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Journal Anarcho-Goth's Journal: TV Listings 4

Anyone know of a good site for TV Listings?

I used to use but a while back they "upgraded" it and now it is almost completely useless.
At best it is slow and clumsy, and shows everything at an incorrect time. Part of the problem is that they are now trying to do everything in Java or Active X or something so it takes forever for it to do anything. It really pisses me off when someone breaks something because they think more complicated equals better.

So, does anyone know of any TV listing sites that actually work and not a complete pain is the butt?

I must now listen to Disposable Heroes to cancel out the banality of this post.

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TV Listings

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  • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
    If you find a good one, let me know :-| I still haven't figured out why sites break things with flashy crap, when the "improvement" doesn't even add any functionality. I guess there could be more here (like, perhaps easier maintanence behind the scenes) but if you make the site useless, it doesn't really matter how easy it is to maintain if no one uses it anymore.
  • Most of the reason we buy the Sunday paper is that it has a week long tv guide.

    Am in Australia.

    Our teletext service is crippled. You can now only get one stations TV guide on it.

    However, digital TV here includes teletext and a live tv guide.

    Another reason for me to want a TV tuner card.

    Is that option available where you are?

    Any website is always going to be crippled by the idiots at the TV stations changing the prgrams at teh last minute. Hopefully the setup for digital TV is automated and reflects that.
    • I don't have cable or anything right now.

      But my financial situation has improved lately, and I am actually thinking about getting cable.

      It is a toss up between cable having really annoying commercials, and the dish companies' annoying telemarketing.

      Maybe I shouldn't give money to either. Or if I do maybe it should be on merit rather who is the least annoying.
      • by tqft ( 619476 )

        "It is a toss up between cable having really annoying commercials, and the dish companies' annoying telemarketing."
        No cable in our area.
        Only options are - plain old tv, digital tv - ie a few extra channels and extras (tv guide & teletext), or satellite.

        Would never find the time to make use of 40+ channels (not a 100+ this is Australia).
        Hence the desire for a hdtv card for computer and some ad skipping software.

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