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Comment Re:Just a fad (Score 1) 47

I'd have to disagree.

I'd LOVE to be trollin' around slashdot etc. instead of actually driving during my commute.

And my lazy son won't get a driver's license, making me drive. I'm thinking of telling him to Uber, but the idea of riding with a creepy stranger kind of bothers me. I'd rather it be creepy robot.

There are people too young, too old, or too ill to drive, and many that just don't want to. I'd say that's at least 1/4 the population (excluding younger than say 12). Big potential market.

Comment Re:Domain modelling [Re:Shying away from OOP(s)] (Score 1) 671

you don't know what the fuck OO is in the first place

Nobody agrees on the definition or formal characteristics.

And nobody agrees on who gets to decide the definition. There is no standards body who defines what OO is. YOU are not it.

Every tool has a proper place and use, and making relative value judgements between them is something fuckwits do when they only know how to use one thing.

I've mentioned multiple times I do choose to use it to some degree. I've found practical utility for it under certain circumstances. So what is this "one thing"?

how you've rooted out this terrible OO hoax perpetrated on the industry

Well, okay, "hoax" is possibly a little harsh, but I do believe that OO-domain-modeling was thrust on the industry by hucksters wanting to sell books and consulting services; and millions, if not billions were spent chasing this false dream.

The primary focus of these hucksters was in domain modeling. Therefore, other than a small blurb, I didn't used to make much of a distinction between "OO" and "OO domain modelling".

A bigger distinction is made now in the industry because practical experience and failures taught many that domain modeling is NOT where OO shines. I know you disagree that domain modeling was the main stated selling point of OO, but we'll just have to let that disagreement stand (unless somebody can present reliable surveys of beliefs).

Why does it matter to you anyhow? It's water under the bridge. I'm not understanding your complaint. It appears you want to make this all about me instead of OO. That's why you appear to be a troll. Non-trolls talk about the subject at hand. Say something about OO and than back your claim with evidence: that's not asking too much.

You seem to agree there that scientifically comparing the utility of software engineering paradigms/techniques is either a gray art or requires resources not yet committed by anybody. Good, that part is mostly settled then.

Comment Re:How hard is it to find emails? (Score 1) 510

Anyone who has ever sent an email knows there are at least 2 copies. One on the sender's account. One on the recipient's. If anyone else is CC'd, then they have a copy too. Did anyone believe when she 'wiped her server' (even without a cloth), that they all disappeared forever?

I've read that the "regular" office server croaked and the backups were fucked. Hillary and Colin were correct about one thing: gov't IT sucks.

I tried to find links to post about it, but the name-space is too flooded with articles about H's server now. I'll keep looking...

Comment Context of "what diff does it make" (Score 1) 510

Conservative spinners keep spinning the "What difference does it make" comment. Here's more detail and quotes:


My interpretation was that she was saying a category classification of "terror" versus "non-terror" was a premature and/or irrelevant question JUST right after the attacks had taken place. The terror/protest dichotomy was something the news cycle created, and is possibly useless (especially being it was likely a combination of both: a smaller plan expanded by the existence of protesters).

But, pundits frame it as a summary dismissal of the question.

Comment Trolls for Drama Prison [Re:Hillary for prison!] (Score 1) 510

She's even gone as far to blame a black man for telling her to do what she did.

I don't know that's an accurate way to describe it. The truth may be more nuanced:


It appears he did make a general recommendation related to an outside account, but perhaps Clinton's aides over-spun it, not necessarily Hillary herself.

She has been legally and politically pressured to describe in detail why she didn't use the gov't system, and recommendations from Powell would be a legitimate part of that.

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