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Comment Pissed off is good! (Score 1) 6

Pissed on.....Not so much.

I'm glad you are deploying ordinance here on the shelling range before launching an offensive on Dr. Strangelove.

Doctor / patient relationships, after all, are exactly that, and its hard to always stand in both sets of shoes, unless you are a four legged cross dresser, and we know your feelings on skin deep transparency.

Here's the thing, everything you say is correct:

Growing old's a bitch. Estrogen pairs nicely, with a Pinot Noir.

Ethicists need doctors, penal codes discourage their strangulation.

Current medical standards are currently in a back alley self medicating on prescription pharmaceuticals. They just act like pimps, ODs, and crack whores.

Any hack can dispense pills according to current best medical standards: but they still require leaches and blood letting to remove the small angry dwarf from your abdomen.

Dr House ignored the conventional wisdom, the patient, and standard medical practices, established procedures designed by medical insurance adjusters who manage health care profit and loss: good health is bad for business. But so is a dead patient. A great doctor is after the truth, not being right. That's the cure: Its better to be wrong and alive. Pain and discomfort are normal and it sucks. Legal compliance and courtroom victory are only a consolation prize for lawyers and the survivors.

Your doctor is likely as brilliant, unconventional, and misunderstood by his peers as you - else you never would have entrusted her/him in your care. Practice makes perfect, we're all human, and you are his practice. Communicate your concerns, but let him focus on the medical issues only. He is absolutely no match for the legal or ethical dynamics that could extrapolate to malpractice. A little faith in your judgement of character would be helpful now. You'll never have time to bone up on the medical qualification. If you can't trust him then give him the boot, but don't you dare attempt to second guess his medical training and strategies. You have no idea what he is really thinking and what he is looking at - this is a medical process with very little track record and investigation, awareness, and the scientific process must proceed without any interference in the form of fears that medical records can become legal weapons. He needs to get to the truth which is complex, elusive, and transitory until death. As long as he is writing the numbers down, they are not wrong. You can discuss the merits of a low estrogen level as it pertains to depression but you are not a vacuum or la tabula rasa. The laws of chemical interactions, biological complexities, idiosyncrasy, perception, intellectual, spiritual, psychological factors make this medical process far too complicated for Monday morning quarterbacks.

I am not suggesting that you are incorrect. But it is possible that you do not fully understand the bigger picture here by micromanaging your physician or second guessing the benefits of self medicating rather than social and spiritual communion on slashdot or AA. Either avenue of relief from this discomfort is optional, but I urge you to keep your physician absolutely informed of all details pertaining to medication, diet and other pertinent data. It would be a waste if your cure was misunderstood by incorrect medical data. Don't outsmart yourself.

There may not be a way for you to understand or fully appreciate the physician's medical strategy. If you cannot intellectually appreciate his approach then he may be intuitive. If you trust his intentions, and his track record, and if the numbers and results are properly recorded then TRUST in this process. There are no cures in life. But there is living and healing as best as we can for as long as we survive.

We all would benefit from being 20 again. And we understandably can desire that our physical well being be held to that standard, but estrogen levels in a 60 year old human being with your particular, individual, complexities is not a process of getting conventional numbers in blood work. Its a balance of your mind, body, and spirit. He may already know what you just figured out and he's turning your knobs for a reason: he is objective and he expects these results for a very specific reason that you do not yet appreciate, subjectively speaking.

You cannot be objective, patient guinea pig.

But you are perhaps the most articulate and intelligent subjective participant in the scientific medical process that this zoo has ever seen.

Do your best to get all of this documented and communicated for the record. You are a partner in uncharted territory that will bring medicine and science closer to learning effective cures to our ills and physical well being. It could be that medicine are just ignoring the angry abdominal dwarves, or feeding them, but at least we are pursuing improvements to understanding.

You are under no obligation to participate in these scientific objectives that demand more data than your short lifetime can provide. Get off that Ferris Wheel any time. Just be certain that you communicate your objectives, and pursue doctor feelgood if you are tired of feeling like shit. There is no point in suffering like a martyr for the greater good. You deserve to get old and fuzzy headed and less productive without feeling deeply unhappy or alone. Even though, that's how we all feel from time to time and often increasingly as we grow older. I'm not suggesting Hospice, I am just saying we are no spring chickens, and that's a reality we don't need to fix to feel right with the world.

I'm heartened to see you pissed off and dressed like a ninja. Your mind and spirit could outperform the highest standards, any day of the week. But give yourself a break, and let yourself focus on some fun with people who don't hold you to such high standards. I like 12 step meetings or community gatherings with a high probability of positive vibe. The days are getting longer, and old friends and new could reemerge from the woodwork.

And for God sake don't evaporate a perfectly good doctor with your death ray - it takes 20 years to train them how to handle patients as smart as you. Don't foreclose on Dr House before a reappraisal of current market comps and input of a qualified Realtor.

Get well, and may the farce be with ye.

And Happy New Year, you Rolling Stone.

Comment Slashdot, community, ideology, discovery. (Score 1) 17

We're not dead yet.

That said, I still find myself coming back here to slashdot in spite of my inability to establish much of my comment subject here, and other-where lately.

This is true for many reasons that pertain to the passing of time, human nature, and the ironic nature of consciousness in a vacuum we call space between objects (and our ears).

But I'll say this, when I do show up these days, I always start with Barbara Hudson's journal because nothing else here rings on such an amazing chord - right from the start.

I really don't know how to articulate why the avant-garde genius and compassionate creative intelligent anarchy can thrive in the most peculiar of of niches, but perhaps that's just the benefit we sow for being survivors on a deserted island. We're not dead yet, not by a long shot.

