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Comment Re:B*llshit (Score 1) 478

Mac or Linux or Solaris users don't have problems a typical Windows user has ...

I've found that the people who know for a fact that Windows is a superior system to Unixy systems do not use anything but Windows, and don't know how to use anything else. Using and maintaining both, its no contest. Windows is brittle, and you have problems you don't have with anything else.

Comment Re:B*llshit (Score 1) 478

How about the Apple Fanbois factor?

Hey! How about the Apple Fanboy factor? Fortunately tht kind of tips your hand.

Well here we go. We employed a division of people to keep the PC's running.

One person to keep the Mac's running. That was me. I also filled in with the PC's for the suits. But even I spent at least 5 times the effort on fixing PC problems as I did Macs

The Windows machines really needed that army of IT people because they had constant problems. You can't deny it even with your silly printer counterexample. You see, your argument falls apart when dealing with someone that has equal experience. This is an estimate, but we had around 1 guy per hundred Macs, and around 1 person for every 20 PC's. Fanbois....teee hee!

Comment Duh! (Score 1) 478

We had an entire division of people tasked with keeping the Windows machines running. Macs? Me.

As well, the Macs tended to last at least 1.5 sometimes 2 times longer before they were obsolete.

So yes, the Windows machines were a little cheaper to buy. But once the upgrades were done, then the new ones were bought, and the never ending strem of IT work requests for the windows machines, it wasn't even close.

Comment Re:We're supposed to be surprised? (Score 1) 99

There are uncooperative employees (although very few in my personal experience), and there are requests that have to be attended to immediately. There's also jobs that require concentration, and aren't really compatible with instant attention to every email. Over my career, I've had more problems from interruptions than from colleagues.

I've had horrific times with interruptions, including what I call Job assignment by being seen in the hallway. Meanwhile the colleague issues tend to sort themselves out pretty quickly. Not everyone needs instant attention, and sure as hell not everyone wants to work in that environment. But it has its rewards. People who need a slower pace get moved to places where their need can be satisfied.

Comment Re:For them theoretically hacking a private org? (Score 1) 352

old pussy grabber's

Oh my god, so he has heterosexual contact with willing participants of the opposite sex?! What a horrible person he is, he should be burned at the stake for being a heterosexual white male.

So if Trump came up and grabbed your wife's cunt, you'd say hey, no problem.

Seriously what the fuck is the matter with you? A person who says sexual assault is just boys being boys, has some serious problems, And let's say you have a prepubescent daughter, and someone came up to you and told you she was hot and he couldn't wait to fuck her in a few years. That's also boys being boys.

You're one sick fuck, Good day sir.

Comment Re:McCarthism (Score 4, Insightful) 541

Are you or have you ever been an anti-vaxxer? If yes, you are blacklisted.

Sounds like you think resorting to McCarthism is ok as long as you agree with the reasons for it.

Its "McCarthyism", and such an interesting term since the head of the anti-vaxxer movement is one Jenny McCarthy, a woman who isn't a doctor, and her main claim to fame is that she has photos taken of her while not wearing clothing.

You mistake politics for science. "McCarthyism" was a modern day witch hunt, using early cold-war paranoia about communism to advance a political carreer. It destryed the lives of a number of people, including it's perpetrator.

Anti-vaxxing is an unscientific plan to take advantage of the emotional aspects of children with disabilities by blaming it on an unrelated activity. Oddly enough, it ignores that unvaccinated children sometimes die as a result of its adherents.

It isn't politics - its science.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 541

Are you insane? Apparentley there is no more freedom in opinion in Australia, and also no more freedom of speech.

You mistake freedom of speech with the reactions to that free speech. This confuses some people, who think that you can say anything you damn well please - like physical threats against politicians - and that everyone has to sit by and not react to that.

The problem of course is that the person making bizzare claims does not have the right to squelch the responses made to those claims. This is because everyone has the right - not just them.

And in the medical profession, there are laws, regulations, and guidelines they must adhere to.

We don't see many Christian Scientist doctors because their belief system precludes almost all medicines. In your imaginary loudest person wins world, a Christian scientist can be declared a medical doctor just by saying "I am a doctor, My medical training is complete and from the Holy Bible"

Sorry, but Anti-Vaxx is an opinion that is not backed up by facts, and has no place in a discipline based upon biology. It was created by a researcher in tandem with a lawyer who was trying to take advantage the almost inevitable guilty verdict that results when a child is involved against the medical profession. That's the reason that there aren't many medicines approved for pregnant women - too much liability exposure in all phases, from testing to administering.

So anti-vaxxing is a legitimate opinion, but neither valid, nor having a place in modern medicine. There are faith healing circus tent attractions to go to where that opinion is welcome. Otherwise we have to allow bloodletting and birth control by the woman drinking Mercury (ancient Chinese method)

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 541

That has nothing to do with it. Everybody has the right to his own opinion and has the freedom to express the same. Including nurses.

There are some opinions that disqualify you to be certain professions. If you want to be an anti-vaxxer, be a liberal crystal lovin' housewife or a conservative bible banger who doesn't believe in medicine at all. Side note - surveys have shown that left/right ideology is around an even mix in anti-vaxxers.

There are some opinions that just stink. Because polio isn't an opinion, whooping cough isn't an opinion, measles isn't an opinion. One's opinions do not make them unreal

Comment Re:Sounds good (Score 2) 57

No one (sane) questions whether solar works or not.

I'm inclined to agree, but I get a lot of the "it won't work" responses on Slashdot.

It's a pretty straightforward technology, and it's intuitively ideal for reducing demand during peak hours, typically the middle of the work day. There are, however, questions about whether the economics make sense without government subsidies, which is where we'd like to eventually end up, I think.

Certainly. But since technology desn't stay in one place, That situation willt change. The economies of scale can make some pretty complex and involved processes very inexpensive. I was shocked to see that a lot of solar installations are even going in place in Alaska. Now while it's true that the really long nights of winter render the cells pretty useless, they allow them to save a lot of money on diesel fuel, and can stockpile it during the summer for those winter days. In the summer they have a lot of sunlight.

I'm big on alternative energy, and was still surprised to see an economic solution to a big logistics problem in that neck of the woods.

Some will remain opposed for various reasons, and no amount of progress will change that.

Comment Re:Sounds good (Score 2) 57

Also these installations are being subsidized by the federal government for tax credits. So they are really not doing this to be green but to save tax dollars at the expenses of the American public.

Now tlk to me me about petroleum subsidies and releasing nuc plants form liability. Even transportation ethanol gets yuge subsidies.

Comment Re:Sounds good (Score 1) 57

Target has already had a 19% decline in stock price this year alone. They are definitely not in a profitable mode. If i was a stock holder i'd be questioning why they are spending all this money to install solar panels and not trying to improve there profit by selling their retail goods. Sounds like the TGT board needs to be more focused on their core business.

Musta been those solar panels, eh? Everyone knows that the sun doesn't shine after dark.

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