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Comment Re:I've nearly last count... (Score 1) 958

So in your near future you'll be immorally benefiting from the burden that parents in your society shoulder in having children while you squander your money on yourselves now.

And who's going to shoulder the burden and take care of you and your wife while continuing to make society function when *you're* old? Other peoples children, who other people invested enormous amounts of time, money and energy in now.

Don't be so proud of your conscious decision to being a future burden for material gain right now. It's pretty rude at best that you simply expect everyone elses kids to support you in your old age simply because you wanted a higher level of material wealth in your youth.

The childless were historically seen as an absolute coming burden on communities and behaved accordingly, it's only now that western society and taxes are so diluted and removed from individuals that the stigma has disappeared. It doesn't make it any less true though, you will be living off of the investment and sacrifices of parents raising children now. And with less and less people having children in western countries more and more is being expected from the children being born today BY THOSE VERY PEOPLE.

I hope you give a lot to charity and your community now to make up for it, that has been the traditional role of the childless to make up for the burden and dead weight that they will be on other peoples children in the future...

And yes I expect this post to go down like a lead balloon on this site as there is a vast over representation of the childless here - and college kids and twenty somethings who abide by age old tradition in swearing that they'll never have kids (lol).

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