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Comment Software ignores customer security all of time (Score 2) 124

Warnings. Its a gimmick in social engineering, really. If we ignore our own security ever, then we can't blame the software for selling us short. It's more of a marketing gimmick and liability issue for the software vendors. They can't possibly save us from ourselves. They can manage to let us fool ourselves if that's our preferred frame of mind. Honestly, we always knew we are not in control, but like a fatal car crash, we just figured it only happened to somebody else. Welcome to denial, its all the rave - everybody is doing it.

Comment You are not alone. We all are. (Score 1) 7

Your instinct to declare recent distress is important. Survival is most likely found with others. To do so is essential. Keep it up. See your doc, pick up the phone, go to a meeting: pottery, prayer, city council, 12 step, cafe, bookstore, walk the dog, go to the animal shelter and meet a dog, etc.

The point is don't isolate. It doesn't help, but its often a seductive notion when idealized as a relief from grief. Narcosis, necrosis, are not a relief,just a withdrawal. It does not help, its nothing. It sucks how it feels when on top of everything else, managing to live in a way that affords independence and longevity can leave us destitute as our strengths subside. Its ironic that in spite of all we do accomplish that we remain as frail and unequipped to cope with the very thing we thought we had averted by our hard work, talent, and accomplishments.

When 90% of human souls could never manage to be in your circumstance, its a total suck that it doesn't improve things one bit. How is it that everything that we value, accomplish, acquire, create,and discover seems to erode while fear and pain and failure endure like gravity? Our minds seem much more acutely attuned to what is lost than what we possess. This only seems to rub it in. We begin to really value the ability to concentrate, sleep, bounce back, take initiative, when its inexplicably eludes normalcy. What's that sucking sound I hear? My life. I thought this was supposed to feel a lot better. Why must I watch it all fade away after a lifetime of accomplishment? Entropy is a lousy incentive. If life must fade, why must I suffer? I have no idea at all. There is just no good reason. I wrestle with these issues of life on earth and human nature and the miracle and the misery of it all and I just don't have any better insights than I did at first breath.

We are a clusterfuck of ontology and conscious. An enigma, spirit, absurdity, art, futility and farce. So I guess what I am saying is that your are not alone, you're surrounded by an endless stream of others with varying degrees of awareness, and as unhelpful as that is, it is where the answer lies: outside of our command. Its bigger than you or I, the spiritual component of who we are, and what is most elusive to us, somehow exists nearer to all other people, past, present, and future, here now now while we're still living, albeit briefly in space-time. There will be an eternity to isolate in our graves, after we expire soon enough. No need to hurry being all alone.

For me, I like to marvel at fascinations of astrophysics, or spend a moment looking for something of importance on Slashdot, or whatever else reminds me where I am in relationship to the reality that is much less aware of all the angst and ruminations I pensively ooze because I just can't figure out how to just accept reality or feel like reality accepts me. Keep up with the focus on people around you, even the annoying ones, and don't get too much like a cocoon. You're not a moth, at least not this time around.

As for me, I am no authority, my life generally feels disappointing and fearful, but like most feelings, they come and go with the breeze and give me very little insight understanding overall. Neither do any of the traditional fixes, or prizes, or rewards which are short lived compared to the slightest loss.

May the farce be with you.

Comment VW is already busted. Lets do it again. (Score 1) 227

So now that we have discovered that the software manipulates the data in their cars, we are supposed to be surprised that they did this in all of their cars? How stupid are we to pretend that only some software cheats, while other software does not because the superior engine design in other models doesn't need to cheat to meet emission standards. So it turns out they lied about the superior engines too! Oh horrors! You mean there is no superior engineering that enables engines built in Germany to out perform the laws of physics, as well as every other car that already lies about mileage, emissions, and performance? What is world coming to? Its the German's fault we have all of this air pollution because all of this time we were burning gas just to sit in gridlock, we had been told that the fuel exhaust that comes out of a VW's ass doesn't stink. Not only did they lie to us, they are the reason why we burn so much gas. We almost evolved into a fat legless mammal with great driving ability in gridlock, but now we have fallen into the pits of diesel hell, where high performance German engines get the same shitty results from burning gas as the other German cars, Norwegian cars, and even French cars, but not as good as the Japanese or Korean cars, but way way way better than any American car because we're busy being great again. Those fuckers! They've ruined civilization with miles of highways and hundreds of millions of cars that just belch out toxic fumes all day so that we can sit in traffic! We would have all bought Tesla's if it wasn't for that lying cheating software that made numbers come up on a smog report that nobody really understands when they are accurate. How could they deceive an entire planet of people that had no intention of burning fuel that pollutes the air. WE COULD HAVE HAD TESLAS! But noooooooo its all VW's fault for fooling us with software that just makes shit up and lies to every American man woman and child at NASCAR. Damn savages!

