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Comment Re:Not the only ones... (Score 2) 101

....... It's always the same excuse... "A computer error"

Because they meant what they said. Had you not noticed the overcharge, nor called, then the computer was working correctly. Its a game of customer against algorithm, and you won that point. But this game is like pong and really gets tedious for people. So that's why they do it. And we hate them even more.

That's quality and commitment we can count on!

Comment Re:They overcharge by 100% (Score 4, Insightful) 101

Corporations are not people, therefore crime is not criminal, and nobody goes to jail. They can steal with impunity, and when they pay their fines, that's just the kickback to the folks who grant them their monopoly. Lobbyists bought and paid for this contractual arrangement while we were voting for shills.

Welcome to the pig fest.

Comment Re:In other news the sun is hot. (Score 1) 193

I don't carry a wallet, not doing so cured my back pains when I was much younger

You're absolutely right about the wallet and back pain. Its a no brainer once you think about the fact we were not designed to sit on a tilt or else we would have started out tilted. But it took me years and years to discover the obvious. Now my back problems are all gone.

As for the solution to these issues of cyber fraud, we just have to figure out what obvious thing that we are overlooking. And when we do, and stop it, it will be a problem solved.

Comment Re:In other news the sun is hot. (Score 2) 193

Maybe the PCI should just start listening to security professionals and do away with these things?

And why wouldn't they? Because they figured that when the technology did fail that they could pawn the losses off onto somebody else. As long as we pass laws that make it impossible for these losses to ever be passed off onto the victims (i.e. the customers and the merchants) and be sure that there is swift and effective remedy for any fraud, then the banks and credit cards will make damn sure they listen to security experts in the future.

Our problem is not a deficiency in technology and know how, its a deficiency in our society in properly punishing criminals and not victims. In the old days, when a bank got robbed it never cost an account holder a dime. We need to be vigilant in maintaining this standard for all financial transaction crime. It only costs the banks. Suddenly, the problem will be solved efficiently...and not until then.

Comment Re:Other rule violations (Score 1, Insightful) 202

Right you are. Make 'em pay. Hit them so hard they never, ever think its worth the risk of getting caught again. Mega-corps of this magnitude need to be hit in magnitudes greater so that they never fudge again. They only commit these crimes when its profitable. We just make sure it never is, and suddenly it stops, or they just go out of business. Simple.

Comment Re:Another one bites the dust (Score 1) 365

Nobody is interested in paying human beings period. Not unless they absolutely have to and not for one minute longer than is absolutely necessary in order to be profitable. In general, the younger the cheaper, so under 30 is a better deal. And then they don't complain when they get dumped when they hit 30. This fact has more to do with the greed of venture capital than the good of any human resource or engineering considerations. But yes, your are not incorrect, in a great portion of the current job market, it looks that way..

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