more like the real voice).

This will only get better and better, and I'd hazard a guess that before long most of us won't be able to tell the real voice from the synthetic one.

Submission + - New Ontario basic income pilot project

BarbaraHudson writes: Instead of more studies, and more talk, Global News reports that Ontario has allocated $75 million for 3-year test of basic income in 3 communities.

The Ontario government is expected to release details today of its highly anticipated pilot project to provide basic income to those living at or below the poverty line.

Premier Kathleen Wynne is scheduled to make the announcement on Monday.

The criteria for implementing the basic income plan is based on a discussion paper released by former senator Hugh Segal last fall, who recommended a monthly income of $1,320 with another $500 for people with disabilities, to replace the Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program.

Segal wrote in his discussion paper that the pilot should look at health outcomes for those involved as well as the life and career choices they make, education outcomes, work behaviour, changes in food security and impacts on their housing arrangements.

Comment Re: How many Chromebook buys are accidental? (Score 1) 130

Many transsexuals never go on cross-gender hormones, never mind turning the outsie into an insie. For them, the social transition is as far as they can go. It could be because of lack of access to a doctor willing to write the prescription, or they may not be healthy enough to undergo a physical transition, or their spouse draws the line at hormones and they value the relationship.

So no, hormones doesn't enter the picture. Neither does age of transition. But showing someone who hasn't even transitioned going on a date is just encouraging dangerous behaviour. At the very least, there's public humiliation, because you can be damn sure it will make Facebook. And it could cost you your job; every year it gets a few people killed.

Comment Re: How many Chromebook buys are accidental? (Score 1) 130

My criticisms have zero to do with age or taking hormones or facial hair removal, or boobs, or surgery of any sort. It portrays transsexuals as having totally unrealistic expectations - such as going out on a date when you don't even have the guts to go full-time, never mind the experience to no longer be self-conscious. That's a good way to get publicly humiliated, and anyone transitioning is going to be aware of the risks. Encouraging people to go on dates before they've completed their social transition is irresponsible. It might work in California, but it sure as hell won't play the same in Texas.

Go big or go home - in this case, that means transition completely, and make sure you have enough experience so you don't look like a man in a dress, before you try to date someone who doesn't know, because if you haven't transitioned, you'll still be self-conscious of who you are in each roll; it won't be second nature. It's a good way to get the sh*t beaten out of you, or worse. Trying to go on dates when you aren't passable and haven't even finished your social transition is nutzo dangerous. Acting like a woman part-time is not the same as living as one full-time and not needing to put on an act because you've had the time to get comfortable with your real self, as well as unlearning the male mannerisms that get you clocked.

When the only time you even think about being a transsexual is when you go online or see bs like transparent, you've arrived.

There are those who are unpassable, and that's unfortunate, and age has nothing to do with it. In fact, aging makes it easier to pass, because people don't have the same expectations of appearance for senior women. Then again, there are genetic women who are unpassable as women. Same as there are women who are particularly hirsute. Even with hormones, they have to shave. You have to deal with what nature gave you, same as everyone else in the world.

Comment Re:I believe it (Score 1) 90

I've seen similarly bad tutorials about templating. The way they teach how to cut your basic HTML and CSS apart in chunks is complete nonsense. They're showing people to always copy a whole empty framework and call cut-out parts all over the place. And then inside those cut-out parts, call out other parts. I've seen this done five levels deep.

That sounds like Smarty. What an abomination.

Jeezus, I hadn't thought about Smarty in years. Now I need a Xanax.

Comment Re:What do you people expect? (Score 1) 90

People learn not by memorizing but by looking at examples.

This very true, especially in programming. The result is that bad code gets propagated with the best of intentions.

I do fault many of the tutorial writers for not mentioning stuff like cleaning up form data and the like. They should learn what they're doing before they try to teach it.

Comment Re: We all know why (Score 1) 90

How do you figure that Rust will somehow be better? Bad code can be written in any language, including Rust!

^^^^ This.

Pick your favorite super-safe language (if it even exists yet) and I'll personally show you how to write bad code. Really, really bad, unsafe code.

I'm not saying that I've made every mistake in the book but I've probably added a few.

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