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Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 1) 397

The preferred alternative of pure monitor plus streaming box could be marketed as 'modular TV'.

Better yet they could just make the screen with a whole load of different inputs and a built in tuner and call it a TV

Comment Re:Ooh, that evil Apple! (Score 1) 172

I know, that's what I said, apples margins are so tight and their costs so high that they can't afford not to jack the prices. They need the import fees and duty for the apps to be paid after all. It would probably be different if they were sitting on one of the largest piles of cash around and it's beyond the pale that individual developers could increase prices if they felt their apps were now undervalued. Nope, total across the board price increase is the right thing to do. I wonder, when the pound goes back up if they will reduce the prices. Somehow, I doubt it.

Comment Re:Ooh, that evil Apple! (Score 1) 172

Is this the daily "Let's all scream at Apple article?" Slashdot is becoming a fucking joke.

Yeah lets, put our prices up because we can. It's not like brexit is increasing the price it cost apple to run the store and deliver apps. They're just not making quite as much pure profit of that shit and we all know how tight apples margins are...

Comment Re:Its not cheating (Score 1) 406

Using marked cards is cheating, but it's also against the law. Any contract you may sign is void when the deal is illegal under current law. If the casino wasn't told upfront the cards were marked, it would also void the contract even if the law didn't make it illegal to use marked cards in the first place, because the casino would never have gone through with it if they had known upfront.

To be fair, his insisting on using a specific set of cards should have rang alarm bells, at least to have them inspected by someone from the casino, if they miss whatever and let it play that's on their head.

Comment Re: God created the moon (Score 1) 140

Clearly it is said that God created man in his own image. Women were simply an afterthought taken from a left over spare rib. Perhaps He ran out of BBQ sauce?

He was thinking, I like this design but it needs more tits and the danglies get in the way so we'll just put them inside and jobs a goodun.

Comment Re:Why "I" shouldn't trust Geek Squad? (Score 0) 389

No, I don't mind. Because I don't have any illegal drugs or child pornography for the plumber to find.

Exactly what are you afraid of them finding?

So you'd basically be ok with some random searching through your house/car/computer/whatever because you have nothing to hide? It's not about having anything to hide or not, it's about privacy, respect and the principle. I can guarantee you there's no child porn on my pc but if you want to search it on the off chance you can find some and dob me in to the fbi you can go fuck yourself.

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