Thanks to all of you for sticking it out here on the Dark side of the Moon. I understand treading water gets old with Deadheads, but in the meantime, its easier to find you around the familiar address.

Plus the fact, its kinda fun being a poltergeist.

Who wants to be the ghost of slashdot future?

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 5

That's right.... I do recall him mentioning Florida as well.... and he did allude to maybe sailing a boat or visiting Mars... and I do believe he was likely born no later than 1961, but I'm not certain.
    Anyway, I hope he is enjoying himself !
  I figured I would give it 6 months before I sounded off on this. Thanks for your feedback, I'll be sure to follow through with any pertinent information...

User Journal

Journal Journal: Does anyone know where did ~KGIII (973947) Go ??? 5

KGIII (973947) last posted a comment on Slashdot on May 11, 2016.

Member page:

Since that time, I have no clue whatsoever why KGIII (or the alias) has completely disappeared.

Does anyone have any idea if KGIII is alive??

Or in the big house? ....or looking down from the even bigger house ..... or has simply quit Slashdot and never looked back???
User Journal

Journal Journal: Does anyone know where did member ~KGIII (973947) Go ???

KGIII (973947) last posted a comment on Slashdot on May 11, 2016.

Member page:

Since that time, I have no clue whatsoever why KGIII (or the alias) has completely disappeared.

Does anyone have any idea if KGIII is alive??

Or in the big house? ....or looking down from the even bigger house ..... or has simply quit Slashdot and never looked back???

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Where did member ~KGIII (973947) Go ??? (

Bob_Who writes: KGIII (973947) last posted a comment on Slashdot on May 11, 2016.

Since that time, I have no clue whatsoever why KGIII (or the alias) has completely disappeared.

Does anyone have any idea if KGIII is alive??

Or in the big house? ....or looking down from the even bigger house ..... or has simply quit Slashdot and never looked back???

Its been a long while without a peep from profoundly lucid participant.

Anyone near Maine or Cuba or other place where KGIII may be lurking perhaps? I've been worried for months...

Submission + - Mysterious resurrection of a "bricked" LG Leon Android on Metro PCS.

Bob_Who writes: I don't have an explanation, but here are the facts. My friend finds a LG Leon Metro PCS phone in Las Vegas, without a SIM card. He buys a SIM card, and uses the phone "pay as you go" for almost a year. No problems. He moves to another state, goes to the local Metro PCS store, gets a new local phone number, and pays for a month of service. No problems. Until I get involved... I notice he has managed to consume all of his data allowance in two days while he has established constant access to Wi-Fi for any data needs. Furthermore, this phone will process phone calls over the Wi-Fi, so there is no reason to swallow up 3 Gigs of data while playing games over Wi-Fi if the software is properly set. I suggest that he minimize any data and power sucking features or applications running in the background; generally helpful advice. There is a caveat apparently, with Android, to only make changes to the system "one at a time", or else there can be conflicts in the OS at reboot. This happens on rare, occasion and it happened to this phone. The system would reboot and load the desktop, and then scan the icons and display menus in rapid succession, and just repeat this crap over, and over, and over, in an infinite loop. After a forced shut down, this loop would repeat, ad nausea.

I Googled it and found nothing useful. So I resorted to some of the suggestions on similar posts that recommended a "hard reset" to factory defaults. This went well and as expected. A dialog appears to verify the registered user of the phone by asking for google account and passwords, which had been in place for nearly a year, but may have not been the original owner. The Metro PCS dialog accepts the information but asks for additional info: the original info used in Las Vegas. That info is entered and accepted but the dialog references the old phone number and wants to send a text to that old and now defunct phone number in order to proceed. We no longer have that number. So we realize we must go to a Metro PCS store, as suggested online in similar posts.

Here's the weird part — even though this verification dialog is focused on the phone screen, in the background the phone is fully functional. I can call the number with another phone, I can bring up a browser, connect to Wi-Fi, etc. So I look up the closest Metro PCS on Google in a browser on that phone, and we go there to get it fixed. The folks there can't fix it. They can sell you a phone. They suggest that we "Call Google" but don't offer a number, and I don't ask because they were more interested in just selling us a new phone. That's how they get paid, after all.... Next Metro PCS, same story: they fiddle with it, and then say to "call Google".

Next stop, the original Metro PCS where my buddy paid for a month and got the new SIM and local number... They give us the Google number. Good thing because I I'd feel really stupid calling Google's main switchboard with this crap. We call Google, and much to our surprise we get a phone bank in India. At least that's how is sounds. We are instructed to connect to a PC. After a few disconnects from my Cellular (iPhone, AT&T on a busy distant tower) we manage to install the LG bloatware and drivers and connect the phone to a PC. Everything is normal. But the phone bank support can't seem to accomplish anything more and then tells us to: "Throw out the phone, it will never work for you." and "Just throw it away and by a new phone" We are resolved to buy a phone from another crappy carrier...

Nevertheless, this phone does work: it still connects to Wi-Fi in the background behind the nag dialog, and so we keep hammering that dialog. It asks for email and password. And we keep feeding it the account email and password. Over and over again, from time to time, over the course of two days....

Voila! The phone works perfectly! I don't know why, but it works. The nagging dialog is gone, and everything isa normal!

The moral of the story: When customer service at three Metro PCS stores and on an off shore phone bank tell you to toss out a working phone (or any hardware) because they can't figure out how to operate buggy software, IGNORE THAT ADVICE. A working phone is more reliable than buggy Android. Even when it is supposed to be "bricked"....

At least, that was our experience, for what it's worth....

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