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Comment Re:You're doing it wrong. (Score 0) 284

That's not how you beg for us to give you our old toys.

The rest of the world should cut every cable going to/from America and let you have it. America has proven time and time again they can not be trusted. Cut them off and let them have their very own exclusive internet. You can go on and on about how 'you' invented it but you're using our language so fuck off already. Let's just route around the problem. Thanks for the idea but you fucked the job.

Comment Re: Obama.... (Score 3, Interesting) 284

It's not a global asset it's a US asset we designed and built that we have been nice enough to let others use.

What like the GPS system? The original design and infrastructure may have been American designed, but the internet as a whole nowadays very much is not and you don't own it anymore than England owns the English language.

Comment Re: If it works (Score 1) 286

You repair it when it it stops working, not while it's working. Seriously, read and comprehend the comment before going off on one.

Ooh, let me guess... You are from the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' school of thought?

Congratulations, precious snow flake.

For reference, in my days, you would actually maintain things so they didn't break...

Yeah, maintenance is different to repair, that's why they have two completely separate words.

Comment Re:don't get your hope up (Score 1) 261

Not valid at all. What if you watch a film hoping it will get better. But it doesn't. By your logic the media has been consumed, except it was a pile of crap. I believe under such circumstances one is entitled to a refund.

I disagree, refunds for defective products only in most cases. Buyers remorse is no excuse for a refund. If you buy a movie ticket and end up not enjoying the movie then shit one for you. If you buy a movie ticket and it ends up being an opera then you might have a point.

Comment Re: If it works (Score 3, Insightful) 286

Don't fscking touch it - which applies to code as well as tools.


And if it breaks, throw it out?

What happened to this world?

It used to be a badge of honor to repair things. Now days everything is disposable.

Kind of like what happened to Slashdot.

You repair it when it it stops working, not while it's working. Seriously, read and comprehend the comment before going off on one.

Comment Re:Ok, let me get this straight... (Score 1) 308

Regardless the technical availability of guns in ex soviet bloc countries that were invaded/annexed/whatever by Russia I think my point still stands. By we I meant europe ( as in EU), which those countries aren't really and what I took the original post to be aimed at, none of which have really been invaded since ww2. The closest you could get is the balkans probably but that's still more soviet than europe and even if you do count all those it hardly qualifies as ripe for invasion.

Comment Re: So are we... (Score 1) 491

I would send the British monarchy, only because I think they are a giant waste of my tax money.

You mean the ~56p they cost you per year? C'mon you cant even get a can of coke for that these days. I agree they're a useless waste of space but getting rid of them to save tax is a stupid reason.

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