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Journal Anarcho-Goth's Journal: Opinions on Cricket Cell Phones? 2

I need to get a cell phone, and I need to get one soon, and with unlimited use.

From what I understand, $45 a month with no contracts is a decent deal.

I especially like the no-contract part.

But does anyone know if they have good coverage?

Without a contract there is a lot less risk, but it would be nice to know if people have had good or bad experiences with them, or their friends. I don't like wasting money.

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Opinions on Cricket Cell Phones?

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  • I used to use Cricket a few years back; I switched away because my SO was locked into her plan and it was cheaper to add me to her plan than to keep using Cricket. I would happily go back to them (coverage was decent here in Albuquerque NM), plus I could always do long distance with a calling card (though I think they may offer long distance now). One could assume that they care more about their customers, since they can jump ship anytime (unlike the bastards known as Alltel who have us locked into a contra
  • by blazin ( 119416 )
    Full Disclosure: I work for Cricket.

    I haven't found a cell phone service that offers as much usage as Cricket for so cheap. You can check out the plans at The breakdown is this. For $35 you can get unlimited local calling. For $40, you add unlimited long distance. Keep in mind that these aren't time restricted (ie, weekend and nights). You could talk on the phone 24/7 and your bill would not change. In fact, recently, some guy posted a video on youtube with his Cricket phone numbe

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