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Christmas Cheer

Vendetta: A Christmas Story 257

Mundane Barbie writes "This is the funniest and the coolest online independent movies that I've seen since the original South Park. It's definitely a geek classic, just in time for the holidays. It's got Santa, and it's got guns. I've seen it posted at Newgrounds and also at their official site. Happy holidays! " Woh. This is /not/ for the easily offended - but if you thought the South Park movie was amusing, than you'll probably appreciate this.
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Vendetta: A Christmas Story

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  • by prodeje ( 58779 ) on Saturday December 18, 1999 @10:03AM (#1462992)
    Hemos does not use linux.
    "We must move forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom."
  • MMmm, gummy bears
  • Amen, brother!
  • It was mad. I liked it. I couldn't stop laughing at the backgrounds (I lived in Boston for a while in 93-95). Memories!

    Keep it running...

    (Apologies for posting this way - no email to post direct to Localman).
  • Xanim, maybe? Check out the Xanim home page [].
  • Actually, on occasion Slashdot is real sluggish. Not down, but painfully slow.
  • hey that's kind of wierd. everyone i know who reads slashdot runs windows. perhaps we live in parallel worlds.
  • None of the sites with the MOV file don't work =(.

    Any more available? Thanks. :)

  • Movie previews are done in quicktime/sorensen because it is flat-out the absolute best, highest quality-high-compression video format available. If sorensen made their codec available for other formats (like avi) people wouldn't stick to quicktime as much. I believe apple and sorensen have a very exclusive deal at the moment, though.
  • This is a direct quote (entire post) from our friend, let's listen in...

    Hey everybody visit this page and lets see if we can crash this site. Hit it. My friend doesn't believe in the "slashdot affect". haha

    Ok, so this is your /. link? \
    Man, first you were hard up to either A) prove your friend wrong and you right that the slashdot effect exists or B) drum up hits for a crappy little company.
    Now, since your little scheme didn't work, you are dedicating you time on slashdot to belittle everyone and claim this site sucks since it didn't generate hits to a dumb site posted in a comment???!!!

    Sounds like everything is working the way it should. Except you.


  • Open Source does not mean zero cost. They could write an open license which would allow not-for-profit companies/individuals to use their code in zero cost products, but which would require monetary compensation (licensing) from for-profit companies which use their source.

  • Hey, "pal," why don't you back up on the "gravy train?" See these comments:

    One []
    Two []
    Three []
    Four []

    And, especially this one:
    Five []

    They all side with me. And I didn't write them.

  • Down goes my Karma but I don't care.. I want to see how long this stupid thread will go...
    Do you abandon everything that doesn't work properly? I'm trying to fix /. through reforms. If your car ran out of gas, would you give up and build a new one?

    you trolls
    I'm not a troll.
  • Ok, the AC posts you have no way to verify that you didn't write. (I missed them, I read at 1 or above, checking these posts just confirms why)

    I was (and so was the other guy you were hissing at) referring to the Alladvantage part of your posts. I don't see anyone supporting you there and I thought you were claiming all these posts saying Amen for that.
    As for your first post, I already dealt with that.

    You really expect me to be impressed that a bunch of AC's supported someone bitching about slashdot?

  • I'm sorry, but /. has been reading like the obituary pages for the past few days. Hemos was raving about this movie, so I downloaded it, and it BLEW! It was childish, anti-gun propaganda!
  • Gee, here's a little-heard of movie... gee, here it is mirrored like crazy... gee, the downloads are streaming really fast...

    Is somebody trying to prime the pump for Yet Another Internet Indy Phenom?

  • I don't know if I've ever seen anyone so desperate for site traffic. Give up this pathetic reverse psychology guerilla advertising campaign, and buy a slot on adfu.

    You're not fooling anyone.
  • by redled ( 10595 ) on Saturday December 18, 1999 @10:10AM (#1463023)
    I wholeheartidly agree. Sure, you like linux. Does that mean you can knock some company for not spending its resources to produce code for it? Hell no. Apple's priority is of course to make software for the leading platforms, windows and mac. Does that mean that they are a group of anti-linux nazis? Of course not. I would imagine support for Sorenson to appear eventually -I don't think apple is ignoring the linux community altogether. And one other point: Hemos didn't install linux, download the movie, try and get it working, and discover it won't run on linux. GASP! Do you really think Hemos has the time to do all that, for the sake of a few idiots who want to complain? And if he did, should that fact have stopped him from posting the story? There are plenty of slashdotters who run an OS thats not called "linux", believe it or not, and there's no reason why they should be denied the information.

