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Comment Re:Shortsighted? (Score 1) 162

I think the problem is that it seems from reading the article that "30 percent of the value of goods sold in the store should be made in India". That means even if 30% of the items they stock are made in India, there's a chance that they might not meet the quota if nobody buys those products. If only 30% of the products in the store had to be made in India, it would be trivially easy to get around it by offering for sale a single high priced item that was equivalent to 30%, even if nobody bought it. You can't control what people buy. Even if you have 90% of your products from India, you can't be sure that people will actually buy them. Unless the iPhone, iPad, or Macbook was made in India, there's very little chance that offering other products made in India at the Apple Store would result in 30% sales being from the Indian produced products.

Comment Re:How about (Score 0, Offtopic) 334

You see, when her parents died, she inherited the kingdom, encapsulated herself in her room, and figured out how to get her powers to act differently depending on the type of situation she encountered. The MakeIce() function call no longer just caused death and destruction, it could also be fun or helpful depending on the object being enacted upon.

Comment Re:Great, But.... (Score 1) 59

I did some testing on my Raspberry Pi running on a pair of 18650 Li-Ion batteries inside a generic USB charger and I got about 5.5 hours while the Raspberry Pi was mostly idle. With the Raspberry Pi running Quake 3 Demo loop, I was able to keep it running for about 4.5 hours. I don't think the Raspberry Pi supports really low power modes, or the operating system never puts it in low power like most phones do, because on a similar amount of battery power most phones would probably at least stay alive for an entire day when they are idle. Especially because I wasn't running a screen or any radios while using the Raspberry Pi.

Comment Re:Accuracy of other heart rate monitors? (Score 1) 136

Here's a review from a reviewer I trust. Compared to heart rate straps, wrist based HRMs seem to be not very good at tracking heart rate during intense workouts. It also seems like it has trouble tracking changes that occur quickly during such as during interval training.

Comment I thought it was well known (Score 1) 136

Good to see some actual studies done on this, but I think that many people who work out already knew about this. Here's a review of the Fitbit Charge HR which shows that during periods of intense exercise, that the fitbit doesn't track very well. It seems to do a pretty good job when you aren't exercising, but compared even to a heart rate strap worn on the chest, the accuracy is lacking.

Comment Re:Desi Indians? (Score 1) 222

That's the free market economy plain and simple. If two companies are selling comparable hamburgers, and one is selling for $3 and the other one is selling for $5, I'm going to buy the $3 one. If two programmers have comparable skill, and one will work for $60,000 a year, while the other one is asking for $80,000 a year, then I'm going to hire the guy who will work for $60,000. Even if skill levels aren't equal, if you're have $1,000,000 to spend on salaries, are you going to hire 16 of the $60,000 guys, or 12 $80,000 guys, or maybe 3 of the $80,000 guys and 12 of the $60,000 guys.

The mix of programmers you choose at what salaries they demand and what skills they provide isn't really what each individual programmer things is best. Granted, they don't always make the best decisions, and often times end up hiring inferior programmers who make the project fail, but you also don't want to pay too much for more talent than you could possibly use. You really don't want to be paying guys $120,000 a year and then have them sit around browsing slashdot all day because you ran out of work for them to do.And if the only work you have for them is menial coding work that doesn't require much skill, then they aren't going to be happy, and you'll have to hire and retrain somebody else, or you could have had 2 people doing the menial work and getting more done than the highly paid person.

Comment Slow day in sports (Score 1) 106

Today's Mathcounts national championship for middle-school mathletes aired on ESPN3, and it was definitely the best live sports anyone could be watching at 10 a.m. on a Monday morning.

Must have been a slow day for sports. Given that there's international sports, you should probably be able to find something interesting to watch at any time of the day. Maybe the Giro D'Italia shouldn't have had a rest day.

Comment Re: Wi-fi Hotspots? (Score 1) 69

You can set up different quality settings for each profile. I have a high quality profile that I use when I want to watch a movie on my TV. But when I'm watching TV shows on my phone or tablet, I use my main profile which is set to the lowest quality, since I can't see the difference anyway. The kids always use the lowest quality setting when watching cartoons on the TV and the quality seems to be good enough.

Comment Re:Cars, cars, cars (Score 1) 88

There's only 1.8 million people in all of Nebraska. It doesn't really mattter that the Tesla concept doesn't work for every single person in the country. As long as they can get it to work for the large population centers like California, New York, etc, they can probably cover 60% of the US population.

Also, for People doing that one trip a year where to visit family, they would probably be better off renting a gasoline car and saving money year round by paying less to operate the electric car for the year.

Comment Re:Node.js sucks (Score 3, Insightful) 58

This is one of the things I love about the .Net platform. A lot of the common problems have been solved. I don't have to worry about writing code to solve problems that have been solved for decades. I can focus on writing new code to solve the new problems are specific to the domain I am working in.

Comment Re:Only electric cars can't cheat on emissions (Score 3, Informative) 195

Ontario has also gone completely coal free. They still have a few gas plants, but we're on the path to getting rid of those as well.

The breakdown is as follows

57.4% Nuclear
27.4% Hydro Electric
8.1% Gas
5.1% Wind
1.3% Biofuel
0.7% Solar

Values on that page are apparently updated in real time based on current load on the system.

Comment Re:Time for the Paid Shills to Earn Their Keep! (Score 1) 250

My phone does all those other things you mentioned as well. The local bus company doesn't even have an app, they just have a web site. They actually opened up the API so other people could provide a better experience and have real time bus locations without the bus company needing to pay for expensive development fees. My bank app works on my phone, although I hardly use it because I don't really see much need for banking on my phone.

Comment Re: We don't want data caps. (Score 1) 148

But that doesn't give a reasonable limit. Even a 10 Mbit connection going fill throttle could transfer over 3 terabytes in a month. 10 Mbit is probably about as slow as you want if you want to be able to stream an HD movie. Most people want faster connections like 30 Mbit or 100 Mbit, and those would yield 9 and 30 terabytes if you used them to their full potential. This is why you need some other limit. If you only limit on line speed, then most people would only be able to afford 1 Mbit or less and they would be unable to stream video.

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