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Comment Re:Dumb on two counts (Score 1) 113

1. If he asks for your password, and you provide it... there's really no unlawful action there. He didn't force you to give it to him, and you had all the power and right in the world to not be an idiot and toss it out there. I wonder how long before somebody hacks Jack's email and scoops up all those yummy accounts. 2. You fucking gave the guy your password. That's not hacking. He needs to change his hashtag to #PostedByJohnson or #ThisUserWasDumbEnoughToGiveMeTheirPassword

While I agree with your common sense approach, the law may see things differently. If Twitter decided it was an unauthorized use, as they define unauthorized based on their TOS, someone could be charged. It would be a stupid waste of time and one would hope a judge, after he or she stopped laughing, tossed the case. It does illustrate how something that would be considered normal in the physical world, i.e. I give you the key to my diary to let you write in it, could be illegal in cloud space where you don't own the diary and thus someone else controls how you may use it and who may use it.

Comment Re:Liability (Score 1) 161

Then hope that they decide to implement there limited-capacity safe-mode feature rather than completely refusing to boot the phone. If they do that then you won't have a problem dialing in the first place.

I would think that thy would still allow 911 calling and possibly other numbers as well. They could even boot into a special phone only OS that is sandboxed from all the apps et on the normal OS so at minimum you have a working phone. Of course, you won't be able to do a minute by minute twitter feed of you bleeding out...

Comment Re:Interesting quote in article (Score 1) 237

“You’d have to be an idiot to get up in front of people and say, ‘I’m now going to trash $5 billion even though we’re that close to the finish line, and I’m going to quit human spaceflight.’

Sunk cost fallacy. How much was spent is irrelevant to the decision to stop or continue. It's spent and you aren't getting it back, so the only question is "can we afford the cost to make Shuttle viable as a spacecraft?"

Comment Re:What? (Score 4, Informative) 118

"decrypting encrypted data fundamentally alters it" What? If the decrypted data doesn't match the data that was encrypted, you failed to decrypt it properly. On a purely technical level I guess he's correct. Encrypted, the data is just a bunch of jazz and whirly bangs. Once decrypted it's actual data, so on a purely superficial level, with no understanding of encryption, I guess he's right. Damnit

This a typical /. summary that mistakes what was actually said to make it sound more interesting. The agent said decrypted data is different from what was taking by the warrant, and thus you are not turning using the actual information taken in the search (i.e. the encrypted data) but that it still is forensically sound; he never said that's "contaminating it as forensic evidence" just it may still be less forensically sound than the actual encrypted data. /. seems to imply somehow that makes the decrypted data not valid as evidence which clearly is BS.

Comment Re:night time (Score 1) 141

It's not a strict thing, because that would take more effort, but they clearly have tried to put pokemon spawns in areas such that they can be reached on public property.

But not always succeeded, as the guy's whose house was marketed as a gym:

It was once an church and the developers apparently used an old reference to designate it a gym. Unfortunately, there is no way to get taken out of the game.

Comment Misleading heading and summary (Score 1) 89

The agent didn't say it invalidated forensic evidence just that it wasn't quite as forensically solid but not exactly what was collected:

Had that data been encrypted, “It would still be valid, it still would have been accurate data; however, it would not have been as forensically sound as being able to turn over exactly what the government collected,” Alfin said.

Comment Males have a bigger risk factor (Score 3, Informative) 93

The Zika virus apparently can remain in sperm for some time after an infection and recovery, thus the risk of an infected baby could be higher for a male than a female. A women can delay pregnancy until she is free of the virus but if her partner is infected it would still be possible to pass the infection to the baby, per an NPR report.

Comment Re:"This is Perfectly Rational" (Score 1) 609

Until we can figure out a way to rationally measure rational thinking, we'd be falling into the trap of believing "experts" who actually let their own self-interest control them.

Exactly. We all think we are rational beings whose decisions are made via a logical and rational thought process, when we actually are often irrational in very predictable ways. We just don't know it; and thus are often easily influenced into doing things that are not rational or making irrational decisions.

For example, many people would drive 5 miles to save $10 on a $20 item, yet not be willing to to save $10 off of a $1000 item; yet in each case they save the same amount of money, the purchase price has no bearing on how much money you save yet we irrationally view each offer differently.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 2) 621

The referendum was supposedly advisory, not binding.

IIRC, any referendum in the UK is non-binding since Parliament is the only body that has the authority to actually decide such an issue. They could decide to ignore the referendum and the only consequence would be at the ballot box.

Comment Re: loyalty is a two-way street (Score 1) 765

That's all good in theory until they list you as terminated for job abandoning. It also doesn't look good to future employers if they just said you quit without notice. They want some sense of stability when investing in a new hire.

Of course if it is a similar field in a close area, they probably already understand the conditions or reasons because you wouldn't be the first to do so.

Most employers I've worked for had a policy of only verifying dates of employment since they did not want to get sued for defamation or giving false information to the new employer. The former employee may view "job abandoning" as leaving a very bad situation and a new employer may be upset to discover you fired an employee for theft but said they were a good worker. To me, the real reason for not leaving with no notice is to not screw over your coworkers and boss if the boss was decent. As others have pointed out, you want them to be part of your network, and may actually want to go back to your old company in the future. When I left one my boss told me that leaving didn't end the relationship and he even had left and come back; I was not an ex employee but an alumni. Another laid me off with 3 days noticed, but paid me all my vacation plus severance. I now do contract work for them because I didn't just walk out but made sure my coworkers had the stuff I developed and stayed in touch if they needed something. For me, keeping my options open was more valuable than the satisfaction of screwing them over when I had the chance. Sometimes it's better to forgo instant gratification for the long game.

Comment Re:Wrong line of work (Score 1) 159

If someone is that good at deciphering automotive electronic systems and codes they should be selling software to allow independent shops to do that, as well as rekey keys so people don't have to spend $400 at the dealer for a new key...

Actually, a number of people do create solutions for doing this sort of thing. I don't have access to that set of bookmarks right now, but I bookmarked some of the guys who sell immo code retrieval tools for VWs newer than mine, where it becomes complicated. Some of them work over and over again, and some of them require an internet connection and involve their servers... I wanted the information for a discussion just like this one, but that machine is down until my video card RMA is complete, or thereabouts

You are correct. There are a number of companies that sell there own versions of the manufacturer's diagnostic tools as well, so there is definitely a market. Most of them start around 200$ and go up from there.

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