    P.S.: How much did you pay for the slashdot service? How much did you pay to download the movie? How much have you payed to Apple to develop software lately?


  • OK, three points I'd like to make:

    Obviously his opinion of it differed. So what? In the future don't download the next movie he reccomends.

    You don't pay Hemos, and you don't pay for slashdot. That makes it a good deal, even if it were complete crap.

    It's hard to take an advertisment seriously. That alladvantage stuff doesn't increase credibility, you know.


  • You can't use it on your Win machines? Huh? That must be caused by hardware constraints, then, because QuickTime is available for both Macs and Win32. Heck, work was the only place I got the new Star Wars trailer, and we run NT 4.

    Official QuickTime Page []
    ( )

  • Oooohh.... I have angered finkployd! I hope he doesn't give me a stupid nickname! He's good at thinking of those!

    Super Frosty, you have no room to talk.

    The original comment was about bad moderating.

    Yes it was, preceptive of you. However I was not replying to the origional comment, I was replying to a reply of the comment further down in the thread.


  • I disagree. I learned a lot from this thread. Some very good arguments have been presented. To many of you who have been here at slashdot or involved in free software for a long time these arguments may seem old and boring. But to a newcomer like me these arguments really made me think about the benefits of open source software and standards vs. the company's motivations.

    On one hand I can understand a competitive company's tendency to guard their secret codec, in this case Sorenson. They spent money, time, and resources developing it, of course they aren't going to give it away to the community.

    On the open source side of the debate, I am only beginning to understand the arguments. But I think one key point others may have missed is that we are users. We are customers. It is not for us to understand and sympathize with the companies. It's perfectly legitimate for people to set an idealistic standard which benefits the community as a whole. It's perfectly legitimate to bitch and moan and write letters when companies don't perform up to this standard. If enough people make noise then maybe someday they can influence and shape the development of all these new found technologies. Oops, too late, it's already happening.
  • Do you abandon everything that doesn't work properly? I'm trying to fix /. through reforms. If your car ran out of gas, would you give up and build a new one?

    Well, there are varing opinions on whether /. is broken or not. Some are happy with it the way it is, some think it sucks. I fall in the middle.
    What do you propose to do to please everyone?

    If Rob let you run it, and you made it so you liked it, but 200 people thought it sucked and said so every story, would that be a fix?


  • > or write your own codec, or converter, or something, anything

    Is that possible? Is the specification open? Is the algorithm patent-free? There's no excuse for closed formats and protocols, there's certainly no reason to support Apple (or Sorenson) just to be able to use its proprietary format. You do that, you're not paying them for their work, you're paying them for compatibility that they went out of their way to take away from you in the first place. They're essentially removing your rights and then selling them back to you. Some places, they call that extortion.

    Of course if you're going to bitch, it makes no sense to do it at apple, or Sorenson. These are companies that make all their money from doing exactly what they're doing with this codec. The problem is that people *use* these proprietary formats to share information. Though I'm sure no exclusion was intended. A note explaining your position to the author and asking for an alternative, open format in addition or instead would not be unwarranted.

  • I've reviewed the comments and they sound like this: "how do you play this on linux?" "where's the linux version?" "not everyone has linux." "everybody has linux." "why post this link if we can't even play it on linux." very humorous to a linux-less newbie.
  • Movies like this make you realize the only reason Sorenson vision became standard is because the first Sorenson movie was a copy of a first rate Star Wars master. If Vendetta was used instead, Sorenson vision would never have gotten off the ground. By the way, if anyone's got a server:

    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 280613895 Dec 19 01:48
  • As I posted originally, it's hard to ignore shit when there's 5-10 shit posts every day!

    Is there anything you DO like about this site? If not.....why exactally are you here?


  • I don't know of any Quicktime player for Linux. Does anyone out there know of one and have a link?
  • " is flat-out the absolute best, highest quality-high-compression video format available."

    The image quality is very nice... the one frame per second that I can see from it. The codec seems to require at least a P2 to view the movie at an acceptable frame rate. To make matters worse, Quicktime4 is an ineffecient piece of garbage. Even qt3 movies don't play at an acceptable speed on a low-end machine, while they play fine if I use any other program.

    MPEG1 is supported by virtually every operating system on every hardware platform, can be decoded on even low-end hardware, and has decent quality. By using qt4, they are only limiting their audience.