Comment When do they auction off the drugs? (Score 1) 67

Oh yeah, I forgot, they "destroy" the drugs so nobody takes them. It would be wrong to auction them off and keep the proceeds. Then they would be dealers. Its much better that we take their word for it when they take away all of the stuff that belongs to bad guys and sell it, except for the drugs which we never see again because they don't sell it at a public auction. You can be sure if you never see it again that it was destroyed since you can always believe the good guys. Why would they lie? Only bad guys lie. They lie about all of the stuff they have because they are criminals, and that's why the good guys just take it away from them and always tell the truth. It's really great how America is so good at winning wars on drugs and crime and terrorists and poverty and human trafficking and bitcoins with coke residue on them. And its really nice of them to destroy all of the evidence before it escapes and sells itself to the next idiot they bust for dealing. Thank goodness they have put an end to crime and addiction in America. Finally we are great again. We figured out how to make crime pay the good guys: we just take it from criminals after they earn it breaking the law. That's a perfect solution, no wonder we have such great results.

Comment Delta is number TWO in more ways than ONE (Score 1) 239

Namely, they always shovel out heaps of number two whenever something goes terribly wrong. Their response policy is ALWAYS to tell LIES. Its POLICY to SPIN ALL NEGATIVE PRESS ATTENTION AT ALL TIMES. The truth will only make it worse because they know they are prone to major fuck ups and they have lots of enemies. They just don't want any of their cheap, stupid, or dishonest screw ups to look like they are willing and able to constantly screw up service for their customers since it is a calculated risk they willingly commit, and will commit again, because its worth being unreliable if it saves them the very high cost of total reliability and service. Delta didn't get to number two by acting like the best. They got there with compromised performance where is counts the most: the customers ruined travel plans. What's a random act of system breakdown worth ? Its very valuable because it buys them time to actually go off line, and get some very serious technical work done in a few hours that might otherwise take weeks, and great resources and planning , in order to implement in parallel to smooth daily operations. When an event like a power failure in Atlanta is blamed for there problem, then are we to believe it is reasonable to design there entire airline system to fail every time that event occurs? Is that how it goes with every other airline that experiences power failures? Not if they plan and provide contingencies for all known possible, albeit improbable, events. This jerks KNEW that this would be EXACTLY what happens IF a power outage occurs in Atlanta at 2AM on a SUNDAY. They probably can mitigate the collapse if its during business hours, while all hands are on deck, but there is no way that they are going to PAY THE WADS OF CASH it costs to have a hair trigger response team on standby 24/7 in case of an off hour power outage. Nor will they pay the heaps for backup power systems capable to manages seamless power supply for their fat power sucking energy wasting corporate consumption of all available amps in every facility and overclocked full throttled server farm and network that is required. The could have told us 10 years ago that this is what will happen under these exact circumstances. That's how it was designed because its a great cost savings to gamble that the power failure wont happen, but if it does, they can handle it with the resources available to them during normal operations, which is where it counts most. They make a calculation that its worth the cost savings not to worry about 24/7 contingency response because it involves a huge labor cost. They are not going to piss away profits just to be sure a customer is never inconvenienced. Fuck the customer and their frequent fickle flying. If you buy #2 you better be ready to eat some #2. That's what you get for burning a thousand hours of jet fuel in an hour because its half the price of buying a tank of gas and driving all day to travel the same distance. Lets face it, you can just go fuck off until greyhound or amtrack is a better alternative. The fact is that they really don't need to worry about it, because it costs less to piss off customers, which is always, than it does to be certain that there customers are always happy, which is never. As long as they are number 2 in the duopoly, then we can just eat shit when the gap occurs. There are a lot of gaps in there design and implementation. They have no intention of filling them all. You just better hope you get lucky and don't need to travel when the dice crap out. But lets be honest, a power failure in summer in Atlanta is an event that you can COUNT ON happening. So clearly, this is how the system is designed to function in this exact situation. What makes you think that kind of design concept is an accident or unforeseen when clearly its a calculated risk. They mitigate bad luck with bullshit to deny other future failures are guaranteed in the likely event of unusual dice. Its inevitable, but its hard to predict when exactly they will screw over the customer next exactly, but you can be sure it will happen again. They will act as surprised as the customer when happens, and everyone can go on with their pretense, and deny any fault because we allow fate to decide when we win or lose the bet.

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