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Comment Online Triage Tags . . . (Score 1) 215

Another brilliant idea! For those who have never seen a triage tag:

The four color-coded groups at the bottom determine how long you can wait for treatment.

So think about doing this online:

Triage: Sir, are you breathing?

Patient: No, I am not.

Triage: Sir, do you have a pulse?

Patient: No, I do not.

Triage: Please print out the tag, select "Morgue," and tie it to your wrist. A hearse will be by to pick you up shortly.

Patient: Zombie gets ride in car . . . with braaainns!


Submission + - SPAM: 24's Kim Bauer: television's dumbest character

brumgrunt writes: "The TV show 24 has always prided itself on some terrific supporting characters. So why do the producers keep turning back to Kim Bauer, singularly one of the dumbest characters ever to grace television screens? And why did they drag her out again for the season just finished? As Den Of Geek says, "Kim Bauer has rightly been held up as a figure of ridicule by anyone who has ever had a gnat's fart's worth of logic enter their head". [spam URL stripped]"
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Prescription Handguns For the Elderly and Disabled Screenshot-sm 1093

Repton writes "Thanks to the Second Amendment, even the elderly have the right to keep and bear arms. The problem is that many of the guns out there are a bit unwieldy for an older person to handle. However, the inventors of the Palm Pistol are planning to change all that with a weapon that is ideal for both the elderly and the physically disabled. In a statement submitted to Medgadget, the manufacturer, Constitution Arms, has revealed the following: 'We thought you might be interested to learn that the FDA has completed its "Device/Not a Device" determination and concluded the handgun will be listed as a Class I Medical Device.' Physicians will be able to prescribe the Palm Pistol for qualified patients who may seek reimbursement through Medicare or private health insurance companies."

Submission + - Jimmy Wales Faces Allegations of Corruption (

eldavojohn writes: "There are a couple allegations of Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, abusing his power. The article states that several people claim he used the foundation to pay for person a expenses including reimbursement for a $1,300 dinner for four at a Florida steakhouse. Along with that are accusations that he dated and then edited the conservative political columnist and television commentator Rachel Marsden's Wikipedia entry after she was concerned with it and asked him about it. To which Wales replied that "I acted completely consistently with Wikipedia policy. I did the right thing: I passed along my work to date for other editors to deal with, and I recused myself from the case.""

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