    Sorenson is nice quality: if you have win32, Apple's quicktime garbage, and a p2-500.
  • There's xanim [], but it doesn't support the codecs used by this movie.
  • This movie was made before South Park, you moron. What have you done recently?
  • I post as an AC all the time so that I won't get moderated down. I am right now. These could be actual users who don't want to get moderated down by your friends with moderator points in this discussion.

    Ok, (1) rarely do moderators venture this far into a discussion and (2) why do you care? Is karma that importent to you?

  • by / ( 33804 ) on Saturday December 18, 1999 @09:20AM (#1463049)
    Since the main site is probably about to explode, I thought I'd point out some mirrors of at least the pages, if not the movies.

    Main site []
    news.html []
    videos.html []
    about.html []
  • by crayz ( 1056 )
    MRJ ain't a Microsoft product. Sorry, try again.

    They bundle IE because MS threatned to kill MacOffice if they didn't, a move that would've killed Apple. So Jobs is more pragmatism than principle, if he wasn't Apple would be gone by now.

    I for one don't care, I use iCab and Communicator, and will probably move to Mozilla soon.
  • I have no trouble downloading files because they are just binaries, but is there a program for linux that can play .mov files?
  • Uh, excuse me, but maybe you weren't paying attention in Open Source 101, so let me give you an "executive overview":
    • The free software movement has taken the position that proprietary hardware and standards is bad for the customer. They have also demonstrated this (repeatedly).
    • Open standards allows access to a wider audience, as well as supporting the diversification of technologies. In simpler terms: we can move forward quicker because we don't need to worry about 100% backwards compatibility - we're a recompile away from that at any given time.
    • Proprietary software (or hw) is based on either keeping your competitors from copying you (inevitably fails once the benefit from reverse-engineering exceeds the cost of it) in order to maintain a monopoly, and/or collect fees from your product. The latter is "ok" in my book so long as the license is non-exclusive and available to all, the former is morally reprehensible.

    This is why proprietary codecs are bad - Apple has tried to corner the market on video and as a result the authors (probably blissfully unaware of this) cannot have the widest possible viewing audience. So, in a nutshell: due to market demand the codec will eventually be reverse-engineered and made available for linux, but in the meantime a good number of people are being denied access to media encoded on it simply because Apple wants to try to get a strangle-hold on the video market. Apple will fail because as the market grows, so too will the demand for an alternative to Apple's monopoly. Basic econ, my good man. But in the meantime, we are still stuck with not being able to view it... and I don't know about you.. but I'm an impatient guy!

  • >Obviously his opinion of it differed
    I don't hear anybody else raving about this movie. People are saying that: It sucked, It won't work, or just bickering like we are.

    >you don't pay for slashdot.
    Sure, I do! I look at the ads. I click on the interesting ones. I post and (often) add valuable content. I'm doing my part.

    >That alladvantage stuff doesn't increase >credibility, you know.
    Why not? It's a great way to pay for your internet connection! You should try it! Go to, and tell them that member # EQA-881 referred you! I've already gotten several referrals from /., and my check is coming soon!

    As you would say, you don't HAVE to read my signature. You're just looking at it and complaining! Besides, it's my comment, and you aren't paying for it. Anyway, you can always choose to strip sigs in your preferences, like I do.
  • Fair enough, but I'm still surprised Hemos forgot to mention you can't view it under linux, given the known Slashdot demographic...
  • Of course it is possible for sites to go down due to too many accesses. But calling it the Slashdot effect is just plain stupid. If link in a "story" on Slashdot generates that much traffic - how come Slashdot itself manages to stay online? (Well, come to think of it /. is down all the fucking time.)

    W S B Peekmon
  • There was no response. The serve could be down or it's not responding....
  • by localman ( 111171 ) on Saturday December 18, 1999 @10:03PM (#1463063) Homepage
    Hey all.
    I'm (one of) the idiot(s) responsible for Vendetta.
    I'm currently visiting family, and my server is on the other side of the country. It is dead. There is another copy of the entire film at my machine at work [] - we'll see how long that one survives.
    I am truly sorry about the sorenson thing - I had no idea anyone would watch it at all, let alone the entire slashdot community.
    If anyone can convert it to another format, they are welcome to do so.
    Peace, Happy holidays, and thanks.
  • If anything deserves to be moderated up in this godforsaken thread, it's this post--I've been looking for a functional mirror on and off all day. Not that I expect this movie'll be all that good, but I keep getting timed out from the mirror at Newgrounds and at this point I just want to see what I've been wasting all this time on. But, since I don't have any moderator points, I guess the least I can do is give it my +1 bonus.

