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Comment What I use? (Score 1) 181

Besides all the one you mention, being an asocial asshole I use 'Social Disconnect Plus' to block all Facebook, Twitter etc buttons and servers, Allinone Gestures, Canvasblocker, Google Privacy, 'I don't care about cookies', 'Simple site blocker' to block some newspaper directories that serve otherwise unblockable ads,

I use also Greasemonkey with scripts to circumvent Anti-Adblock measures in WIRED and to replace all occurrences of 'Trump' on a page with 'orange baldyman orangutan', I know it's stupid but it makes me smile every time.:-)

Comment Re:My experience with "Theater Experience" (Score 1) 328

"Movie delayed even further because some people actually buy overpriced ice-cream from some lackey that runs around after the first round of advertisements"

Icecream that is enclosed in 'chocolate', because it thaws and gets refrozen 2 dozen times before finally finding a buyer and so people run to the toilet multiple times after half an hour.

Comment Depends (Score 2) 351

"Would You Eat Lab-Grown Meat?"

Only if it gets billions of government subsidies, violates animals rights, ruins surface water, damages the environment and the air and is filled with hormones and antibiotics and fat giving you heart-attacks, just like the real thing.

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