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Journal Journal: Another TV season, another Transparent freak show. 1

What is portrayed on that show is not how it is for many of us in real life. Putting a man in a dress and having him portray a transsexual is not really going to capture it, except for the unpassable. But of course, that's what makes good TV. The truth is boring.

Comment Re: Bigger problem (Score 1) 83

And yet, it's still higher in poorer communities. Racial segregation is alive and well today in the US. So is inequality of education and opportunity and poverty rates. That's a fact.

Another fact is that, after a couple of decades of dropping, violence is increasing. More than 50 people were shot in Chicago in just one weekend this year..

On April 20, Chicago reached 1,000 shooting victims for the year, six to nine weeks earlier than in the previous four years, according to data compiled by the Tribune. That grim milestone, for instance, wasn't reached until June 4 last year.

Perhaps even more troubling, this marks the third consecutive year in which Chicago has seen double-digit increases in shootings.

Not surprisingly, homicides are also soaring in Chicago. Through Sunday, 196 people have been killed, a 55 percent increase over the 126 victims a year earlier, official Police Department figures show.

Going up, up, up.

Blacks are fleeing Chicago because of the increased violence, so forget about blaming them either.

The 2010 census reported a 17 percent drop in the city's black population over the previous decade. That number declined another an additional 4 percent through 2014, to 852,756.

Is it lead? No, because rates were going down, and now they're going up. No sudden increase in lead exposure to account for it.

Comment Re:Bigger problem (Score 1) 83

Minorities are only over-represented in the largest cities. Remove those cities, and the rate of violence drops to levels that are more or less normal in the rest of the world. It's your culture, not the lead, because other, smaller cities also have had continuous exposure to lead. There were more than 10 lead smelters, brassowrks, and pipemakers in the whole USA.

Comment Re:Bigger problem (Score 1) 83

I never said that there was any correlation between the two. What I DID say was that it's American culture that;s to blame. You don't see these levels of violence in other western civilizations.

What I was disputing is the claim that the industrial revolution caused the end of slavery, which would require not just the automation of cotton mills in England, but cotton picking in the US.

Comment Re:Bigger problem (Score 1) 83

Every country with electricity had decades of exposure to lead. Kettles, coffee-makers, percolators, etc. - all used lead solder.

Every other country had everyone exposed to lead piping for decades as well.

So why is it the US that has these problems, and nowhere else? American culture. Everything else, from exposure to lead paint to lead in gasoline was the same. Correlation is not causation, not when the correlation only works in the US.

There's a much stronger correlation with poverty. Quit blaming your problems on lead. As I said, lead doesn't cause employers to reject people with black-sounding names. That sort of racism is a stronger factor than lead. Especially since the people doing the shooting today are mostly not living with lead in the plumbing. Flint was for a couple of years, but the violence there pre-dated that, and the municipal and residential plumbing with lead pipes is not unique to Flint.

City and state governments are still advising people to run their cold water tap for 30 seconds before using the water for drinking or food preparation because of lead, and 2 to 3 minutes if it has not been used for a few hours (overnight when everyone is sleeping, or at work).

Even brass keys, handled twice a day, exceed exposure limits.

handling keys - ordinary brass keys like you'll find in your pocket or pocketbook to lock and unlock your house door - may expose you to the toxic chemical lead at levels that exceed Proposition 65 limits," Lockyer said. "Given this discovery of lead exposure, parents may want to rethink using their jangling keys as a convenient toy for their toddlers and small children.

In laboratory tests for the state, researchers looked at more than three dozen keys from 13 different makers. While the researchers found widely varying levels of lead on the hands of test subjects, the very lowest test results still exceed the Proposition 65 "No Significant Risk Level" of 0.5 micrograms per day when doubled on the assumption that people handle keys at least twice a day. While the highest testing results were 80 times the 0.5 micrograms per day limit, the average of all keys tested was about 19 times the "No Significant Risk Level." Both new and old keys tested were found to release lead at fairly similar rates.

Brass taps, fittings, etc., all leach lead. Everyone was exposed, many are still exposed.because they don't run the water for 30 seconds to 3 minutes. And yet, the problem of violence at levels like those in the USA isn't seen in other OECD countries that had/have the same lead exposure. Next you'll be claiming that Rome fell because of lead in the plumbing ...