    --begin repost--
    Alternate vendetta link - same codec (Score:1)
    by localman on 01:03 AM December 19th, 1999 CST (#231)
    (User Info)

    Hey all.
    I'm (one of) the idiot(s) responsible for Vendetta.
    I'm currently visiting family, and my server is on the other side of the country. It is dead. There is another copy of the entire film at my machine at work [] - we'll see how long that one survives.
    I am truly sorry about the sorenson thing - I had no idea anyone would watch it at all, let alone the entire slashdot community.
    If anyone can convert it to another format, they are welcome to do so.
    Peace, Happy holidays, and thanks.
    --end repost--

  • if it takes that long, why don't you just install windows and quicktime?
  • Yeah, that's like what Marx talked about, right?

    You are really full of it. Sorenson wants to make money, and so does Apple. They have both invested R&D dollars into the codec, and they don't have to make it available for Linux if they don't want to.

    It's not a monopoly, there are plenty of other codecs out there, Sorenson is just one of(if not the) best. If you don't like that, write your own.

    Apple has supported mklinux in the past, they are not anti-Linux. But if they don't think it makes business sense to spend a lot of money porting the Quicktime player to Linux, then the burden rests on Linux users.

    You might also want to take into consideration the antagonism between Apple and Linux. Where does it come from? Linux users. A lot of Linux users are very anti-Apple for one reason or another, and criticize everything Apple does (including when they open-source their software!)

    I also think you should expand a little on that part about it being a "critical failing of their long-term business plan to keep it closed source." That is a hell of a thing to say without backing it up.

    BTW, check out
  • Even so, I sent my (politely worded) wishes to both Sorenson and Apple. We'll see what I get back from them.

    Now, this isn't necessarily the best piece of video to watch, but my wife has dug up some QT4 videos that she would like to view. God help me, I almost bought an iMac today because I'm so sick of this.

    Anyway, direct your politely worded e-mails to and My message:

    Please consider allowing the xanim free video playing software by Mark
    Podlipec to support the Sorenson video codec. There are an increasing
    number of videos, trailers, and other media that I would like to be able
    to play, but there is no way to do that on Linux at present.

    Please, if this is a licensing issue, contact Sorenson video and work something

    Thank you very much,

    Chris Jones

  • Perhaps you were getting such good performance because the link was only posted 10 minutes before you tried? I tried to go to it like an hour and a half after it was posted and all I get is "server down server down." You were probably there before the rush came and the real /. effect kicked in.
  • Oh, so because I'm in the minority means that I'm wrong? Tyranny of the majority?

    And yeah, "all" the four letter words. Let's see.....I count 2 of them. I'm sorry if it offends you so deeply, but since you have no problem with ad hominem attacks on me, I don't see what your real problem is.

    The point is that Apple and Sorenson are two free companies, and if, by choice, they entered into such an agreement, I guess that's just too bad for you. Apple does not have monopoly power over the multimedia scene now, and certainly didn't back when they first licensed the codec.

    And do you really think that Sorenson would open up the codec for the good of Linux users when they make tons of money selling the encoder? Yeah, that would be a real smart business move.

    BTW, I have no idea how you can call my statement a lie. Are you claiming that Apple owns Sorenson?
  • There are more Slashdot readers who also use Macs or Windows than there are readers who only use Open Source OSes. In other words, you're in the minority, so give up trying to censor the news or discriminating against the majority who are able to view the movie.

    Not that it's any good -- I haven't seen it yet -- but we could do without your ranting.


  • by crayz ( 1056 ) on Saturday December 18, 1999 @11:00PM (#1463075) Homepage

    All credit goes to localman, I'm just not sure anyone will see his post down there, but please moderate it up.
  • are done in quicktime/sorensen because it is flat-out the absolute best, highest quality-high-compression video format available.

