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Comment Re:About time. (Score 3, Insightful) 550

So you'd be okay with mechanics advising people not to get brakes checked, doctors telling people the cure for cancer is sunshine and farts, pilots saying gravity isn't real, a lawyer saying 'yeah kill that guy, he deserves it anyway'? People of certain professions are obliged in certain ways. A nurse is free to hold the belief that vaccination is bad or whatever just like a lawyer is free to think fuck that guy but f they come out with it in a professional manner it ain't gunna fly.

Comment Re:Slapping time (Score 1) 550

separate the vaccines from each other in order to prevent autism in their children, which is proven to be related to early vaccination with this combination cocktail.

It's not proven at all, completely the opposite in fact. The one study that said that was done by (ex)Dr Andrew Wakefield, which itself was proven fraudulent because, guess who was pushing the separate system and stood to profit from it? That's right, the same fucking guy.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 4, Insightful) 550

And what about those who suffered brain damage or other serious injuries as a result of being vaccinated?

Until vaccines can be independently proven and verified to be 100% save and effective AND when the creators of these vaccines can actually be held accountable in a court of law due to damages caused by these vaccines, neither the medical industry nor government have any right to make them mandatory or force anyone to get one.

Kudos to the nurses for standing up against corporate tyranny..

Do you prefer the proven 0% safety and effectiveness of the diseases they prevent?

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 550

Not jailed, but put into the same medical category as homeopaths. Believers could still patronize them, but they would no longer be part of the "real medicine" system.

Just a quick jail sentence, but with someone carrying polio or something, then ask them if they still think vaccination is a bad idea and if they would like to change their mind before going in.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 5, Insightful) 550

You have three groups


2-Can't be vaccinated

3-Won't be vaccinated.

The can'ts are protected by the vaxxed. The won'ts put the can'ts in jeopardy because they can carry the disease in and transfer infection, regardless of if they are actually sick themselves or just a carrier. The can'ts usually can't because they are immunosupressed for whatever reason, making catching whatever worse than it would otherwise be. Neither group threaten the vaxxed because they are vaxxed. It's mainly about protecting the can'ts with herd immunity. Won'ts do nothing but weaken that effort while still benefiting from it. So take the won'ts, put them all together somewhere where there is no herd immunity then see how long they last before they start thinking this whole vaccination schtick might not be the worst idea ever. A nice epidemic of polio or smallpox ought to do it.

The won't threaten the can'ts through their own (or usually their parents) sheer willful ignorance. The can'ts threaten the won'ts because they have no choice, but the won'ts could easily avoid danger by getting vaccinated. That's why people don't like the won'ts but give the can'ts a free pass.

Comment Re:Is that all (Score 1) 550

Apart from the facts that people aren't dying of or even really getting measels, mumps, rubella, smallpox, TB and all the other deadly diseases that killed loads of people in the past that we now vaccinate against balanced against the fact that the only paper linking mmr to autism was done by a guy who was (and still is) trying to promote his own vaccination method. Does that incentive not bother you?

Instead of trying to prove a negative where are all the double blind studies to prove the ineffectiveness and potential dangers?

I also really don't think there are billions of dollars in profit per vaccine. You'll have to provide a citation for that.

Also, something seems to wrong with your e key.

Would you prefer a proven jab or have your kid run the gauntlet of meningitis? Because fuck getting meningitis, even the tamest one is a real bad time.

Comment A robo army in 9 years? (Score 4, Insightful) 112

Yeah, as cool as that might be, good luck with that. Unless by robot soldier they mean an RC vehicle with a gun strapped to it. When they say robot soldier I'm thinking terminator style endo skeletons with glowing red eyes, a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range and the lot.

Comment Re:It's worse than that (Score 1) 112

$3T blown on Ireq didn't work

Not only did it NOT work, we had our collective asses handed to us.

I'm assuming he means Iraq, and say what you want about the aftermath, but militarily speaking, they got stomped into the ground and then we jumped on the bits til we got blisters.

Comment Re:Ultrahd? (Score 2) 71

How bout he explain why there is no Ultra HD blu ray drive in this thing? And how the $300 xbone s has one?

Because the PlayStation is a games machine. Not a media machine.

The reason why when the PS4 was first introduced, it was shown gaming, while whent he Xbone was introduced, it was the media features being demonstrated.

The Xbone plays games and media and Microsoft positioned it as something you use for everything in the living room. The PS4 is solely a games machine.

And given the PS4 is doing well, why should Sony innovate in that aspect? Don't fix what isn't broken. The Xbone is selling not so well, so Microsoft needs to innovate to increase sales. So far, it appears to work.

Kind of ironinc when they used the ps2 to push dvd and the ps3 to push bluray now they're like fuck that, no one wants to watch discs on their consoles that are hooked up to the big tvs, oh no.

Comment Re:Are you trying to kill the space program? (Score 1) 180

I wasn't seriously agreeing with the prospect of sending someone to jail. OP seemed to be implying find what the specific error was, find who made it and punish them harshly, I was just pointing out it doesn't really matter who made the actual error, who ever approved it is ultimately at fault. And it cost a lot to jail someone, so he's suggesting waste money on punishing someone who caused money to be wasted (even though it wasn't really). Maybe have that person not in a position to approve the next one is about the worst that should happen imho.

Comment Re:So it appears . . . (Score 1) 180

Someone should go to jail for a very long time as soon as we figure out exactly what was screwed up.

Yeah, whoever signed off on it. Who's head of the ESA these days? Maybe 'jail for a very long time' is a bit harsh though. Do you realise much of a waste of public money that world be? So, harsh and ironic.

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