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Comment Re:Windows Phones... Do they sell them? (Score 3, Informative) 75

You can buy them unlocked directly from Microsoft on their website. No need to get the carrier involved.

Also, why would anybody ask to see the phones if they are in the back? Most people would probably assume that the only phones that are available at the store are the ones on display.This is probably a lot to do with why they aren't catching on more. People don't see the phones at any of the stores, so they don't even think about getting one.

Personally, I like Windows phone a lot more than iOS or Android. The whole experience is a lot better, and I get updates much more often. With my old Android phone, I never got a single update from the way they shipped it from the factory.

Comment Re:Not a surprise (Score 1) 227

I'm sure some people would be able to fill it up. But it's twice as big as the largest option on current generation iPhones, and larger than I've seen on any other phone out there, although there may be some that support more if you put in a very large SD card. I'm not saying 256 GB will be all anybody every needs, but we all know Apple will never support SD cards, so just giving everybody 256 GB of storage would be a big plus. I think a lot of people would go for something like that. But they wouldn't be able to sell extra iCloud storage, and they wouldn't be able to charge $200 more for $20 worth of built-in storage.

Comment Re:Not a surprise (Score 3, Interesting) 227

Personally, I think there are a lot of things they could do with the iPhone to make it better, but I think it would hurt their bottom line so they don't do it. The iPhone is $700. Why not ship the base unit with 256 GB of storage. They could do it and still remain profitable. Then they would only have 1 option for storage space, and they could differentiate models on things like battery life. Have a thick version with a headphone jack and an extra large batter, and smaller, thinner version with a smaller battery and no headphone jack (since they insist this is what people want).

Comment No Headphone Jack (Score 4, Insightful) 227

I can't believe that the next iPhone won't have a headphone jack. I think the world really isn't ready for this change. Personally I use Bluetooth headphones 80% of the time, but I think going that last 20% would be problematic. And if their headphone adapters are as resilient as their charging cables, this is going to end up being a major problem. I don't think that most people would go for a phone without a headphone jack. Even if they don't use it most of the time.

Comment Re:Pandora and Amazon for me (Score 1) 311

I think hearing repeats has more to do with algorithms than it does to do with amount of content available. I was on Spotify on 2 different trial periods spaced over a year apart, and both times I ended up cancelling because it just played too many repeats, even though I know it had more content available. Choosing 90s or some other huge category seemed to only have some list of 100 songs, even though it was supposed to be a dynamic list. It would also pick things that specifically weren't from that decade.

Comment Re:Is this what they've determined we want? (Score 1) 125

I'm in Canada on Wind mobile. Those rates only apply to in the city, but I only leave the city about once a year anyway, and it's usually to another city where the rates still apply. The only place I don't get unlimited usage is out on the highway between cities or at the cottage, but I don't tend to make that many calls out there anyway. I'm also grandfathered into an old plan, their current plan is $40+tax if you want 5GB of data.

Comment Re:No SD slot? (Score 3, Insightful) 125

I'm kind of with you. I'm not sure what the reason is for not including an SD card slot. 64 GB is probably big enough that I wouldn't need one, but it would also be tempting to spend $20 and get another 64 GB of storage. I'm sure that if the phone had something like 512GB of storage that I wouldn't feel the need for it, and any complaints would be unfounded, but it's almost the principle of the matter. Why wouldn't you take minimal steps to have expandable storage on a phone.

Comment Re:Is this what they've determined we want? (Score 2) 125

I also got an unlocked phone about a year ago, but mine only cost me $200. I'm also receiving OS updates still. I never said I was renting my phone. I own my phone outright, pay $35 a month (taxes included) for unlimited calling, texting, and 5GB of data with no overage charges (connection is slowed one you go over the cap). I personally can't believe that people spend $700 on the latest Samsung or Apple phones. Even a $400 phone is too rich for me. It's just not worth it at all. I spend $200 on my phone, buy it outright, and if something happens like the phone breaking, or OS updates not coming out for whatever reason, or a new feature that somebody hadn't thought of last year, then I upgrade to a new $200 phone.

Comment Re:Screw the 6GB of RAM (Score 1) 125

Maybe I'm being naive here, but I see little reason why we don't have SSD class storage in our phones at this point. Can someone please explain it to me? Does it require too much power? It doesn't seem unreasonable to me to have a phone with a 120 GB SSD in it. Maybe the phone would be a bit thicker, but I think it's a feature a lot of people would like to have. I really hope Samsung can find a way to put this SSD in their next phone.

Comment Is this what they've determined we want? (Score 4, Insightful) 125

Do we really need 6 GB of RAM on a phone? Until Android gets something like Continuum on Windows phone, where you can dock the phone and use it like a desktop, there seems little reason to have that much RAM. I guess they've just run out of things to upgrade to justify the high price. Personally, I won't spend much more than $200 on a phone at this point. Things are changing too fast on the software side, and updates to operating systems are often not available. You basically have to get a new phone every year or two to be guaranteed having the latest OS, and spending $400+ on a new phone every year or two is a little rich for my tastes.

Comment Re:Hmm... Alienware (Score 2) 82

Dell seems to be going down this path. You used to be able to customize many aspects of Dell computers. Now if you go to Dell's website, and look at Inspiron desktops, you get 0 options for actually configuring the machine. You can choose from 1 of 4 preconfigured systems. The only options are for including MS Office and other various software and warranty services. You can't even get something as simple as lower end desktop with an SSD instead of an HDD. To get a desktop with an SSD, you have to go to the high end XPS machines, and even there it's included as a second drive. With the price of SSDs, it's amazing they aren't offering them as an option on every PC/laptop. There is very little reason at this point to go with a spinning platter drive at this point for your main storage. Even with a laptop, you'd be better off using an SSD and carrying around an external HDD if you really needed the extra space.

Comment Re:Amazon gets away with lots of crazy stuff (Score 1) 202

I really wish that Amazon would do away with the other sellers. Put them off on another domain where they can be searched separately for those people who still want to use them. It's very disingenuous to show all the stuff that comes on the slow boat from China from some random manufacturer mixed in with the stuff that's sold directly from Amazon and usually delivered within 3.

Comment Re:Seattle Director's Rule (Score 4, Interesting) 144

Why don't they partner with game shops (and walmart and other retailers) to put a computer in their store where you can load games onto a hard drive. Bring in a USB hard drive, enter your xbox live ID or scan a barcode that corresponds to your account. An encrypted copy of the game is put on the hard disk. You bring the hard disk home, and the game is copied onto the console and decrypted by the fact that it's connected to your account. You could probably even set up a system where-by digital games could be shared/sold between different accounts by deactivating the game on one person's account, and activating it on another person's account. That way you could just bring a hard disk full of games over to your friend's house, instead of having to cart around a bunch of discs.

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