    Is it really the best and highest quality available if I can't watch it?
  • Check out comment #233. It seems like you are allowed to do it.
  • those sites are dead and i'd like to see the film
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Yea, karma is a real distinction of those who pander and those who don't. Personally I would trust someone with a negative karam (could possibly think for themself) rather than someone with + karam (definitely has no independant though capabiity left).
  • by cybersquid ( 24605 ) on Saturday December 18, 1999 @10:42AM (#1463085) Homepage
    That's not the point. Here's a quote from the xanim home page:

    There is a new Star Wars trailer that has been recently released and it uses the currently unsupported Sorenson Video codec. I have contacted Sorenson about licensing their codec. They responded that Apple won't allow them to license it to others. You may want to nicely send a single email message to Sorenson [mailto] and Apple [mailto] asking about unix and/or xanim support for the Sorenson video codec.

    For the record, I would gladly add support for Sorenson if allowed to.

    I find it sad how disingenuous and clue-free Apple continues to be. They lobby heavily to get QuickTime accepted as an Internet standard, then refuse to allow non-Mac/Win folks access. This is consistent with their recent history. Bundled browser: Microsoft. Bundled Java: Microsoft.

    One would almost think Microsoft had given them a large quantity of money... Naww! ;-)

  • First, a stop sign at an intersection that also has lights? Please. The poor aim when running after him (not 3 whole metres, and they still can't hit him with a damned pistol). Not to mention the general weirdness.

    Plot? What plot? It just seemed to be a bunch of running/shooting.

    At least the whole Santa from trunk to garbage bin foul up + tossing stuff into cups was a nice tip of the hat to Short Circuit :-)
  • If you are looking for other sites along the lines of Newgrounds, you might want to check out the Stile Project. It's raw social commentary/humour and was most recently linked by SPIN magazine and Marilyn Manson's web site. Definately worth checking out! click this link []
  • Given the reviews of the movie, I think I'll pass.

    However I'm thinking that maybe RedHat and VA Linux should team up to acquire Apple, taking one of the last great flag bearers of closed "standards" on the net out of the picture. I'm sure that between them the companies could scrounge up enough cash to purchase Apple. And it wouldn't be a bad move really -- We would all be using the Apple platform today had Apple decided to open up their standards and allow cloning. Even after the brutal beating they've taken over the past decade, they still don't get it. Take 'em over, kick the current management out on its ear, open up all the standards, welcome the cloners back with open arms, and sell support, and you'd be looking at a huge profit potential there. How much could Apple be worth these days? I wouldn't think it'd be a whole lot...

  • It's the highest quality regardless of who is limited to seeing it.

    That's like saying Imax isn't higher quality than regular movie films just because you have to go to an Imax theater to see it.
  • He's some goober who posted a link to this companie's (he has claimed to be both CEO and worker at times) web site. He even once asked people to click on it to prove to his friend that the /. effect was real.
    Of course, so one clicked on it, so we became increasingly angry with us :)
    Now he is on a mission, armed with the weak response his "spam" on these forums has generated, to convince all of us that the /. effect is a figment of our imaginations. He also claimes all the sites that are supposedly "slashdotted" are in on the this big plot to make this page seem larger than it is.

    He is quite fun to watch, not as origional as the hot grits boy or opensourceman, but filled with much more inner anger and possibly corn starch.


  • Let's just let this thread die -- PLEASE. You're in serious danger of being subjected to the death penalty provisioned in your signature :) .
  • This clip is way too reminiscent of a certain Beastie Boys video. And I must disagree with the statement that this is better than the original South Park. Not a chance. While Vendetta was mildly entertaining, it looks like the creators spent way too much time effort on a joke that wasn't terribly funny to start with. I must state, however, that Vendetta was better than the Blair Witch Project, so by extrapolation this little clip should get its creators well on the road to fame and fortune. Kinda sucks, don't it?
  • Any parent that lets their kids use the computer without monitoring them is a moron. My cousin seems to have no problem monitoring what his two sons do when they are at home, just requires a little discipline (something missing from most parents today). If some kids saw this, then the parents are to blame. Bad parenting is the reason a few kids have killed each other as of late. That, and this video was really lame. Nothing explained, just shooting a bunch of people again and again. Looks more like these guys had the opportunity to use some video equipment and decided to make a really dumb movie that they thought would be pretty cool. It is neither funny nor cool and I doubt it will be a geek classic. And it pales in comparison to the original South Park (which at least had a partial story to it). And the end scene looks like it was either inspired by or stolen from South Park.
  • by Zico ( 14255 ) on Saturday December 18, 1999 @02:25PM (#1463105)

    Sorensen opens its codecs: Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, Open Source coders, etc., create new products utilizing the codecs. Cost incurred creating and maintaining the codecs by Sorenson: substantial. Money made by Sorensen: $0.00. (That's a successful business model??)

