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Submission + - Grafana & Intel's OSS Project Snap collaboration announced

torkelo writes: During last Thursday's Intel Cloud Day 2016 event, lost in the media blitz around the new Xeon processors, was an announcement and demo of Intel's OSS telemetry platform Snap.
Intel announced a collaboration with raintank to integrate Snap and Grafana.

Intel's OSS Snap telemetry platform is a new modern take on collector agents like CollectD. Supporting a powerful HTTP API that allows for plugins and collection tasks to be easily configured, turned on or off without any restarts or interruptions.

Grafana is the leading OSS project for visualizing time series. It's mainly used in monitoring infrastructure and applications but also used by by thousands of home automation aficionados to visualize things like electricity and temperature. During the Intel event a demo of the new Grafana Snap plugin was shown streaming ad-hoc metrics at sub second resolution directly from Snap to the Grafana web UI.

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