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Comment Re: That's their job (Score 1) 448

That's true enough but then the solution is to not charge companies tax they way they do now. Which is fair enough if it was applied across the board and may well be worth trying. It just pisses me off when some, usually the richest, pull these tricks so they don't have to pay in and just make their huge money piles even more hugerer and us plebs at the bottom are left to pick up the slack. It pisses me off even more so seeing a big bunch of the people being taken advantage of willingly going to contribute to the system and enable that behaviour. But what can you do? They gotta have their latest new igadgets and if it wasn't apple it'd be someone else.

Comment Re: American corporations are evil (Score 1) 448

Companies rely on government investment in infrastructure like roads, power, shipping, airports, rail, military, police and fire services as well as a 1000 other more services without which they could not exist in those countries.

How much "road use" does Apple need to haul iPhones from the airport to the retail outlet?

What about the road use of people going to their shops, their employees etc etc. It's not just about per mile usage per company vehicle or some shit. They use and benefit from the whole infrastructure yet refuse to contribute. Maybe they should set up their own plumbing, power, post, roads and all kinds of other services that let them operate as easily as they can do, maybe they should educate their own workers from scratch instead of expecting a basic level. I bet they expect the police to take action if one of their shops is robbed. Why should they expect the police to say anything other than go fuck yourselves? If one of their shops is on fire 999 should tell them to put it out themselves.

Comment Re: That's their job (Score 1) 448

Who pays it makes all the difference. I get paid, that pay gets taxed, I spend that pay and get taxed again on what is spent. Why should I get double dipped with very little money where a vastly wealthy company gets to pay no tax because what? I've already paid it for them? Fuck that. Did you ever notice, the richer the company the less tax they seem to pay?

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