    Sorensen keeps its codecs closed: Apple pays Sorensen licensing fees to use the codecs in their product. Cost incurred creating and maintaining the codecs by Sorensen: substantial. Money made by Sorensen: millions of dollars.

    Signal_11 claims that Sorensen is doomed because someone will eventually get mad and reverse engineer the codecs. Let's leave aside the fact that this has been said for some time now, and still has never been done. Even if it happens, Sorensen will still have made millions of dollars that they would never have seen if they just gave away the code right off the bat. That's a lot of money that can be spent improving the product, or developing other ones.

    Signal_11 presents it as some proven fact that this is a doomed business plan, but the real fact is that the Open Source business model still has never been proven as a substantial money-maker.


  • Actually, Quicktime seems to be the de-facto standard in online video, at least among people who are in the industry, making videos and animation. I'm an animation student at the University of Oregon, and most of the people here are downright snobs about it. When I tried posting some AVIs once, I got a thorough reaming from people saying that AVIs aren't universally readable.

    Probably the biggest reason for people using QT is that the A/V industry is so permeated by Macs. PCs still haven't made a significant bite out of the desktop video editing market. Every Mac has QT. I think the reason QT is the most universally readable is that Apple has such tight control over it.

    So the problem that arises, of course, is that "universally viewable" pretty much only counts for the big two OSs. It's okay for the most part in video editing circles, since there's no decent editing software for Linux, so everyone who does any video editing will have MacOS or Windows. When it comes to consumer-oriented stuff, I'm sorry to tell you this, but most big software companies aren't concerned about making software for Linux. The market is way too small. I'll be surprised if I see Apple make a QT viewer for Linux any time in the next few years.

    [BTW, personally, I can't stand Apple and the software they produce. I would love to see a third-party mov-viewer, since the one from Apple is such a pest ("Upgrade [now] or [later]?" Leave me alone!).]

  • By my watch it took about 20 minutes for to be overun by the /. effect.

    What /. needs is a better way of doing this. Especially if your linking a 37 MB video. Granted CmdrTaco, Hemos, et. al. don't exactly have all the time in the world, but I think that for movie files like this, /. should at least set up a mirror for the file. It would save us, and the webmasters of the other site a great deal of pain. We could watch and laugh our heads off, the webmasters wouldn't crap in their pants when they find out they were /.'ed.

  • I normally /. at 2 or better..

    i just looked at the useless shit posted at 1 to -1... and i do wonder when /. will be oversaturated by completely worthless posts.
  • I doubt Schumer owns a computer. After all,
    it's tough to operate even a modern browser
    with one's head firmly lodged up one's a$$.

    But let me ask you this: If it saves even
    one elf's life to raid citizens' homes, cause
    their wives to have miscarraiges, stomp their
    kittens to death, burn their children alive,
    piss on the Constitution, suspend the writ of
    habeas corpus, empower the FEMA, invade our
    privacy, beat us, humiliate us, and shoot our
    wives through a closed door while they hold our
    children, isn't it worth it? :)

  • Why does everyone do Quicktime? Is the encoding format pushed heavily or something?

    I would be happy if there was more media based on something I can watch. Even at work where there are NT4.0, 98, and 95 machines, I can't watch this stuff. At least xanim doesn't crash my Linux box while trying. Most of these movies go unwatched.
  • Premiere won't use multiple processors in any real sense. You can have it use 100% of one processor and set the OS to use the other, but that's as good as it gets.

    Some plug-ins and extended versions will make use of the "other" processor than the one the main app is using, which can help a lot depending on what plug-ins/filters you're using, but just re-encoding from one format to another won't get any boost.

    Does anyone know if Media Cleaner Pro uses multiple processors? I don't think so, but if it did that would make it immensely useful for this sort of thing...
  • This isn't really a "bitch at Apple" issue. Apple doesn't own the Sorenson codec. They simply license it from Sorenson to include in their QuickTime player. Other companies can do the same. Sure, Apple could port quicktime to linux and make you all happy, but a far easier proposal would be that some company that makes an existing player could license the codec.
  • I thought the movie had some funny scenes, but overall wasn't all that great. The sound quality was horrible, but the video editing was really good. Sure there were a few screwups in scenery, but what can you expect from a movie with no budget (I hope!)?

