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Comment Re:I wish they would... (Score 1) 70

This depends on the course delivery system, and how much your instructor both knows how to use the system and its quirks and how much your instructor cares about doing a decent job.

The platform I use (Canvas) is pretty good about a lot of stuff, but instead of entering possible answers that are an exact match of what a student might type in (for questions like "On a machine running Debian Jessie what command would you use to display the routing table?") and having to hunt down each occurrence of the question across 40 exams and check to be sure the student didn't "out think me", I simply don't enter ANY correct answers, and the system marks it as "needs grading" which lets me get to it with a single click on each exam.

Sounds like you are using it in a way that supports learning. My experience has been the prof simply lets Canvas grade the paper for them since scores get posted as soon as the test is complete.

Comment Re:This won't be successful. (Score 1) 87

The physical risk to the driver, and the driver's skill under pressure are what makes watching motor racing exciting.

Take them both away by replacing it with software and all you have is another boring nerdfest.

No excitement means no spectators. No spectators means no money. No money means no sport.

Plus, could you see Omega trying to sell watches with some geek spokesperson?

Comment Re:SWATing needs serious consequences (Score 4, Insightful) 192

Good points but this wasn't spoofing a number but rather using the TTY service setup for deaf people to make the call. Scammers use them as well because they are required by law to transcribe verbatim dialogue. They may also be prevented from identifying themselves as an intermediary.

Comment Bug Bounty (Score 4, Insightful) 86

Seems like he collected an ~500k$ bug bounty. The interesting part is "Zero Coin is a project to fix a major weakness in Bitcoin: the lack of privacy guarantees we take for granted in using credit cards and cash. Our goal is to build a cryptocurrency where your neighbors, friends and enemies can’t see what you bought or for how much" per Zero Coin. It seems they succeeded in their goal and were hoist by their own petard. Of course, had they recovered the funds then ZeroCoin would have failed at its purpose. I wonder who took the loss.

Comment Re:Faulty premise (Score 3, Insightful) 70

We're still trying to find the magic bullet that motivates people to review other people's courses when they're not being paid.

I think I've spotted the flaw in this plan. Anyone else?

Damn. I knew there was a flaw somewhere; but I have a fix: give away the course free to the first 1000 participants in exchange for feedback; then ignore the feedback and publish it as is because fixing it would cost to much and you're already in the red from the free beta test. Of course, the as soon as you say "give it away for free to the first..." no one will like the idea anyway.

Comment Re:I wish they would... (Score 1) 70

Yeah, I've been to my fair share of technical classes where the self practice projects were broken to the point where they couldn't be completed.

Some proper QA testing would probably catch that, but most companies seem to be cheaping out on proper QA now. Sure, why not try a "public beta" first to work out the bugs.

That seems to be a common problem. I've seen online course where you had to type in an answer, and if you didn't type exactly what they wanted verbatim, even if your answer was correct, it was marked wrong. Online coursework have become a crutch for lazy professors to avoid as much work as possible while teaching.

Comment Re:tax profit yes but not to slow automation - ? (Score 1) 382

Unemployable? Do you think that what people do has to fit into a predetermined set of boxes simply so that the High School guidance counselors know how to orient young minds? Where does your 'must fit in square peg' mentality originate?

Nice attack that did not address my comment. As some one who escaped the box a high school guidance counselor defined for me, abnd seen friends do the same, I understand the ability of individuals to achieve. I've also seen friends struggle as their jobs went away. However, if automation eliminates many jobs there is a segment of the population that will be come unemployable, especially at a level that currently supports a middle class lifestyle. We are already seeing that in manufacturing as factories become automated, not everyone can be retrained to be a programmer or some other job that pays as well as what they currently do. Unless we accept that as a by product of automation and find a way to deal with it, which includes revamping our educational system, we are in for rough times. Trump's election will only be a foreshadowing of the class warfare to come. So you can either accuse the messanger of being some sort of elitist or work towards a solution; IMHO the later is a more productive course.

Comment Re:tax profit yes but not to slow automation (Score 1) 382

Why keep people working at tasks they are second-rate at? Doesn't make any sense. People should be free to find something actually meaningful and useful to do, given their unique experience and talent. They shouldn't do make-work projects that a robot can do better. That's just a dumb policy.

Perhaps, but absent a retooling of the educational system so people gain the ability and skills to do more "meaningful" work all you will do is create a group of unemployable people.

Comment Re:How is this supposed to work? (Score 1) 382

Most routes round here have an interchange or large station at one or both ends, usually with at least 10 minute waits. So they could be topped up through the day. There is also the idea of inductive pads at each bus stop. Even if electric buses currently only worked on 50% of routes that would be a nice saving in emissions.

In addition to your excellent points, buses have the ability to change their routes, unless they use overhead electric power, without any infrastructure costs beyond a few signs. By redesigning routes you could probably add in enough time to do a quick charge, without disrupting travel. Bus companies have a lot of passenger use data that can be used to redo routes to make electric busses viable on most routes..

Comment Re: I'm sure he had nothing to hide (Score 0) 893

Jesus, you could pass for Chamberlain in a heart beat.

"So yeah, Germany has had it rough lately and isnt getting any respect (the The Treaty of Versailles was not kind to them). So what if they invaded a few countries? Let's just pretend we all didnt see it and know that nothing bad could possibly come from just letting Germany invade a little bit."

I'm sure anyone living in the Baltic states felt very reasured by your post.

All they wanted was peace. A little piece of Poland, A little piece of France, A little piece of Austria And Hungary, perchance! A little slice of Turkey And all that that entails, And then a bit of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales!"

Comment Re:Real life (Score 2) 174

I wonder how these guys would behave in real life. What kind of mind do you have, when you're one of the most productive in the area of spewing hate, anger and vitriol.

TFA mentioned that a tenth of the attacks came from the most active users (activity level 20+) so I would guess Wiki has become bit of an obsession for them and they believe they have some sort of right to always be right and any disagreement is taken personally. While they may need to get a life Wiki may have become their life.

Comment Re:Lack of talent my ass!!! (Score 1) 318

There is a big misconception that workers are training their replacement. They are not training they are doing knowledge transfer. There is a lot of configuration and company specific practices in any IT setup. It would take considerable time to reverse engineer the details if proper documentation has not been done (which face it is not done otherwise the current employees would be efficient enough to not need replacement)

Exactly, which is why some folks I know simply forgot to tell them all the little gotchas while training them. Anyone who had any system experience on their system probably would know them, or learn them through trial and (possibly ) expensive error. They didn't teach them anything wrong, they just left out stuff that was obvious to them as long time users.

Heck the H1 was created for Models where the missing skill was bigger boobs.

Hence the B...

Comment Re:Being a member of a union (Score 1) 594

While I agree non-union mem bers should not enjoy anything negotiated in the contract, such as wages,benefits, job protection iunless the employer wants to extend them to non union workers. For example they could nit use the grievence procedure and if the union negotiated job protections so that they are the last to get laid off then the non union memebers would have no recourse to being let go first. The union could laso negotiate contract terms that guaranties they get the same level of pay and benefits as non union employees to ensure the company doesn't sweeten the pot in an attempt to bust the union.

Comment Re:Yes, that's why they bought Hull Trading. (Score 1) 185

Exactly. You can't beat the market consistantly, and by removing emotion and focusing on small arbitrage opportunities and quickly making trades you can profit. Automation will also make it harder for humans to do just that sine the computer does it in real time instead of waiting to see what happens and trying to take advantage of that. Investers will buy into funds that auto trade to make money ; the question ia how long will the arbitrage opportunities remain as more computers try to take advantage of them.

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