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Comment Re:Saw that, want to leave now (Score 2) 98

Given how much effort it takes just to get a simple feed of stuff from friends, the way it used to be, I have the feeling that this portends the end of usefulness for the facebook.

I agree, which is why I submitted the request to have my account removed yesterday. It's just too much BS in my browser anymore, which is why I left MySpace years ago for facebook.

Comment Re:Not much to do (Score 1) 459

I have Comcast business, and it's static IP service. I believe you get one by default, and can request more if needed. I have no ports blocked on any of my IP addresses, and have run a small Zimbra mail server for multiple domains for years. Never had a problem with traffic or being marked as junk email.

Maybe the OP doesn't really have "business" service, and really has a high-end residential connection?

Comment Re:Actually only the GPL, not open source in gener (Score 1) 246

is banned from the Windows market. I'm also curious as to why he thinks open systems will win in the end. Apple's walled garden is doing pretty well and my "open" vibrant is hardly open at all. T-mobile and Samsung do their best to conspire keep it closed.


Yeah, they really have that phone totally locked down.

Comment Re:Foo (Score 1) 345

A $40K per year Linux admin is pretty much the norm for the midwest, especially for state positions. They don't pay much, but the benefits are great. I used to work for a state university as a Unix/Linux admin years ago, and the pay was horrible.

You also don't need as many Unix/Linux admins as MS admins, or that's what I remember from some of the surveys and reports done comparing a Windows shop vs Linux shop.

I've worked in mixed shops, 100% Linux shops, and 100% MS shops doing admin work since '93. Honestly, I think companies CAN save money ditching MS, but you have to have a competent IT department to pull it off. Staff will use whatever you put in front of them. Custom applications may be a pain point, I'll give you that.

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