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Comment Tubes for video are coming (Score 1) 226

Just like tube amplifiers for audio, the NTSC TV look is probably going to be sought after. We thought those artifacts were going to be around for all time & mastered how to choose colors that would always display. The new VGA monitors were too expensive & we weren't old enough to know any better.

Comment Here's how it works (Score 1) 60

It relies on cycling a repeating pattern from every projector 500 times/sec. Every pixel in the pattern encodes a unique symbol by the colors & the changes in the colors over time. By sensing what symbol hits each sensor, you know what pixel from the projector is hitting the sensor & what position on the projector's XY plane the sensor is in. If you know the XY plane position from 2 projectors, you can triangulate the sensor's 3D position, but projectors with enough resolution & bandwidth to do the job are expensive. $1000 would be for very low resolution.

Comment Scam (Score 1) 429

This has scam written all over it, but don't try searching for that on the Goog. These people get something stuffed in their bodies, fly home, & voila, 20/400 vision instead of 20/4000 vision & no side effects. Can anyone even measure 20/4000 vision? Does anyone even know if it's the fact that they're stem cells or if it was the extra volume of whatever they're stuffing?

Comment Java is sun's pet project (Score 1) 234

That's like saying Oracle is going to pull Java. The very reason we all have to use Java for our day jobs is because Sun keeps pumping money into odd projects & promoting it. Everyone likes designing Java API's but Sun is the only one making progress on implementation. How many API's would get implemented if Sun didn't spend the money? Android still has just 1 implementation.

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