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Comment Since we skipped Windows 9.... (Score 1) 115

Apple iPhone7 + Watch 2 = Apple 9.
Since M$ skipped Windows 9, Apple should skip (7+2) too...
Or else the numerology Gods will get angry!
Like when Eve took a bite of an Apple.

Apple watch should jump right to three, Just like windows 3.0 came after 1,0
Now all my superstitious ducks are in a row....
I need to wear my pointy hat now

Comment Software ignores customer security all of time (Score 2) 125

Warnings. Its a gimmick in social engineering, really. If we ignore our own security ever, then we can't blame the software for selling us short. It's more of a marketing gimmick and liability issue for the software vendors. They can't possibly save us from ourselves. They can manage to let us fool ourselves if that's our preferred frame of mind. Honestly, we always knew we are not in control, but like a fatal car crash, we just figured it only happened to somebody else. Welcome to denial, its all the rave - everybody is doing it.

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