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Comment Re:iOS devices must have Apple signed firmware (Score 1) 95

I'm reminded of the ProASIC3 FPGA backdoor debacle of a few years ago. Basically, that FPGA uses hardware AES to allow the FPGA user to specify a cryptographic key to protect the loaded IP from tampering and reading.

There was an undocumented JTAG command found by security researchers at the University of Cambridge which allowed reading protected areas of the FPGA configuration including the user secret key and thereby foiled the protection provided by the hardware AES crypto.

According to the FPGA manufacturer, they did not insert the backdoor intentionally but instead it was just a part of the JTAG black-box they licensed and included in their design.

Comment We have decentralized, censorship resistant DNS (Score 1) 111

Namecoin decentralized DNS:

The Gargoyle router firmware supports Namecoin DNS resolution:

OpenNIC supports Namecoin DNS resolution:

Submission + - Some consumers habitually pick losers

AmiMoJo writes: If you’re still crying into your pillow at night over the demise of the Zune MP3 player or Crystal Pepsi, take a long, hard look into the mirror: Your shopping habits might have foretold the doom of your favourite, discontinued products. At least, according to a group of researchers pointing the finger at certain early adopters. In a study published in the Journal of Marketing Research, researchers identified particular kinds of consumers whose preferences can predict products that will flop, calling those folks “harbingers of failure.” “Certain customers systematically purchase new products that prove unsuccessful. Their early adoption of a new product is a strong signal that a product will fail.”

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