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Comment Re:Scientists have proven (Score 2) 103

Actually, I saw one on the news saying they'd seen some of their emails up there and then they waffled about non-specific "inaccuracies." They clearly said it was their email, but they weren't giving any specifics about what they believed was inaccurate.

So that tells me the DNC email was really leaked. I'd say it's a time to "trust but verify"--that is, don't blindly trust anything you read, but corroborate it yourself with other evidence.

Comment Re:Scientists have proven (Score 2) 103

Actually there are quite a few DKIM signatures on there, though those sometimes get broken for irrelevant reasons.

Furthermore, some of them can (and have) been corroborated based on independent evidence.

The best way to avoid being manipulated is to verify things yourself, though. Don't believe someone when they says the emails say this or that, go read them for yourself. Go follow the links in the investigations.

Think for yourself, don't let reporters do your thinking for you.

I don't even ask you to trust me. I'd much rather you investigate and verify everything on your own.

Comment Re:Yes, selecting the US president isn't "gossip" (Score 4, Insightful) 103

Why is exposing illegal activity, including things like staging violence at political rallies, a "dirty trick"? It's interesting how people change when their own team is exposed in wrongdoing.

You can tell a lot about who can and cannot be trusted by how they act, such as the Republicans saying to avoid the leaks because "next time it might be us."

Funny thing, I'm not on either team. I supported Obama back in the day and you can go look up my history if you want. Rather, I hope that everyone doing dirty tricks gets exposed.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 110

> It was a pretty unprecedented move to declare Russia as being behind the hacks and wouldn't do so if they didn't have solid evidence.

Or their bosses told them to. Don't remember what they said about the yellowcake or how they stumped for the Iraq war? Or how they decided that negligence requires intent, despite that being a literal contradiction in terms? If there is intent, it *can't* be negligence, literally by definition.

Comment Re:Snowden also did something illegal (Score 3, Insightful) 103

Well, the GOP offices have been firebombed ("Nazi republicans get out"). Someone here on Slashdot was calling that a "Reichstag fire" (yeah, umm, so where are the riots over it? oh, right... the GOP doesn't stage those). People on the Democratic payroll (MoveOn, specifically) were responsible for staging the violence at Trump rallies and then blamed Sanders supporters for it. Oh, and there was a mysterious DC "robbery" (where nothing was taken) with the guy shot twice in the back in the middle of the night. Who was an insider that may have been responsible for some leaks. Don't worry! Fact checkers "debunked" that due to there being "no evidence" on the same day (investigate? why?). The killer has not been caught.

But we can ignore that because Russia? If Putin wanted to influence the elections, it's pretty clear that he could've just donated to the Clinton foundation like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and everyone else.

Comment Is "game after game" grammatical? (Score 1) 47

To help you understand, we will first need to understand your English proficiency. Of the following phrases, which is the first to sound ungrammatical to you? That'll help me craft an explanation.

A. Researchers "who test the theories"
B. Researchers "who test the theories in games"
C. Researchers "who test the theories in game after game"
D. Researchers "who test the theories in game after callus-creating game"

Comment Re:Easy Work-Around (Score 1) 148

In a scheme to evade hotel tax through early termination, the following happen in order:

1. Previous tenant leaves early.
2. Owner reports to Airbnb that the previous tenant has left early.
3. While the property lies vacant, you book your accommodation.
4. You book your travel.
5. You stay and leave early.
6. Owner reports to Airbnb that you have left early.
7. While the property lies vacant, someone else books her accommodation...

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