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Comment Testing (Score 1) 152

This is one of several tests we're running as we work to improve the video experience for people on Facebook."

As long as one of the tests is getting rid of them all together. What was wrong with just putting a sideways triangle over the still that says hey this is a video, click me to play it.

These are supposed to be internet people, they should know that autoplay is the devil's code and it has no place in any self respecting web space.

Comment Re:This is the same guy (Score 1) 385

Actually it is. It is short hand for:

* What have you done that is even 1/10 as meaningful as what Woz has accomplished? * Where are your devices that helped change the world? * Where is your computer langue? * Where were you when they were _creating_ the personal computer movement? * After starting a fortune 50 company why _isn't_ Woz allowed to "retire"? * Why are you so insecure that you must put down others? * Why do you criticize others when you're too afraid to even use a real name?

Only a troll criticizes a visionary and great engineer due to their own insecurity.

So because a person has had some success them immune from criticism? Is that how your world works?

Comment Re:This is the same guy (Score 1) 385

Low power bluetooth signal vs powering magnets that are physically driving a plastic cone? The phone's battery is powering the current ear buds. In a wireless scenario the the wireless device has its own battery.

Which need a separate charge cycle and power monitoring, If your headphones are dead but your device has a full charge you're shit out of luck. The power consumption of a standard pair or earbuds is negligible. Bigger headphones will use a bit more but not as much as your wireless which again have their own separate power considerations. I much prefer plugging my earbuds in and knowing that they will work regardless and I can plug them into basically anything with no faff.

Comment Re:This is the same guy (Score 1) 385

"It appears that Bluetooth 5.0 may provide support for higher quality audio"

So the sane decision is to wait until BT5.0 is out, widely adopted, and stable, before cutting the cord, yes?

Sure. And since "widely adopted" means that the Device OEMs, not the Earbud OEMs, will drive that; how does one avoid the "Chicken v. Egg" problem that has doomed many a nascient technology for no good TECHNICAL reason? From what I have read, Apple is taking care of the "adoption" by supplying BT 5 earbuds with the new iPhone. And when Apple starts shipping iPhones (and presumably iPads and iPod Touches and Macs?) with BT 5, two things will happen: 1. Every single mobile device will also adopt BT 5 next model iteration. Don't EVEN think that won't happen. 2. A metric buttload of BT 5 headphones/earbuds and adapters will appear, magically taking care of the "widely adopted" issue.

Wait, why would they bundle bt5 earbuds with the new iphone and then start shipping phones with bt5? surely you'd do both at once, unless that's what you meant and the wording threw me off. But don't expect #1 to be true at all. Just because apple do something doesn't mean every single other player will do the same. There will be a good subset that would make one of their primary selling points still has 3.5mm and that on it's own would almost be enough for me. I've already decided next round I'm not bothering with a flag ship and get something decently priced that has an ok screen and good music playback that I can use without having to replace everything else. All I want is a phone/music player/internet browser that maybe has tetris on it. Everything else is fluff to me.

Comment Re:This is the same guy (Score 1) 385

Doesn't mean he isn't right.

Maybe, but he should do some research on Bluetooth before making recommendations. It appears that Bluetooth 5.0 may provide support for higher quality audio.

From Wiki: Bluetooth 5 was announced in June 2016. It will quadruple the range, double the speed, and an eight-fold increase in data broadcasting capacity of low energy Bluetooth connections, in addition to adding functionality for connection-less services like location-relevant information and navigation

That's all well and good but are they putting it on?

Comment Re:Original source: (Score 1) 85

I could believe that, Sony is really wacked when it comes to marketing. Who can forget the whole mysoginst B$ of ghost busters to drive free advertising, that failed and most everyone is pretty hacked off with Sony. I would suggest the switch away from being controversy dicks and develop some reasonable manners. They seem to have switched into panic mode after a series of failures and really stupid blunders.

Well, it is a black box so they can probably cry racism if you don't like it.

Comment Re:geohot was the last straw (Score -1, Flamebait) 85

PS2 was the last time Sony got my money. This was the last straw:

XBox & Nintendo now for me only.

PC gaming for the win! Seriously fuck your consoles. Fuck all of them with a slimy moldy dildo and break it off halfway up their anuses.

Higher performance? Check! Easily upgradable? Check! Not locked to a particular ecosystem? Check! Easily able to pirate games whenever I damn well please? Double-check!

Higher performance? Yeah, if you pay for it, and have the right drivers, and your video card is supported, and you have enough ram and enough clock speed oh and a big enough psu etc etc

Easily upgradeable? Yeah, if you have the money and/or desire to keep upgrading every six months/year/whatever

Not Locked to an ecosystem? Yeah, because I bet you play a whole bunch of games on mac or linux.

Easy to pirate? Yeah, you have that one.

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