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Comment Re:Who wants one? (Score 1) 186

"I mostly just want it for car/bike navigation/ in can sending SMS (e.g. to an incoming phone call or text -- "reply with canned 'im driving' message"; or "tell X 'ill be there in Y minutes" and a few other commands. I'd want it to do all voice processing on the phone, and only send out specific types of requests to the internet. (e.g. if I request it to map a street address... it can send the address out."

That's exactly what Siri does. RTFM

Comment Re: Ask Slashdot (Score 1) 186

"I personally don't like to use voice assistants, mainly for privacy reasons. "

Well I can tell you that just saying in the dark: "Hey Siri, wake me up at 7" beats getting up. going to the bathroom to get my glasses, putting some light on, ruining my Melatonin production and setting the clock manually, any time, any day.

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