Comment Re:Bigger problem (Score 1) 83

Too bad that it's easy to disprove all of that. Almost every house built before 1980 has lead solder that is still leaching into the water. And of course, as I pointed out, everyone was exposed to lead in gasoline, which got into the air, the soil, and vegetables. No exceptions. How come we didn't see the same level of violence among everyone?

It's American culture that is to blame, not race per se. Economic disparity due to racism, not lead. Quit trying to get out of blaming white people for this shit situation, which has been amply proven to still exist today. Own your history. Lead does not cause employers to reject people with black-sounding names.

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 248

So you never ask anyone before taking on $70,000 of debt? You never buy a new car without asking friends or family what they think? You never ask for a second opinion at the doctors before they cut you up?

It was massive stupidity on the part of the students. Someone studying I.T. must certainly know what google is, at the very least. Searching these schools names brings up tons of complaints. These suckers were willfully blind. Still doesn't change the fact that the faculty is also culpable for fraud, not just the people running the schools. The faculty knew it was all BS, and the individual teachers should have their asses sued off.

Comment Re:Bigger problem (Score 1) 83

I didn't move any goalposts. I stated a truth. EVERY SINGLE PERSON in America was exposed to lead. Not just in paint. And it wasn't just the plumbing in poorer communities either. Or lead-based solder in copper plumbing, which is in pretty much every home built before before the 1980s that hasn't ripped out their plumbing. That's much of the housing stock still around. And newer homes have a higher risk of radon, so the poor are less likely to be exposed to that.

You simply cannot blame the behavior on lead, because at the time when everyone was exposed to lead in pipes (and many still are), we didn't see the level of violence we see today. That's a cultural problem - an AMERICAN cultural problem, not a race problem.

Comment Re:Bigger problem (Score 2) 83

And yet the US continued to practice slavery long after most of the western world made it illegal. You were even stupid enough to fight a civil war over it, that's how deeply it's ingrained in your culture. Just look at the fuss with the confederate flag - those attitudes are still alive today. The industrial revolution didn't make slavery economically nonviable - to the contrary, it increased demand for slaves because the machines could process more cotton, and only the slaves could pick it.

It only died out in the southern states because the northern states were emancipating slaves that made it north. The loss of cheap labor, not the industrial revolution, was why it died out. If they could have continued to replace slaves as fast as they ran away, or put up exit controls, the southern states would have had no problem, and would probably have won the civil war.

People still wore clothes even during the industrial revolution. Someone had to pick that cotton. It wasn't machines.

Comment Re:You Mispelled "Bradley Manning" (Score 1) 379

It's still not OUR problem. If someone else has a problem with it, how is it up to me to solve it? Answer - it's not. Same as if someone is offended by my being an atheist. Not my problem.

As for cites, you crippled? You certainly were able to hone in on outdated, repudiated studies on your own.

Do you have sex with your landlord? Do you think as a landlord you are entitled to sex from your tenants? The guys I rented the bedroom to were just that - tenants. Are you so stupid as to think that tenants have sex privileges? Oh, right, you have this stereotype in your mind that we're all like the losers in that shitty show Transparent.

Transparent is crap. Sure, there are many who look and act like that - they're literally fucking idiots. AIDS-bags. Let anyone screw them to get some sort of validation as to who they are. But that is far from the reality for many of us. Of course, the reality won't make for good TV. So cast a man in a dress as the central character "Maura". Let him be every single painful cliche, the embodiment of every single painful cliche and stereotype, because that makes for good ratings.

Also, we weren't the ones causing the problem with Target, so don't lay that on us. The bathrooms were specifically so that transphobes would be accommodated. We were already accommodated just fine. So they spent $20 million dollars on religious and other bigots, not on us. Charlotte, North Carolina, has already lost more than $20 million in business because they passed their bathroom bill - and that's a recurring annual loss, not a one-time expense. The businesses in other states sure made coin out of not bowing to intolerance.

Why don't you watch Transparent - it's your kind of BS propaganda.

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