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Journal Anarcho-Goth's Journal: How to find an IP Address on a LAN? 2

I just set up a wireless router, and want to log into it so I can set up security features as well as change the default password, but when I try to pull up the default IP address in a web browser as it has in the instructions it doesn't come up.

The assume that you are connecting the wireless router directly to the broadband "modem", but I got a firewall and a switch first. I am guessing because of this that my firewall is assigning an IP address via DHCP or something, instead of the wifi router assigning its own IP address.

How do I scan my LAN for IP addresses?

Is there a general command for this in linux/unix, or program that you would recommend for this?

Or when my laptop running Windows XP connects to the WIFI router, is there a way to find out from that?

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How to find an IP Address on a LAN?

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  • Check the address leases on your DHCP server to see if the wireless router is picking up an address from DHCP.

    But I think it's more likely that the default address the router is using is in a different netblock than the one the rest of your network is using, and there's no route between them. A relatively easy way to work around that is to change the IP on your computer to be close to the router's default address, connect to and reconfigure the router to your current netblock, then change your computer back
  • Did you connect the WAN or the LAN side of the wireless router to your existing network?
    Is your desktop system now behind the wireless router (LAN side), cablingwise, or in front of it (WAN side)?

    To make this simple: connect WAN side to your existing network, and connect LAN side to your system. Then the instructions will work, more than likely.

    If not, answer those two questions and I will ask a few more and answer you.

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