    Anyways... I've put the movie on one of my machines at work. Don't kill it, please! ;-)
  • Hey, I think the movie's lame, but I remember seeing it way the hell BEFORE South Park was put up on the web. I can't believe this thing is still up on the web and that it's getting this much feedback! Well, good for the people who made it, I guess...
  • I read slashdot at:


    and I find it quite enjoyable that as a thread deepens, the points moderated to the sub-comments in the thread are lower, and the column width of the article on my 1024x768 10-pt size fonts is pretty much 10% of the screen. I can just scroll right past this entire thread without even worrying about missing a single message.

    Cool. And I lurk, so I can watch all the responses to this and laugh, and do nothing. :)
  • So, the video won't play on linux, that doesn't mean this article is worthless. Not everyone uses linux, and not all 'news for nerds' is linux related. The article was NOT posted as flamebait or a was posted because Hemos thought the video was funny. Not everything revolves around linux. Your lives may, but most peoples' don't!

    Normally I'd post a song here but...
  • well, interesting collection of free porn movies there. but NO Vendetta. FUCKING BASTARD! I DONT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOUR PATHETIC PORN MOVIES.

    and i don't like being lied to.

  • PLEASE someone around here's got to know of/have a mirror, eh?

    We don't believe you all when you say it sucked. We have to see for ourselves ^_^

  • (spoiler!) hmm..the residential car chase looked like it would have garnered a few calls to 911, the train stunt a /response/ from 911, and the wreck at least 30 grand in lost property value. Either these filmmakers got permits or they likely went to jail. That, and the cost of the wrecked vehicles couldn't have been cheap. I'm very curious: did they get permits/permissions to do these things? If so, how much does something like this cost? If the filmmakers are (still) reading, care to clue us in on the logistics?
  • I noticed from your comment history that you hate Jon Katz. Me too.

    >You're in serious danger of being subjected to the >death penalty provisioned in your signature
    What? Can you please post said signature.

    I want to argue more. SOrry.

    Super Frosty
  • yeah, i noticed that too.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Well, for my entertainment dollar, there are far better ways to bring down a server... One of which would be to gripe to USWest with regards to a particular site (yours) that receives bandwidth from them. Now, I know we're all easy-going guys here, but ina more hostile forum, you might find people that would call USWest's handy customer service hotline for your state at (800)-549-5629 and report your spamming Slashdot. These same hard-to-get-along with people might also tend to email or and provide the technicians with links to your spam here [] and here []. But, you won't find people like that on Slashdot, right? But, really, if it's a server takedown you want, I'm sure some enterprising young cracker could do it. Or I could just ping-flood you from my OC-192 at work. Either way, you'd have something to do besides make a complete ass of yourself in a public forum. Another thing, I must say that your business acumen, spelling, and general manner speak awfully loudly for your company. Not well, but loudly. Personally, if I were going to stick that much of my foot and lower leg into my mouth, I'd at least do it anonymously.
  • The column widths, I mean.
  • Then how come at least half the hits that I get to my site from /. are Windows boxes? Plus, out of everyone I know personally that reads Slashdot, I'm the only one who uses Linux. Finally, I remember reading somewhere on this site, or in an interview, or something, that a majority of the hits at Slashdot are not from *nix boxes, but Windows machines. Face it, Linux users are the minority, maybe not on /., but everywhere else. Why should the Slashdot creators censor what could be a funny movie or something just because "half" of it's visitors can't view it? What about all the Windows users who can't compile the latest source code that was annonced on Slashdot? Should there be no stories that discriminate in the slightest way? You choose to use Linux (most of you anyway) and this is one of the consequences of that desicion. Get over it.
  • Dead on Me-Too, for that. Shut the fack up, bitcher's and "this story//. sucks" crap.

    *blows off steam*
  • photos.html []
    faq.html []
    guestbook.html []
  • Bah! Sorenson!

    $ xanim +f
    XAnim Rev 2.80.0 by Mark Podlipec Copyright (C) 1991-1999. All Rights Reserved
    Audio Codec: QDesign Music Codec (QDMC) not yet supported.
    Video Codec: Sorenson Video not yet supported.(E18)
    Notice: Video and Audio are present, but not yet supported.
    XAnim [options] anim [ [options] anim ... ]
    -h lists some common options, but may be out of date.
    See xanim.readme or the man page for detailed help.

  • by Anonymous Coward
    Before I spend a week downloading the 37 meg .mov file, has anybody been able to play it with xanim?

