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Comment Re:Paradox (Score 2) 181

If we approved of it we'd still be doing it. And if we're being honest we did none of that, people that were alive hundreds of years ago did that lived on the same lands we do. They're doing that over there today. Just because a thing happened in the past and people at the time were ok with it doesn't mean we today can't look back and say what they fuck were they doing? Just like we look over there and say what the fuck.

Essentially what you saying is everything that happened in the past is ok to happen again because it happened before?

Comment Re:There but for the grace of... (Score 1) 325

People are nuts to be sure, religious folk, some at least especially so, but you have to admit this is a breed apart. Luckily we mostly manage to keep them at bay in the west but you are right, it can be pretty precarious and if they got the power I wouldn't put it past them to try and keep it as hard as these guys.

Comment Re: Fake (Score 1) 184

Nah, none of the real verifiable stuff matters, it was all fake too because after thinking about it for a few seconds I decided so. None of the legitimate refutations of my batshits crazy claims are accepted or understood and are therefore hogwash

On a more serious note, I do love how a couple of the big conspiracy claims, namely the shadows and waving flag just assume such stupidity in the midst of absolute professionalism. Like they think the people planning it wouldn't have figured to to just use one big spotlight and turn off the AC.

Comment Re:There but for the grace of... (Score 2) 325

Man, I'm glad we don't have any of that craziness here in the US...

Stop interrupting. We're trying to have our Two Minutes Hate against Muslims here. No fair bringing up our own Right Wing Conservative Theocrats.

Because a random person on the internet equates to a national government?

Comment Re:There but for the grace of... (Score 1) 325

Man, I'm glad we don't have any of that craziness here in the US... ...damn

There's a difference between a few randoms showing concern and a government banning on overtly religious bullshit reasons. When Obama or whichever fuckup get the job next is saying the same, then you have a point.

Comment Re:Huge Mischaracterization - Not promoting Darwan (Score 1) 325

Wow, such insanity. Clearly Pokémon Go is promoting a Lamarckian Theory of Evolution, not a Darwinian Theory of Evolution.

I think it's just the word evolution they don't like, it's clear they don't understand the concept under any guise. I wonder if they'd have called them transformations they would still have the same beef.

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