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Comment Re:Swap?? (Score 2) 269

Holy fuck.

Someone is in Hawaii and they elect to stay inside playing games???

I tell you come here and stay in my suburban home in the states with a high speed connection that will allow you to pwn everyone in the game, and I'll stay in your home in Hawaii, surf, scuba, hike, and lay out on the beach.

What about at night time?

Comment Re:There is always a reason. (Score 1) 120

Try imaging the animated Aladdin without the manic improvisation of Robin Williams.

They're ahead of you on that one, guess who.

At lease it's not Samuel L Jackson. Not that I have a problem with him or he's not good or anything but he is in seriously everything these day. You can barely see a sanitary pad advert without his mug popping up.

Comment Re:AI killing industry (Score 1) 120

I don't think so. Stars still have legal rights over their likeness. I think you'd have a lot of trouble getting away with saying something like "Starring... a voice like Paul Rudd's, a voice like Carrie Fisher's, etc...".

Star power isn't going anywhere. There's really no logical reason that famous film stars are also billed prominently for animation, and yet that's what we have.

No one, except maybe Morgan Freeman, gets hired for their voice*

*doesn't include voice actors and mr movie phones, obviously.

Comment Re: Nothing is totally free (Score 1) 109

I've been explaining this to users/clients/friends/coworkers/employers for most of my IT career to no avail. For example, 'free' email services have existed for more than 2 decades, let alone 'free' search engines. It's not that people don't give a shit, it's that they do not understand the value of their metadata, while companies making BILLIONS from it obviously do.

All so they can target me with ads that I'm not going to click on.

Comment Re:Orwell was right... (Score 2) 312

You've hit it right on the head, and add to this that the level of politeness in on-line discourse is orders of magnitude less than it is in most in-person interaction. I still have some trouble with the incredible incivility on /. and many other on-line fora and social media sites. Almost none of the mean stuff that gets said on line would be said face to face, except by the worst sociopaths.

I have encountered exactly two places online I would describe as good places with zero toxicity and lots of helpful people who just want to get along. 1. The Elite Dangerous facebook group and, 2. The Ninja Gaiden 2 gameFAQS board. In the whole of the internet, that's it.

Comment Re:Make America Great Again (Score 2) 256

Euro-internet access is, on average, the same. 20mbit ADSL in Italy is about 35 euro plau 20%vat.

Do you really think that, with all of the competition in markets, they will actually raise their prices? Seriously?

The difference is in Europe there actually is competition.

Comment Re:Make America Great Again (Score 1) 256

We already have the most expensive broadband services of most countries (and not even the best performance), now the price is going to go even higher.

I can feel America returning to greatness at breakneck pace...

Cheap, good stuff isn't good for business apparently.

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