  • Is it just that people can't tell the difference between political discourse and flaming? Is it just that criticism of any sort must be supressed? Surely we can't tolerate either. Someone, please have mercy upon this plebeian and undo this wretched moderation.
  • Does anyone know how to get Premiere to use both CPU's? Converting Sorenson video to JPEG takes hours on a dual 550 but it's only using 1 CPU.
  • by ralphclark ( 11346 ) on Saturday December 18, 1999 @04:15PM (#1463177) Journal
    First of all, Apple doesn't even own Sorenson, so stop bashing them without reason.

    This is a very misleading statement, if not a bald lie. The reason Sorenson won't open up the codec is because Apple won't let them, it's written into their agreement. Apple are indeed attempting to corner the market in Internet video, which is directly against what most Slashdot readers stand for: open standards. you might not agree but I'm 100% certain you are in the minority at least amongst Slashdot readers.

    Anyway, what's with the bad attitude? I mean, all the four-letter words - can't you disagree without being rude and offensive? I think it's fairly obvious to everybody that it's you that needs to grow up.

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • by ralphclark ( 11346 ) on Saturday December 18, 1999 @04:17PM (#1463179) Journal
    a far easier proposal would be that some company that makes an existing player could license the codec.

    I believe Apple have an exclusive agreement so that just isn't possible at present.

    Consciousness is not what it thinks it is
    Thought exists only as an abstraction
  • by Hemos ( 2 )
    No, I do. I just happen to have my girlfriend's computer availible.
  • I have the resources to recompress it into an xanim-compatible version within the next couple hours, but I'm wondering if I'll get into a legal tangle over it? Should I, shouldn't I?
  • by punkass ( 70637 ) on Saturday December 18, 1999 @09:52AM (#1463208)
    Okay, so Sorenson isn't supported by Linux Sorenson is a CSS project, so it must be bad, right? Give it up...when you all bought into Linux, you took the bad as well as the software and a community of support is great, but you also bought into not always having the latest toys from every company in the industry, simply because not every vendor is interested and/or can support twelve different OSes. Want Sorenson? Start a campaign to let apple know that there's a market for it on Linux...or write your own codec, or converter, or something, anything...but don't do the /. bitch-and-moan because not every technology his handed to you on a silver frickin' platter...this is the price you pay for your OS...Windows users pay in stability and price, Mac pays for their OS in the fact that they deal with one company for all their hardware...every OS has its drawbacks, Linux included. Don't like it? Then change it, but don't complain here.

    In the meantime, go to your local library or university and use one of their Windows or Mac machines to view the video.
  • How long do you think /. could go without being slapped by a lawsuit for copyright infringement if that was done?
  • I just detailed why I think that Apple should open source the driver: simply put, because if they don't somebody else will. It's a critical failing of their long-term business plan to keep it closed source. This is not the first time /. has posted something encoded with Sorensen. Remember the TPM movie trailer? That was Sorensen. Alot of people were seriously annoyed by that - and alot of people are also seriously annoyed about *this*.. and if there was one thing that motivates programmers to create an alternative it's being frustrated with something! In this case, there's probably quite a few frustrated people out there who want to access this video but cannot! End result - somebody, somewhere, will code up a sorensen decoder and make it available for linux. It's a logical inevitability.

  • Do it! Please! Email the authors and be like "hello, there are many unix users out there who would love to view your video. However, they are unable to because of the codec used. I am willing to convert it to a unix-friendly codec for you, so that you can spread its x-mas joy to more people... how about it?" or something along those lines.
  • by finkployd ( 12902 ) on Saturday December 18, 1999 @09:56AM (#1463238) Homepage
    CmdrTaco/ Hemos: Stop posting tis boring garbage you call "news."

    Here is a concept:
    Maybe it's their site, and they can post what they want. The constant flood of newbies in here who not only feel the need to view stories they have no interest in, but post complaints as well, is really annoying.
    It's really simple folks, when you create a site, you can post any story you want, when you are visiting someone else's site, they may have some stuff that doesn't interest you. With me so far? Didn't think so.

    I'll make it simple for all of you, if it doesn't interest you, don't read it. I know the first impulse is to click on the link and then get offended like someone MADE you read it, but resist this urge. Just walk away. If there is nothing here that interests you, maybe you should check out ZDNet. Go tell them how to run their site.


  • This is probably the link you want (rather than a link to another web page): []

    (I'm getting a whopping 3.7k/s from my box with switched 100mbit to an OC-3.. actually, now it's 2.8k/s.. only 5 hrs to go!)

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