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Comment No dream; here it is real (Score 1) 260

I am a software engineer at a technology company and for me (and my peers) things are totally paperless. I was frankly surprised to see others saying how often they print things off.
I literally cannot remember the last time I printed something for distribution, or the last time someone submitted something to me on paper.

Comment Is it time to break up AT&T (again)? (Score 2) 161

Seems like we just did this but in fact it was way back in 1984 that the US government broke up (the original) AT&T.
Then, like idiots, we allowed AT&T to gradually reconstruct itself. "It will be OK this time" we maybe thought. "They've learnt their lesson. No more abusing their position and size."

Comment False Argument (Re:Limit the birth rate?) (Score 1) 357

I suspect "personal genocide" and "do nothing" are not the only options.
Not saying I know how to accomplish this.
  • Maybe major religions could encourage the use of birth control and smaller families?
  • Maybe financial incentives for folks who have fewer kids?
  • Something?
  • Just not "nothing"?

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