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Comment Re:Don't forget the Glam Metal Detectives! (Score 1) 122

Don't forget Glam Metal Detectives. Me and my dad took a trip down to London to watch that again a few years ago. There was one joke we referenced for years and we went all the way down there to see it again as you can't buy the show, it's not on youtube or any of the bigger torrent sites. We got a little room, a shitty TV, crappy headphones and the tapes. We watched it all til it came on and it was worth every second. She loved it!

What's that? We're number one in Backupland? That's good, we're playing there next week.

Comment Re:Windows phone apps (Score 1) 156

OneNote (which really shines in mobile even better than on a desktop),

Unless you're not online in which case fuck you and fuck your notes. What save local copies or just have a simple offline notes app? Fuck off!

My main problem with my windows phone is it seems very reluctant to do things on its own and just begs to be synced, linked or otherwise connected to something else. It doesn't even have a simple phonebook ffs. It has to be linked to an email address that it can associate all the numbers and shit with so it's either give them all your contacts and have it mess with your main email account or create a new one just for this so you can just store numbers for people on your phone (and even that's a bit screwy). I picked option 2.

Comment Re:Stick a fork in it (Score 1) 156

By the time M$ got off their ass and got serious, the market was already locked up, regardless of how awesome their product was.

IF their product was awesome they might've been able to get a foothold to work from. Their product was shit though. Basically windows manhandled down to phone size, all the good bits taken out and replaced with iWannabe imitations that failed on all fronts.

Comment Re:We need fewer rocket launches, not more (Score 1) 58

If you care about this planet, you'll want to reduce rocket launches and make them less accessible to most people.

Yeah because this makes rocket launches accessible to most people. Most people with 100+ million to spare and a satellite that they want to put in orbit that is. Most people want to do that, I know I do, I've just been waiting for someone to make it accessible. Better get on it now before the queue starts.

Comment Re:Stick a fork in it (Score 1) 156

Like? I have a windows phone what apps should I be getting? Sure there's a lot of crap in the store but that's all it is, crap and dupes. The facebook app is shit, the youtube app is a link to open a browser window. There's no decent browsers, music players, video players etc available apart from the ms' offers and they're meh at best. I got a windows phone mainly because I thought it would intergrate more with my pc and expecially xbox, but no it does neither of those things and the bits that it does are worse than my previous android phone.

Comment Re: More important question (Score 1) 225

How are the crusades any different than today? We are actively trying to eliminate all the radical muslims that we can...we just do it safely from unmanned drones. It was a political response to the violent spread of Islam, very much like today.

How is it different? Because then we went over there in great numbers and killed basically everyone who didn't convert radical or not. Nowadays we're more discreet about it and all we really give a shit about is the oil.

Comment Re: More important question (Score 1) 225

I'd call Islam a cult bent bent on world domination. Convert or die.

That's exactly how Christianity became a dominant religion. Convert or die and if anybody thinks that I'm trying to defend Islam here, think again. I dislike all the Abrahamic religions equally since they are all missionary and violent.

What do you mean? The crusades were full of very reasonable gentlemen going door to door offering to share their love of jesus with you. If you said no they gave you a piece of cake and went next door. Am I thinking of the right thing?

Comment Re:Developers say it is safe? What about engineers (Score 3, Interesting) 240

The building's developer, Millennium Partners, insists the building is safe for occupancy and could withstand an earthquake.

In this context, I would guess "developer" is used similarly to "business development" which means sales. Personally, I would prefer an engineer to make a safety assessment rather than a developer in the assumed context, but I could be wrong about context. I didn't see Millennium Partners engineering firms on the first page of a Google search, though.

Maybe they mean safe in a context similar to "perfectly safe" from Zaphod Plays It Safe.

Look, it's safe until it's not okay, now shut up and get in there.

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